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Author has written 32 stories for Inuyasha, Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, Deadpool, BlazBlue, Anime X-overs, Silent Hill, and Star Wars.

A Little About Me: First off, ain't good at this self explanation stuff, but here goes.

I love manga, and R18 rated stuff. Most of the stories I have are R18 rated. Mostly Yaoi--Some are Shounen-Ai.

I like to draw. I'm not the greatest at it but I'm trying.

I like a slim line of authors because I only read books that peek my interest. My favorites so far are Darren Shan and Yamila Abraham.

I'm 19 (as of 2016). Started writing when I was 12 and have improved a lot since then. And noting this little tidbit, I do believe I am unable to keep a story censored with only PG13 rating. My friend dared me to try and do it and I believe I can't but I might try it out. So all you who wish for Shounen-Ai gooey-gooey love, you probably won't find much with me but I will try to write some. As for the PG13 thing, I don't know if I can.


Deviantart: Kittycatkyla23.

Tumblr: Kittycatkyla.

Fair warning, I'm an amateur artist so they aren't the greatest.

Fanages: I like a wide variety of stuff that I plan to fanfic about. To be all honest, I never really liked fanfics because it just seemed...unoriginal. I thought that fanfic writers didn't have any originality because they were writing someone else's characters to write a story instead of making their own. I had a very poor opinion on fanfics for the longest time.

Then my friend, Sharyl, started fangirling about Inuyasha so I thought I'd play along and spewed out a random pair. Then I actually started getting into it and I started telling her detailed scenes of love between certain characters and she stated "you should write a fanfic on Lots of people will like your work."

I was reluctant to try it, but I wrote down my first story anyway (The Dog Caught In The Spider's Web) and was just going to leave it in the notebook and give it to Sharyl to read but she continued to push me to put it online. I procrastinated for as long as I could, telling her it won't let me make an account (that was honestly me being stupid and unable to figure out how to do it) so she helped me make one and so I posted a story.

That was an extremely long explanation.

Anyway back to what I was saying, I plan to do more Inuyasha's--mostly one-shots-- and I plan to do some BlazBlue--most-likely one-shots--Furuba (Fruits Baskets)--one shots-- Durarara!!, The Demonata, and Cirque Du Freak. I also plan to do a clutterfuck crossover story where I have all my favorite books collide. I haven't written down a specific blueprint but it's in my head.

My Pairing Preferences...?:

TsukishimaXRoppi--Durarara!! (my alltime favorite)



Psychedelic 420X Virus 138--Durarara!!


Jin KisaragiXHazama Terumi--BlazBlue

Jin KisaragiXRagna The Bloodedge--BlazBlue

Ragna The BloodedgeXToakaka--BlazBlue

KokonoeXIron Tager--BlazBlue



The Dog Caught In The Spider's Web--InuyashaXNaraku

The Many Breeds Of Canines:01--KogaXInuyasha

The Many Breeds Of Canines:02--KogaXSesshomaru

The Many Breeds Of Canines:03--KogaXSesshomaruXInuyasha

The Smell Of Origami Roses--SesshomaruXByakuya

Obey Me and Only Me--JuromaruXKageromaru

Sibling Rivalry--InuyashaXSesshomaru

Brother, Brother!--JakotsuXBankotsu

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups--NarakuXInuyasha

I Wonder What Your Blood Looks Like--JakotsuX(Human) Inuyasha

Lust for Blood--JakotsuXBankotsu

Animal Instinct--KogaXGintaXHakkaku

Calming The Beast In You--InuyashaXSesshomaru

An Unexpected Blast From The Past--Koga X Kagome

Bip. Bip. Bip. BEEP. Fwoosh.--Izaya X mostly all the male characters

The Hunter and The Prey--JuromaruXInuyasha

Beach Time--Shizaya

Congradulations (On Getting Into The Academy)--(Teen) Jin KisaragiXHazama Terumi

Congradulations (On Becoming A Major)--(Major) Jin KisaragiXHazama Terumi

Ctrl Alt Delete--Psychedelic 420XVirus 138 (virus/data program)

Two Canines And A Feline--Koga/Inuyasha X Kagome

What Would I Do Without You?--Shizaya

On The Road--Ragna The BloodedgeXTaokaka (was deleted off of fanfic. Reposted on Tumblr. My name is the same.)

Camera's and Letters [1]--Tsukishima X Hachimenroppi part 1

Little Red's and Bad Wolf's Rendezvou Point--Kogame

Those With Red Eyes--Hachimenroppi and Tsukishima

Ready to Type:

(*note: I long-hand all my writings first so that I can have a guideline to type out and can go back and look for mistakes or add more detail--That's part of the reason it takes so long to write these becuase honestly I can finish a one-shot in one day with numerous distractions keeping me away from it [now that I think about it, I always write before I go to bed cuz I have things to do during the day, so I guess it only takes me an hour or two] but typing it out then going through and proofing is kind of tiring so it's prolonged. Anyway, so these are all written, I just need to type them out.)

Who Are You?--Shizaya (redoing)

Happy Birthday!--IzayaXMairu Kuriri//Shizaya

Now, Now, Not In Front Of the Children--ShigureXAyameXKyo (in progress)

Camera's and Letters [1]--Tsukishima X Hachimenroppi Part 2

Star Wars: The Forgotten Disciples--Shizuo and Izaya

Things I Plan To Do:

Concrete Angel -1- Shizuo X Izaya (in progress)

Warriors: Second Chance Changes--Tsukishima x hachimenroppi warriors/durarara crossover (in progress)

Camera's and Letter's [1]--Tsukishima X Hachimenroppi Part 3(in progress), Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Side stories

Crowns And Headphones [2]--Delic x Hibiya Part 1(in progress), Part 2, Part 3

Let's Make a Video--Izaya x Kadota/Shiki/Tom/Shizuo (in progress)

Experimentation--(Genderbend) Hazama X Jin Kisaragi// Jin KisaragiXRagna the bloodedge// Jin/Ragna x hazama(in progress)

My Beautiful Princess, Wear This Tiara--JakotsuBankotsuXInuyasha/ SesshomaruXKoga (in progress)

Neh, Shizu-chan, Have You Ever Heard Of Silent Hill-- Shizaya-- Silent Hill inspired. After a freak plane crash, Shizuo and Izaya find themselves alive and in a strange place filled with fog, Pyramid Heads, and Nurses. (in progress)

Better Than The Oculus, But Worse For Your Sanity--Durarara!!/Slenderman crossover. While playing Slender, Shizuo and Izaya somehow get warped into the game. Now the only way out is to find all eight pages. (in progress)

After Opening, Please Drink It Quickly! Inuyasha Version--Koga/ Inuyasha/ Sesshomaru

Missing You--SesshomaruXByakuya--follows after The Smell of Origami Roses--Byakuya just couldn't catch a break. Oh, how much he wants to see Sesshomaru but Naraku is constantly sending him on errands. It's almost as if Naraku knows about their relationship.

On The Night Of The Full Moon--NarakuXInuyasha(human)--one-shot that follows after The Dog Caught in the Spider's Web (good ending). Even though Naraku and Inuyasha are established lovers, he still doesn't want to show his weakness.

Join Our Band of Seven--Jakotsu/ Inuyasha Group--might do, might not. I'm not really sure. Inuyasha and his group choose to spare Jakotsu after finding his remains and a single shikon shard. But their are a lot of issues with the misogynist and his homoerotica ways.

Find My Heart (1)--ShizayaXPsyche/Hibiya/Sakuraya/Hachimenroppi/Kanra--Hello, all my lovely humans. I have rigged this phone to connect with my heart monitor and so when it flatlines for more that eight minutes, this message will be sent out. I'm sure you all must know what that means but for the idiot in the party--Shizu-chan--I'll elaborate a bit more. Basically, this message will only be sent when I die. If you don't believe me then go ahead to the hospital. You'll find my body in the morgue. ;)] [Hello, all my lovely humans. It's your god, Izaya. Yes, I know I died last week, which is why I waited till you were semi done grieving before this second message was sent. I've got a secret to tell all of you: I have found a way to come back from the dead. Yes, you heard it here first. I, Orihara Izaya, has constructed an ellaborate plan to bring me back from the dead. But unfortunately, I'm dead. So I can't put these plans into action. That's where you lovely people come in. Are you up for a little quest?

Find My Body (2)--ShizayaXPsyche/Hibiya/Sakuraya/Hachimenroppi/Kanra--After a success resurrection from the grave, Izaya is back to do his usual. Except for a tiny little problem--he's got five other people living inside his body with him.

Find My Love (3)--Shizaya/ PsycheXTsugaru/ HibiyaXDelic/ SakurayaXShitsuo/ HachimenroppiXTsukishima/ KanraXShizuko--Izaya successfully seperates himself from the other counterparts and now they are all living their own seperate lives. But when an 'incident' occurs that leaves Hachimenroppi shivering naked on a warehouse floor, Izaya decides that his look-alikes need bodyguards. And who better than the monster that was already a bodyguard anyway.

Prank War!--Izaya/Mauri and Kururi--Title says it all.

I F*ing Hate Dinosaurs--Izaya and Shizuo/ Jurassic Park inspired--Was watching Jurassic Park. Then I watched DURARARA!! Then THE IDEA WAS BORN FROM YET ANOTHER DREAM!!! This follows the storyline of Jurassic Park 3, and some stuff from King Kong but with some different kinks and the sort. Dinosaurs fucking scare yet fascinate me but I'm sure they'll just scare Shizu and Iza. --through a strange device created by Shinra in a declaration that "This'll definitely make you and Shizuo at least less violent", Izaya and Shizuo end up in some forested area, alone, and on their own. At first, it seemed like a strange paradise vacation area, until they heard a inhuman, unheard of animal roar in the distance.

When Gods Develop Hearts {1}--Izaya X mikado--Izaya was searching for a special someone. Someone who could possibly be his equal but in the end still inferior to him. Somene who could intrigue him. Someone who could impress him. Someone who could very well he 'loved'.

When Monsters Develop Feelings {2}--Shizuo x Kida--After Izaya and Mikado get hitched, the two strong-willed blonds end up in a drunken night of passion that may lead to something more than Kida anticipates.

In a Moment of Weakness--Shizaya--one-shot with two concepts: 1) Izaya wants Shizuo to remark his territory after a bad run-in; 2)them two be drunk as SHIT!!

Zombies in Ikebukero--Durarara/Zombie Apocolypse--taking a stab at the apocolypse play after reading a DRRR fanbook called Requiem. --Mikado eyes widened as he stared at the blood-soaked raven, who was now huddle on the floor in a fit of tears. "Orihara-san, what...happened...?" Mikado was scared to ask. "...They're dead..." Izaya's voice was barely above a whisper. "Who?" "EVERYONE!! EVERYONE IN SHINJUKU IS DEAD!!!"

The Newest Edition--Izaya X Shizuo/Shiki (mpreg with Hachimenroppi and Tsukishima) Probably going to change the name cuz I don't like it but for now it stays as. --Izaya has a secret that he's never going to tell anyone. And that may cause a bigger headache than he's able to take.--

Falling In Love Is Hard When You Have Wings--Shizaya/Supernatural Inspired--holy shit, my mind be fucked up with this shit. A mixture of supernatural and the oc book's i'm writing but mostly supernatural. -Izaya has always been normal, well, normal for Izaya anyway. But one thing he couldn't stand is that damn monster Shizuo touching him. Or the sound of church bells. Then in a freak coincidence, the infamous informant beings screaming "My father's going to kill me!" and it all returns to hell from their.

Secret Lovers?--Izaya X Namie--"Isn't the stereotype that all bosses bang their secretaries?"

The Benefits Of A Sex Change-- (fem) Izaya x Mairu and Kururi/ Shiki/ Shizuo

Baby Sit--Roppi x Psyche-- Roppi has to baby sit Psyche for Izaya.

I'm Here For Your Entertainment--Shizuko x Kanra-- "I think I can make a fine replacement for a guy, hmm?"

Glitch--Shizaya-- video games. Shizuo and Izaya were having a pretty good day playing video games on the computer when a strange virus somehow sucks them into the world of video games.- Just Dance, Shizaya Yaoi Video Game, Sweet Days, Luigi's Mansion, Pacman, God of War, Flappy Bird, Dungeon Nightmares, Evie/Cleverbot, Amnesia (with Pewdiepie), Mahjong, Grave, Pirate Stripper Game, Tekken 7, Impossible Quiz (Iza only), and Give Up (Shizu only)

Control Your Temper!--HatsuharuXKyo--Hatsuharu turns black and Kyo can't escape.

Unexpected Visit--Jin KisaragiXHazama Terumi--Title says it all.

Provide Me With More Entertainment, Brother--JinXRagna--Title says it all.

Ragna, Let's Become One--Nu 13XRagna--had a wierd dream. Takes place in Calamity trigger after Nu beats Ragna but before she stabs herself and him together. Kinda like a break in the battle.

What A Sweet Revenge--Lord LossXGrubsitch Grady--Random ass daydream that made me go "WTF was I just daydreaming about?!" Lord Loss steals Grubbs and makes a 'meal' out of him. _-

Sease Your Snores!--Larten (young)XGavner (young)--takes place while Larten and Gavner are being chased by Nazi's and they have to sleep in the same coffin.

The Clash of Stories--Crossover of Inuyasha/Furuba (Fruits Basket)/DURARARA!!/Togainu No Chi/ Lamento/ Fulllmetal Alchemist/ BlazBlue/ Demonata/ Cirque Du Freak/ King of Hell/Kingdom Hearts/Dragon Ball Z/Harry Potter (Not neccessarily in this order)

[5 Inuyasha's; 23 DURARARA!!; 1 Fruits Basket; 4 BlazBlue; 1 Demonata; 1 Cirque Du Freak]

Things Planned Out: (*Note: I plan to do these but I haven't come up with a title for them so bear with me)

I plan to do a DURARARA!! story where Izaya becomes a pet and Shizuo buys him.

I plan to do a DURARARA!! story where Izaya and Shiki buy Roppi and Tsuki from an auction and it turned out Roppi and Tsuki aren't normal at all.

I plan to do a BlazBlue one-shot with Hazama does some BDSM with Jin.

[2 DURARARA!!; 1 BlazBlue]

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