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Morrígan (Mór-ríoghain [modern Irish]): The Phantom Queen; goddess of battle, strife and sovereignty. Appears as numerous animals, ranging from crow to wolf to cow. Name can be broken into Mor (nightmare) and rigan (Queen) (Wikipedia).

Necromancer: Mages who specialise in conjuring the undead around them. Necromacy is a forbidden magic (Skyrim wiki). Not to be confused with conjurers.

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I have suffered nearly two years from writers block, and have only just started writing again now. My writing is still struggling, and I'm sorry if you find it ... unbelievable at times (I say this, because I struggle to believe it myself sometimes). I'm hoping to improve by writing fanfics on here. That said, I'm mainly on here for my own benefit and not to 'wow' my readers. If you like my writing, than thank you very much. :) If you don't, then I appreciate your feedback all the same.


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Between Two Worlds reviews
Morrígan is powerful necromancer, whose magic is incredibly unstable. Her answers lie in Markarth – but what she finds there turns her life upside-down, leading her to a Hagraven's den, a vampire's castle and barely any answers. Kharjo stands faithfully by her side, but friendships fray when curiosity becomes obsession. [M for violence]
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