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Hello guysh.

I literally do not know what I have to write here. I mean, I know what I should write, but I don't know what I should write. You feel me? Eh, let's just hope that you do. I guess, er, some basic information would do.



  • A guy.
  • Which means girl's POVs are NOT

    my forte.

  • Abstract, random, and... though I do not like to put it this way, moody.
  • Which means that chapters and plot may go really weirdly or really out of topic. Always expect the unexpected. (Which technically wouldn't be unexpected if you already expected it, but eh.)

  • Lazy.
  • Which means chapters may be REALLY short. Or I may just tab out for an entire month. I'd try not to, though.

  • Very rude. At least only at certain times.
  • (Read: In a day, I may cuss twice more the amount of times my mom went to the bathroom in two weeks.) Which means you can expect a cuss or two in my stories. Or perhaps a certain hundred.

  • A book worm. Almost obviously.
  • A horrible updater.
  • I KNOW

    this is common, and like, heard a thousand times, but I've got a good reason. Something like this site being banned in my country (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? ME NEITHER!). So I rely on my phone's mobile tethering, and thus can only get access to FF when my phone don't act for [insert desired swear word] (I am not cussing in my profile). Though I guess it would only matter if some people actually likes my story.

    I AM NOT:

  • A native English speaker.
  • So please like, cut me some slack when I make grammatical errors. But do tell.

  • Bright. I can be unbelievably dense at times.
  • Which means... well, you gotta excuse me for loads of stuff. Lol, I'm sorry.

  • The best at gushy romance.
  • Which means help needed.

    OH! And I have rules about reviewing!


  • Review. A lot.
  • Constructive criticism is always accepted.
  • Just kidding. You may flame for all I care, because, when you flame, something is horribly ugly. And when something is horribly ugly and disgusting, the re-writing bells must be rung. *DING!*

  • Although, try not to offend other people in the reviewing section...
  • These rules only apply when anyone at all is willing to review. So sad...

    I think that's it? Yeah... I think that should be enough of a profile...

    Well... See you at the stories... If you're even willing to read them.