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Author has written 1 story for Lord of the Rings.

I am the reader and the reviewer. I love to read fanfic, especially the Lord of The Rings variety. Although, I will honestly read anything, as long as it is well written.

My favourite fanfics are hurt/comfort and action/adventure. A mix of both is pure bliss for me! Having said that, my 'also-rans' are fluff, romance and slash.

I try to leave thoughtful reviews, but sometimes, my excitement gets the better of me, and I just end up your typical squealing fangirl. Mostly though, in my reviews, I try to encourage the author. However, I can be a little critical at times, although, I mean it with the best of intentions. If I adore a story, and something in it jars me, I like to convey it back to the author. It is always only my opinion, of course. :)

I think the reason I adore reading and sometimes writing fanfic, is the idea of 'What if'? Or, alternately, an author/screen writer has skimmed over a certain part of a story and I desperately wanted to know more.

I have not, as yet, posted any of my own fanfic. The reason for this is that my writing of late has been original short stories.

I do have a somewhat limited experience as a beta: I edit first drafts of my sister's short stories and novels. Some of which have been published, to my great delight!

If you are looking for a beta, I will try to the best of my abilities. Please do note though, that I adore description, if you don't provide enough of it for the setting, I am not a great choice.

Another point is that I'm only familiar with the following canons:
The Axis series
Blackadder - lol, BA fanfic! *snork*
The Discworld
Stargate + Stargate: SG1

So sending me something about The Matrix, will only inspire me to look for screen shots of Hugo Weaving. Sorry.

Hopefully, I will write and post some of my own fanfiction sometime soon. I adore writing, in any form, and whereas I've not the talent of my sister, I can still wring out the odd thing or two. Probably.

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