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Author has written 10 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Harry Potter.

ULTIMATE Fav books

1) To Kill a Mocking Bird (-)
2) Harry Potter Series (Yes...I know. HP AGAIN? Jeez. Although after finding out that EVERYTHING the author writes about (I.e. creatures, subjects, names, potions, ingredients, history,) isn't her idea at all, though the whole "harry" business is. But I'm still a fan! My Poor Sirius...cries)
3) The Last Juror (c'mon! A naked guy kills the people! Gotta love it)
4) Egyptian Mythology (Yes...that is the title)
5) Guardian of the Horizon (Priestesses, magic, worship, betrayal...c'mon. Perfect mix. Also, the dude loves his "adopted" sister.)
6) Queen of Arrows (An older book, but I loved it! It's about uhhh magical people and they go to a school ((NOT HOGWARTS!)) they are really powerful and uhh a horse chooses them as their companion and...uhhhhh its very detailed...and...its good...looks around)
7) Shabanu Series (If you don't love those books,. YOU ARE CRAZY! I cried at the end of the 2nd was so sad...)


1) SESSHOMARU (You all know you want him to kill Inuyasha, c'mon! You know you do! He's just an osm character!)
2) KIKYOU (How can you NOT love her? She's the best! Everything about her! I love how difficult her character is and just how she won't let anyone in. I don't understand how people can be so cruel and automatically hate her because she :gasp: might take Inuyasha away from Kagome.)
3) HIEI (OHHHHH ya. He's da man! Jagan eye, woot! A sister who doesn't know he's in FACT her brother! The Forbidden Child. C'MON! Plus the whole half fire half ice demon. AND the 'Darkness flame' WOAH!)
4) KAIBA (He should RULE ALL! He should OWN Yugi, just slap him around. Why must it always be the one who 'shows love' and 'believes in the cards' the one who wins? WHY NOT THE BEST PLAYER!)
5) SIRIUS BLACK (He's a trouble-maker, funny yet serious at times, clever, witty. I just love his character. Plus I'm most like him!)
6) KUWABARA (He's sooo funny and stoopid. You just gotta love him! No one will admit it either, well I will! KUWABARA! YOU RULE! He never gives up, but he's a redhead...I dunno...something about redheads I don't get...NEXT!)
7) SOUJIROU (No emotions, fights well, wields a sword and owns. OH YA! But he's prolly gonna end up with the same past as Kenshin...psh. He may even grow red hair (ANOTHER RED HEAD) and get a cross scar and meet a little girl with BIG BRIGHT eyes who owns a dojo and can't cook and is slowly losing her dojo and is a loud mouth and yadda yadda yadda. Kinda went off track there. NE WHO! LOVE HIM!)
8) UMBRIDGE (c'mon! she's evil, wicked, cruel. THE BOMB! Her character is difficult and I love that about her! She also HATES HP! Yes! She doesn't let him off for anything, and doesn't give him pity! HAHAHA)
9) ROGUE- (shes cold, is hard core. Gothic. sucks out peoples life'S AMAZING AND SHOULD DESTROY EVERYONE ELSE! SHES THE BEST! And she gets Remy...whew. Remy Remy Remy.)
10) NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM- (theres nothing to say about him...he's just so sweet and funny! He's just adorable and you gotta luv him! Neville...god bless you! And your Granny!)
11) GARY OAK- (Same as with the 'Kaiba' one, why isn't it the BEST duelest that wins and the one who shows feelings and such, bah.)
12) VEGETA- (I totally forgot about him! Anywayz, he's stubborn, strong, short, and has OSM hair! He totally kicks butt and should OWN Kakarot (sp?)! WOOOT! GO VEGETA! I love him!)
13) TSUBAKI- (She rules! I love her! She is the BEST CHARACTER! YAY! Can't believe she's dead :cries: Oh well...I'll just wait until the future episodes of her. I'm glad she got to cause Kagome pain...hahaha. It made me happy. YAY!)
14) KOUGA- (Yes...I am a fan of Kouga...don't hurt me! I dunno, he's funny! Osm hair, looks kewl, and has OSM moves! Even tho its with the sacred jewel shards, but its not all of his moves! Kouga, go get Ayame! You love her! You know you dooooo. Yeah...I love him...)
15) MARIK- (Marik rules! He should kill Yugi! I LOVE HIM! HE RULES! HE'S THE BEST! Gotta love evil dudes...awww. Lol.)
16) NARAKU- (You guys just KNOW that he is your fav villain. C’mon, what a screwed up character you just GOTTA love him. He rules, osm moves, osm past, osm jealousy. KILL INUYASHA AND KAGOME PLZ! I got a few evil peeps yelling at me, because he was the reason for Kikyou and InuYasha...blah blah blah. Lol.)
17) JAKOTSU- First of all - he is the ONLY known gay character in the show InuYasha - but he is also CUTE AS HECK :drools:


1) KAGOME- blah blah blah, go cry behind a tree. Jeez! What is up with her? She's just too whiney and all 'Inuyasha' and whispers stuff out of no where, it's like. 'who ya talking to?' I just find her character VERY annoying and would wish the monk would 'accidentally' suck her up in his tunnel (ya, the tunnel, jeez) Just soooo annoying! I cringe every time I hear her scream “INUYASHA” no wait…I take that back, I cringe whenever I see her. :Gag: If she wasn't so defenseless and depend EVERYTHING on OTHERS to help her. AND when she stats the obvious its like...bonks head WOW! You JUST got that? GOOD JOB:Claps:
2) INUYASHA- can't have one w/o the other. Inuyasha...he's just... "I followed my instincts" Ok, we all know your gonna be all strong and macho, yay! But he's also the whiney character. Kikyou or Kagome? Oh I dunno, Kikyou told me to get away and Kagome says she likes me...hmmm. Maybe I can have them both! WTF! He's just too whipped by females...gotta feel bad for him. I know he LOVED Kikyou, but why does he hafta be all confused and right when Kikyou leaves he's like 'oh no, Kagome will be mad.' Get your facts straight baka!
3) KENSHIN HIMURA- (ok...Battousai is the coolest, but Kenshin...sigh 'I am sorry that I am' 'I do not deserve her that I do not' 'my hands are stained with innocent blood' C'MON! Wouldn't you just wanna shoot someone who talked like that? I think when he fights he is the BEST (other than Souji) so maybe they should ONLY have him fighting...yes...I can see that.)
4) HERMIONE- Her-my-oh-knee... (Yes, I know that Viktor Krum says that but...UGH! She may be cute but shes just annoying. Just something about her aura isn't very appealing...)
5) HARRY POTTER- (No ones gone through what I have! Cry, cry JEEZ! talk about guy PMS. (plz don't be offended ladies.))
6) GOKU- (shakes her head No...I tried, really I did...but no. VEGETA SHOULD KILL EM! I just LOVED the episode when they were a candy ball with Buu (yes I know them) and some old dude said that Vegeta was the one who was doing all the planning cuz he has the best of them! YES! SEE! VEGETA DA BEST! Oh wait...this is about Goku...uhh. He's not that intelligent, I don't see how he has two boys, annnnnd he's too...emotions and show lovey dovey. UGH)
7) KAYKO- (Umm. Thats Urameshi's girl right? ANYWHO! Ya...I hate her. She's too emotional and useless and thinks that Yusuke is just another 'troubled soul' which is VERY annoying. GRR. She's also whiney and thinks she needs to be there for everything. Darn her. What a Kagome-wannabe. cringes)
8) JEAN GREY- For some reason I thought she died in the second movie...and I was happy...then my friends said that she turned into a bird...and I was reuined the movie...she should die. Playing Scott and Logan like that...yeah...kill her I say...yes...
9) CHI (chobits) OMIGOSH! I WANNA KILL HER! "Did Chi make you happy?" "Chi Chi!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I swear, if that dude falls in love with her...AHHH! "These are his magazines. He has many of these!" "This is how the girls in your magazine dress. Are these bad?"

ULTIMATE Fav couplings

1) Remy/Rogue
2) Sesshomaru/Kikyou
3) Soujirou/Kaoru
4) Hiei/Kurama
5) Kaiba/Ishizu
6) Sirius/Remus
7) Vegeta/Bulma
8) Yumi/Shishio
9) Togeru/Genkai.
10) Tsubaki/Naraku (Onigumo)
11) Tomoe/Kenshin
12) Kouga/Ayame


1) Kikyou/(Naraku),(Tsubaki)
3) Aoshi/Megumi


UPDATED- 4-4-05 DEADLINE- I dunno, end of month.

I read over my stories...and WOW! They suck! I'm re-writing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! Stay tuned!

Editing Stories:

I'll Get You Back! Ch. 14 will come RIGHT after I'm done with editing. YAY!
The Lord and Lady - I don't like chapter II - I might change it. But I'm lazy atm so I don't really wanna write anything. lol. Eh, I'll try, really. -

Cruddy stories I give up on for now:

Which Tribe Do I Belong to? (Adopt anyone?)
We Should have Known Better (I'm thinking)


I Should not be Blamed- Remus/Lily, might come back differently.
I am the True Priestess- Will be revived later
Inu-gumi heads to the Dark Tournament- Might be brought back - revised & edited with a completely new twist. None of the YYH peeps either.
Hero of her Heart- its just a dumb story - lol.


9/04-The movie "Returner" RULEZ! WHOO HOO!

11/04 Check out my Tsubaki Shrine!

WHERE ARE THE TSUBAKI FANS? YESH! Theres like...nooooo stories about her. GAH!

2-22-05: I'm at school.. .. .. and I'm bored. But guess what! I found my soul mate, lol lol. Cristiano Migliore! He's lead guitars in the band; Lacuna Coil...whew! I love him.

4/15- Would anyone like to assist me with writing, "The Lord & Lady" story? You would either: help me with brewing up ideas with that chapter, writing one chapter and we'd both edit it - then I'd write one chapter and we would both edit it. Anything! I badly need assistance with that - because I'm completely blanked on it!

Or I'll just become an editor again. Anyone have a job for me? lol lol. I'm serious.

5/13- I'm writing the next chapter for "The Lord and Lady"! YAY!


For those who laugh will bring eternal joy, and for those who bring death, may your spirit rot and the Jesters will forever torment your soul.

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