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Age: O_o u is pedopile.

Nationality: Welsh and English hybrid.

Height: 5'3.

Weight: Not fat, not a twig either.

Things I'll Write/Review/Fave in:
Sonic the Hedgehog.
The Ring/Ring/Ring 2/Ring 0: Basudai/Rasen.
Digimon Season One/Two/Four.

Favourite Films:
Ring 0: Basudai/Birthday.
Rush Hour 2.
Austin Powers 3.
Sonic Anime/OVA/Movie.

That's it, I'm using a review marking system, I'm SO pissed off. The fancharacters thing is if there is any, doesn't matter to the rating. The words are per CHAPTER.

1 = Shit = n00b shit. shit. shit. No plot, grammar or/little genre characters, usually below 100 words (per chapter).

2 = Terrible = filled with recolour/self-insert fancharacters, spelling errors, script and poor plot, if any, 100-300 words.

3 = Crappy = filled/some with recolour fancharacters, a lot of spelling errors, script, crappy plot, 300-500 words.

4 = Tolerable = maybe good original characters/fancharacters, some spelling errors, likely script, plot that goes somewhere, 350-600 words.

5 = Okay = maybe partially developed original characters/fancharacters, some spelling errors, could be script, plot that seems to work, 400-800 words.

6 = Nice = maybe okayly developed original characters/fancharacters, a little spelling errors, not script, plot that develops, 700-1000 words.

7 = Good = maybe developed original characters/fancharacters, very little spelling errors, not script, plot that works 800-2000 words.

8 = Excellent = plot developed original characters/fancharacters, very little spelling errors, not script, plot that I like 1000-6000 words.

9 = Perfect = original characters/fancharacters that follow the plot with emotion that suits, extremely little spelling errors, not script, plot that I really like, 2000-7000 words.

10 = Beautiful = original characters/fancharacters that use so much of the characterness of the actual genre , no spelling errors, DEFINATELY not script, plot that I adore, 3000-15,000 or more words.

I hate n00bishness, and now I'm gonna get tough. I've had enough of pathetic 5-year-olds ruining the Sonic the Hedgehog section. If you get consturctive criticsm, please listen, instead of going "OMG I HATE U CUZ JOO FLAMERED ME!!!111!!!!1"
Stories which ain't n00bish for true authors to read, that is, not going "OMG WTF?! STFU LMFAOX!!!11!!" and also that got 7-10 on my rating thingy:


Sonic: Sketchy by Sean Catlett.

Aqueous by Danse Macabre.

Aftermath by Gogehenks.

Pushing by Bryon Nightshade.



A Different Sky by Illys. (Female Tails x Sonic/Antoine/Knuckles)

Dreamwatcher by NeoRemmy. (Knuckles x Amy)

Lovin' You, My True Blue Hero by SweetLilAmyRose. (Sonic x Amy)

Young Passion by GtaJake (NC-17). (Tails x Amy)

Mark of Love by Crazed Maniac 02. (Shadow x Rouge)

(Sheesh, Amy is a whore *shot*)

Yaoi/Shounen Ai:

How Close Can You Get? by Crazed Maniac 02. (Sonic x Shadow)

..How can I.. by Nokiasama03 (NC-17). (Knuckles x Remington)

Falling For You by Gamegirl2. (Sonic x Knuckles)

Mixed Emotions by Metal Shadow the Hedgehog. (Sonic x Shadow)

Meant To Be by Charizard. (Sonic x Shadow)

(God, Sonadow is popular.. WAAAH NO SONTAILS ;_;)

Yuri/Shoujo Ai:

Fantasy Castle: Eternal Dream of the Princess by Mi-chan Miki. (Cream x Amy x Tikal)

Favourite Bands/singers:

The Cardigans
The Darkness
Evanescence (My Immortal ROCKS!!)
No Doubt
Alicia Keys
Katie Melua
Norah Jones
Ayumi Hamasaki
Utada Hikaru
50 Cent
Lionel Richie
Kate Bush
Michael Wackson (oops).


Favourite Quotes:

"Here we go, the world is spinning, when it stops, it's just beginning. Sun comes up, we laugh and we cry, sun goes down.. and then we all die." - Samara, The Ring, Samara's Song.

"Pain is something that man must endure in his heart, and since the heart feels pain so easily some believe life is pain.." - Nagisa Kaworu/Tabris, Evangelion, Episode 24.

"Mountain, heavy are the mountains. But that changes, with the passage of time. Sky, blue sky, what your eyes can't see, what your eyes can see. The sun, one, only one. Water, it is agreeable. Commander Ikari. Flowers, so many the same, so many without purpose. Sky, sky of red, red the colour, the colour I hate. Liquid flows, it drips, ripples and pours. Blood, scent of blood, woman who does not bleed. From the red soil the humans come. Humans made by man and woman. City, a human creation. Eva, a human creation as well.
What are humans? Are they creations of God? Humans, that which are created by humans. This is that which is mine. My life, my heart. I am a vessel for my thoughts. The entry plug, the throne of the soul. Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? I am I. The object that is, myself. That which forms me. This is the self which can be seen, and yet this is not like that which is myself. A strange feeling. My body feels as if it's melting. I can no longer see myself. My form, my shape fades from view. Awareness dawns of someone who is not me. Who is here? There? Beyond me, here? Shinji. This person I know, Major Katsurugi. Doctor Akagi. People, my classmates. The pilot of Unit 02. Commander Ikari.. Who are you? Who are you?" Ayanami Rei, Evangelion, Rei's Observation (some people say it's a poem).

"Shadow.. for all those people on that planet... give them a.. chance.. to be happy.. sayonara, Shadow, the hedgehog.." - Maria,Sonic Adventure 2.

"Hey, Grandma." - Rouge to Topaz, Sonic X.

Opinion on Sonic coupledom:

SonicxAmy (Sonamy): I'll read it, Sonamy is very likely and nice to read, so if it's good expect a fave.

SonicxShadow (Sonadow): Maybe. If the fic is astonishing, like CM02's Closer, I'll definately read it. Even though there is no factual basis on the pairing, they suit quite well.

SonicxTails (Sails): Definately. I'll even look at n00b fics for this pairing. It seems likely, since Sonic and Tails have known each other the longest and do have implications..

SonicxKnuckles (SonKnux): There's only one fic of this, and I must admit, I really liked it. As they say, opposites attract and it is a little implied.

SonicxRouge (SonRouge): Doesn't work to the degree of KnuxRouge.. but then again, they are like opposites, so I don't know..

SonicxCream (Soneam): Weird. Not really, I think Cream sees Sonic as a big brother more than a love figure. But still, she might love him and take after Amy.

SonicxEspio (Sonpio): Hmmm.. I like this coupling because of the similarity.

TailsxCream (Crails): No, no and double no. I really dislike this pairing, because it's a matter of "OMG I LIEK THEM CUZ THEYIR KAWAII TOGETHR!!". There is no facts to base on Crails, and they're TOO. YOUNG. Think, did you have a girlfriend at 8 years old? Not likely.

TailsxAmy (Tamy): Again, maybe. I love Young Passion's Tamy, but I don't neccessarily like Chaos Element/Angel Tamy. It just depends on the mood. There is evidence of Tamy though.

TailsxShadow (Shails): If Sonic can go with, MAYBE Shadow can. But it's really really unlikely.

TailsxKnuckles (Knuxails): I dunno.. I mean, Tails is like happy, but Knuckles is bored and unhappy..

TailsxRouge (TaiRouge): O_O;; NO!!

TailsxCharmy (Tarmy): Not so much, because Cream more or less suits Charmy more.

KnucklesxRouge (KnuxRouge): Yeah, it's cool, Knuckles and Rouge do fancy each other, and do end up in love, so I like this pairing.

KnucklesxShadow (Knuxadow): On the premise they do both seem to like Rouge, maybe. Knuckles and Shadow do have similiarities. Seeing Sonic as rival, both have a cause, both seem to like Rouge and both seem quite sad.

KnucklesxCream (KnuxCream): A big maybe. I mean, it's slightly paedophilic, but they do seem to range in personality, and they do seem friendly to each other.

KnucklesxVector (Knuxtor): WTF?!! Yeah, for some reason I like this pairing for unknown reasons. They do have similarity.

ShadowxRouge (Shadouge): Yeah, it's the same as KnuxRouge really. Shadow seems to have the "treat em mean, keep em keen." thing, while Rouge does heavily tease him, so yeah, I will read.

ShadowxCream (Shadeam): Yeah. I mean, they both are completely opposite in personality. Cream seems to be the only one who understands Shadow as well. I WILL READ IT!! The only one is in Spanish..

ShadowxMaria (ShadMaria): Yes. Everyone has to see that. Maria was a mother/sister/lover figure to Shadow. The only thing I HATE is self insertion fanchars going "OMG I'M MARIA'S REINCARNATION YAY!!", Maria is DEAD. And anyway, ALL of the reincarnation chars are NOTHING like Maria. Yeah, I'll read it.

AmyxShadow (Shadamy): Maybe. Shadow seems to see Amy as a kind figure, but not exactly.. loving. Anyway, Amy loves SONIC. But still, Amy might come to Shadow when Sonic does something mean. I might read one if it looks nice.

AmyxCream (Creamy): It's like a female version of Sails, so maybe again. But Amy loves Sonic whereas seemlingly Sonic doesn't love Amy so that lessens the comparisons. Maybe I'll read.

AmyxRouge (Rouamy): Weird. Rouge HATES Amy. Th33nd.

AmyxKnuckles (Knuxamy): Yup. Knuckles seems to be jealous of Amy's devotion to Sonic, especially in Episode 3 of Sonic X, he saves her, and he gets mad when Amy hugs SONIC for saving her. Very implied. I will read these fics.

RougexTopaz (Jewel): Hmmm.. this is a little implied. Even though it is Sonic X AND AnthroxHuman, Rouge teases Topaz in the same manner as she does with Knuckles and Shadow.

RougexNack/Fang (Roung/Naouge): Yes, because Nack is like Shadow and Knuckles personalities put together, so yeah, Rouge would love Nack.

CreamxCharmy (Crearmy): Yes, because they're the same age and both have extreme similarity.

TikalxChaos (Tikaos): Yeah.. that's okay.

TikalxShadow (Shadikal): Hmmm.. like opposites again if this pairing actually IS possible. Yeah, I'll read.

TikalxKnuckles (Knuxikal): Hmmmph. Maybe.


KnucklesxRemington (Knumington? o_O):
Yeah. Yeah.

SonicxSally (Sonsal):

SonicxMina (Sonmina):

Upcoming/In-Progress Fics


Genre: Action/Adventure/General.
Rating: PG.
Universe: SegaSonic.
Status: Writing.
Description: After Sonic Heroes, everyone seems to go their separate ways... or do they? Shadow and Rouge get more revenge on Eggman and the black hedgehog pays a visit to ARK, Sonic battles against a force big enough to destroy Station Square, Knuckles and Amy find more skeletons in the closet of what happened after Chaos destroyed the echidnas and Cream and Tails find a mysterious girl..

Metarru X:

Genre: Action/Adventure.
Rating: PG - PG-13
Universe: AU SEGA Sonic/Archie/Fleetway.
Status: First chapter done.
Description: Strange things happen, and for Shadow those things are going to make a extremely similar turn. He must battle with himself, emotionally and physically, and so must everyone else when things go evil..

Black Velvet:

Genre: Romance(rape, straight/yaoi).
Rating: Lemon (violent R - NC-17)
Coupling: Shadow/all..
Universe: Complete SEGA Sonic.
Status: Pre-Writing.
Description: Shadow discovers just what exactly this "sex" thing everyone is talking about is..

Crimson Rose:

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure.
Rating: PG-13
Coupling: Knuckles/Amy.
Universe: SEGA Sonic/Fleetway.
Status: Discontinued for now, working on 3rd chapter..
Description: Amy is a psychic, and that power is unleashed when she's told to go to Angel Island.. is it just romance, or is something wrong? A deep secret from echidna history is out to destroy, and his mission is clear: alter history and bring back the echidna past.

Sonic: Hentai

Genre: Romance/Psychological/Hentai.
Rating: Full NC-17.
Coupling: Various.
Universe: SEGA Sonic.
Status: First chapter up at Mediaminer:


Genre: Romance.
Rating: PG-13
Coupling: Will be shounen ai.
Universe: Sonic X.
Status: N/A.
Description: Imagine if the portal to Sonic's world was never opened..? Four years afterwards, what has happened?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

No Turning Back by Crazed Maniac 02 reviews
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Digimon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 16 - Words: 23,535 - Reviews: 119 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 2/13/2004 - Published: 12/23/2003 - Kouichi K./Koichi, Kouji M./Koji
Meant To Be by ChaosShadow reviews
Sonadow. First one, so please be kind...Anyways, Sonic has been depressed about what happened at ARK, and misses Shadow. Dedicated to My boo! [Complete]
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Metarru X reviews
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