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Author has written 14 stories for Elder Scroll series, Mass Effect, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, and Avengers.

My name's Kieran, and I write stories for fun. I'm a dude (obviously, since I'm called Kieran), I'm a Brit (Cornish and proud) and I'm 19. The verdict's still out on whether or not I'm completely insane, but it's fun to be crazy!

On my laptop's hard drive, I have a couple of dozen unfinished stories (and a few finished ones) that I will get round to uploading over time.

I'd better mention now, just in case anyone stumbles over my blog and thinks I'm stealing these stories, that I also run this blog:

I've discovered Dobby is such a fun character to write. He's so cheerful and enthusiastic, and would do anything to help Harry!

Isn't it amusing that almost no-one, in any story I've read, actually bashes Luna or Hagrid? I've read stories that bash the other main characters, but Luna gets less. And when Hagrid gets bashed, it's very light bashing too. Probably because Luna's awesome and Hagrid is a child in a half-giant's body.

Triwizard Tournament Ramble

I do think that there should have been some better safety for all three tasks. It takes a team of a dozen fully-trained wizards to handle a dragon, yet they wanted one student at a time to take them on? And what was with the different dragons; wouldn't it have been fairer for all four of them to go up against the same dragon? Or would that be too logical for wizards? Also, did Dumbledore have a contingency plan for the second task, in case one of the champions, mentioning no names *cough*Harry*cough* didn't have a plan on the day, so they wouldn't wade into the lake and fail the task altogether, with them having a loss of points? And what would have happened if all of them were taken down by the maze in the Third Task? Would they go up against the maze again, or call the one who got furthest the winner?

Also, for a Tournament to promote inter-school unity, it really didn't do that at all. There should have been events running throughout the year, to unite the three schools, instead of them all rallying around their respective schools' champion and being as divisive as the Houses. Maybe a series of Quidditch matches, where the teams have to include players from all three schools, which is an idea I'm pretty sure I've read on here before. A rule for the Yule Ball could have been that all seventh-years have go with a student from another school?

Dragon Age Party Members Ramble

As nice as it is to have a variety of races and backgrounds in your active party, I just feel there are some characters who simply don't make sense to be recruited, mainly Zevran, Loghain, Nathaniel, Fenris, Tallis and Velanna. (Don't mistake this for me disliking them, I like all the companions except Velanna and Sebastian).

When you first meet Zevran, he's an assassin who's trying to murder you. The assassin's trade consists of lies and deceit, why should the Warden believe that Zevran won't try again? He offers no convincing argument at all that he should be set free really.

Loghain's just as bad. Throughout the game, he's been the secondary antagonist (behind the Archdemon), and you just up-and-recruit him? I always felt that he'd have preferred death than becoming a Warden, considering his mistrust/hatred of them.

Nathaniel is a Howe. And while you shouldn't judge people by the sins of the father, he was also trying to kill you, and that's why he was in the Vigil's Keep dungeon. You don't turn people who try to kill you into your trusted ally, unless you're insane.

Velanna is a racist, pure and simple. And since the majority of your party is human, that means she hates most (if not all) of her companions. She also, according to the epilogue, simply up-and-leaves the Wardens with no notice, in the middle of a mission. She wouldn't take orders from a Warden-Commander unless it was a Dalish Warden-Commander, and even then it would be begrudgingly.

Fenris ... when you first meet Fenris, he's tricked you into helping him. After you do so, he then goes off on a rant about the evils of magic, insulting either you or your little sister, as well as your father, and potentially two of your other companions. There is again no way he'd respect the authority of a mage.

Tallis is another who is ridiculous. She's a Qunari spy, and Hawke definitely has no love for Qunari. She uses Hawke to find and PROTECT Qunari spies. Arsinoe de Blassenville covers quite well how I think Hawke should have reacted to Tallis' revelation in one of her Dragonsteeth stories.

Here are some rabid plot Nargles that attacked me the other day. If anyone can put them to use, feel free as long as you send me a link to the story!

Luna Lovegood is secretly the child of Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel, which is why she knows so much random stuff.

It turns out that Crabbe and Goyle are secretly geniuses, and the brains of all of Slytherin’s plots.

In an alternative interpretation of the prophecy, Neville Longbottom and Lord Voldemort have to team up to take down Harry Potter, who turned into a Dark Lord.

Harry runs away from the Dursleys’ and joins the circus. When he goes to Hogwarts, he’s athletic, slightly insane and in love with pranking/tricking people.

Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart are a couple, and they adopt Harry Potter to have the most famous family in the world.

Remus Lupin moves in with the Dursleys when Harry is put on their doorstep, to make sure they don’t mistreat him.

Dumbledore decides to bring the Philosopher’s Stone to Hogwarts while the Marauders, Snape and Lily are in sixth-year, and Voldemort tries to infiltrate the school to get it.

Harry is raised by Dobby as a House-Elf, and can use Elvish magic. When he goes to Hogwarts, it creates problems with Dumbledore and everything he’s learning, because Elf magic is better.

Mad-Eye Moody and Peeves are forced to flat-share for a week, after Hogwarts’ wards fluctuate and throw them both out of the castle.

Harry Potter is a squib. How does the Wizarding World react when it finds out its hero can't do magic?

Harry is bitten by a vampire or a werewolf. Will the Wizarding World prosecute him for this?

Gilderoy Lockhart is part-Veela. Not really a story of its own, but an idea for something that could be featured in a story.

Becoming an Animagus is the requirement for a secret society, whose members include Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall and Rita Skeeter.

Fluffy the Cerberus. I haven't ever read a fanfiction where Fluffy is anything other than the first obstacle for the Philosopher's Stone, and I'm sure there are many interesting opportunities to use a three-headed dog in stories.

Harry decides to challenge Voldemort to a winner-takes-all Quidditch match for the right to rule Wizarding Britain. Voldemort accepts.

McGonagall says to her students that anyone caught mucking about in Transfiguration will be kicked out of the subject. Harry, using his power as the Boy-Who-Lived and son of a Transfiguration prodigy, decides to see how far he can push it without being forced to drop the subject.

There actually is a badass weapon in the Ministry that Voldemort's looking for in Book 5, instead of a prophecy he could have gone in and gotten under a glamour or Polyjuice or something.

A common typo is "Mad-Eye Moony" instead of Mad-Eye Moody. What if they were the same person?

I just had this thought: why did the Ministry stop hunting for Sirius Black after he broke into Hogwarts, apparently kidnapped and brainwashed three kids (including his "target", Harry), was captured and then escaped from under the nose of both the Minister and Dumbledore? To anyone else, this would be a sign to keep trying to capture and kill him, but the Ministry seems to basically give up. And if they really suspected Lupin of helping him (logical, seeing as they have history), why didn't they arrest him? Lupin's a Dark creature, no-one important would care about him. And didn't Dumbledore or the other members of the Order know about Sirius' Animagus form, anyway? You'd think, seeing as it's a useful disguise for spying, Dumbledore (as leader of the Order) would know about it at least, and tell the Aurors about it.

Why is it always Molly Weasley who's trying to get Ginny to love-potion Harry? Instead, Arthur Weasley is the one responsible.

"Born as the seventh month dies" really could imply that the slayer of Voldemort was born over a month premature, during the end of the seventh month of pregnancy.

How does the Marauders' Map respond to people using Time-Turners? Why didn't Lupin or Snape see that there were two Harrys and Hermiones running around, and why didn't Harry see multiple Hermiones on the map when he was looking over that year? I'd also wonder why Fred and George never mentioned that two of their brothers were sleeping with a man called Peter Pettigrew, but that one could be explained by the Marauders being hidden from the Map unless it was activated by a Marauder (the Map knows who activates it, it was able to respond to Snape's insults, and tells Harry what the password is for the Honeydukes passage).

How did Hagrid get to Harry in Godric's Hollow? The Fidelius would have said "the Potters live in Godric's Hollow", otherwise Harry wouldn't have been hidden. A Potter still lived in Godric's Hollow, so the wards technically shouldn't have failed, even though Voldie got in and killed Lily and James. Unless, of course, Harry did technically die for a second, or the power surge caused by the rebounding AK knocked out the wards/broke the Fidelius.

Why did anyone believe Hagrid, the half-giant, was the Heir of Slytherin, a notable blood-purist and bigot (apparently)?

Couldn't you just hack Snape's (or any Death Eater's) arm off to sever their connection to ol' Voldie? Wormtail proves you can get a prosthetic that works as good as the original, after all, and I doubt an arm made by Dumbledore would kill you for making a decision.

Why was Filch still at Hogwarts throughout the events of Deathly Hallows? As a Squib and a horrible person, I find it hard to believe that he didn't annoy ANY Death Eaters throughout his career to the point at which they'd kill him/have him killed. Actually, come to think of it, why does Dumbledore keep Filch around anyway? Is Filch his *shudder* secret lover?

Charlie Weasley is one of the Seven Potters, instead of Mundungus. Dung is not involved in the actual operation, Moody wouldn't let him, but they still follow his plan. (and what a stupid plan it was. It was okay for the Dursleys to leave by car, so it should be okay for Harry. They also could have used Dobby and the house-elves).

I don't actually think I've read a story where Ron believes Harry didn't enter the Triwizard Tournament, but Hermione doesn't believe him. What if Ron was the only one to believe Harry?

There's something a little bit fishy about how Lily hated James for over five years, before suddenly performing a flip to suddenly ditch Snape and fall in love with James. And we've all seen that the magical world has no problem at all with Love Potions, going so far to stock them in their joke shops (because nothing says funny like Rohypnol, eh?). It's a logical conclusion that James used Love Potions on Lily. It would also explain Snape's obsession with Potions if Lily was taken from him by them, and also why they never learn about Love Potions with Snape (they're only mentioned in classes when Slughorn takes over, if I remember correctly).

Did Dumbledore really still insist Tom Riddle and the other students went back to their homes during the Blitz, when EVERYONE else was sending their kids out of the cities to avoid them being killed by bombings? It's no wonder he turned evil, if all he was seeing of the Muggles was them dropping bombs on his city.

Quirrellmort unleashes the Basilisk during first year, as a distraction so he could steal the Stone.

Why would the Goblins deal with the Potters' or Sirius' Will? The Ministry handled Dumbledore's (the only Will we learn about in canon), and the Goblins are only seen to be bankers (who employ curse-breakers to find treasure), so they would have no reason to handle Wizarding Wills. And why would they be overly helpful just because the wizard remembered their name? That's just stupid - it's common sense to remember names, particularly of the ones who are in charge of your money. (although I do enjoy helpful!Goblin stories).

How did Harry avert a Goblin War after breaking into Gringotts, stealing from the Vaults, and then stealing a dragon and destroying half of the building?

I also found some random Mabari plot puppies in need of a good home. Anyone can claim them, as long as they let me know when they start posting the story!

Zevran and Leliana get together, and run a crime wave over Orlais and Antiva.

The Warden and Sten travel to Par Vollen together, and the Warden converts to the Qun.

Isabela kidnaps Alistair after overhearing them discussing his royal heritage (a noble bastard in her crew comes in handy sometimes) and takes him with her to Kirkwall, where he joins up with Hawke.

Varric is appointed Viscount of Kirkwall. All sorts of funny stories take place, with Varric spouting off clichés and generally being a genre-savvy hero.

The Archdemon attacks Kirkwall during the Fifth Blight, before the Hawke family gets there. They have to keep travelling until they find a city which hasn’t been attacked by darkspawn.

The Warden’s gang are all turned into werewolves while trying to help Zathrian. Can they still take down the Archdemon, even though they’re dangerous beasts now?

Duncan goes up the Tower of Ishal to light the beacon, and therefore survives the battle of Ostagar.

The mages are allowed to light the beacon at the battle of Ostagar, changing the course of the battle.

Not Who I Was Looking For: Duncan shows up to recruit a Grey Warden, but his prime candidate is unable to Join, having already perished. The Warden's friend/companion (Gilmore, Gorim, Soris, Tamlen, Leske, Jowan, Lily) is recruited instead.

Alistair is NOT Maric's son. Instead, Maric's son was a mage, who has a particular penchant for breaking out of the Tower. After all, if any other mage ran away as much as Anders, they'd be killed. There must be a reason why the Templars never before accused him of being an Abomination and had him put down for it.

Cousland, as the second son, is not likely to inherit the title of Teyrn. A fact his family often reminds him of, and the reason he hates them. So when Arl Howe approaches him with the idea of assassinating the other Couslands, he accepts the plan. Orzammar-style politics ensue, with Cousland, Howe and Loghain working together.

Is it even possible for Morrigan to conceive with a dwarven or elven Grey Warden? She tries the Dark Ritual, and it fails.

In the book The Calling, a key plot point is that the Wardens know where the Old Gods are. So why haven't they done anything about it? As is obvious from the location that the Fifth Blight starts, one was to the south of the Korcari Wilds. So why are Wardens assigned all over Thedas? The Wardens know where the Old Gods are, they should move their main bases to occupy a place as close to the Old Gods' lairs as possible, leaving a token force in each country to recruit, send the recruits to their posts, and deal with minor darkspawn incursions.

M'aiq knows much, and tells some. M'aiq shares plot bunnies that others do not.

A horrified Dragonborn joins up with the Silver Hand upon discovering the Companions are werewolves.

Alduin and the dragons, instead of staying in Skyrim, head for the Imperial City.

The Dragonborn and the Greybeards work together to bring down the Thalmor, after Thalmor assassins are sent to High Hrothgar.

Marvel Plot Bunnies

Both Aunt May and Uncle Ben are killed by the thief, creating a much Darker Spider-Man.

Thor travels to Nazi Germany to reclaim the Tesseract when the Red Skull begins trying to use its powers, instead of waiting 70 years.

Wolverine discovers that, among the other experiments that Stryker did, they stole some of his DNA, using it to create a female clone. After the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, he discovers her existence, and it gives him a reason to live again.

Tony Stark never becomes a superhero, and Rhodey is the War Machine. Captain America is not found and defrosted. Nick Fury recruits an alternate list of Avengers to face Loki.

There are many Deaged/Kid Avengers stories, where all the Avengers are turned into children. Why not have SHIELD targeted by this de-aging thing, with Kid!Fury and Kid!Coulson being looked after by the Avengers! (Plus, if the Avengers were all De-aged, Odin would just summon Thor back through the Bifrost and undo it, and when Thor explained what happened, Odin would then undo the de-aging of the others. Just sayin'.)

When Loki comes for the Tesseract, he manages to take control of Fury. OR, when Loki comes for the Tesseract, he decides to play a more subtle game.

Why is Tony totally unaffected by the unexpected betrayal of one of the four people in the world he fully trusts (Jarvis doesn't count), and that it's his surrogate father too? Surely Obidiah's betrayal would have a major impact on his personal life (paranoia, withdrawing from his other friendships, unwilling to trust new people like the Avengers).

I'll probably play with some of these ideas too, but anyone's welcome to them as long as they let me know when they post it so I can read the story!

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Hobbit - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 87,647 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 347 - Follows: 444 - Updated: 6/24 - Published: 12/19/2014 - [Bilbo B., Thorin] [Ori, Dwalin]
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 35 - Words: 145,474 - Reviews: 930 - Favs: 1,472 - Follows: 2,350 - Updated: 6/24 - Published: 12/4/2013 - [Hermione G., Iron Man/Tony S.] Harry P., Captain America/Steve R.
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Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 13 - Words: 49,754 - Reviews: 123 - Favs: 229 - Follows: 359 - Updated: 6/7 - Published: 3/9/2014 - Captain America/Steve R., Loki, OC, Black Widow/Natasha R.
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THIS STORY WILL BE EDITED AND RE-UPLOADED TO MY NEW ACCOUNT SOON. SEE THE NEWEST CHAPTER FOR DETAILS. Upon his death, Albus Dumbledore learns something from a Higher Power about the man with the mutilated soul, Tom Riddle. The Higher Power gives Albus Dumbledore the chance to change the course of the world. Time Travel. Alternate events from Ch. 35 of OotP onwards.
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