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Good morrow shit heads, i am the shadzler and i'm here to wirte my lemons and show this site it's not a crime to write a juicy lemon. I have another account on here but i wont give it away, the only things that are there are my non lemony stories that i think are good. if your find out who i am shoot me a pm and you'll get a commision

i've seen alot of toons, some anime, and i like alot of movies. i'm really out there, so shoot me a pm for a commision and i'll see what i can do for your perversion

Things i will not do for commisions, ever!

  • nothing gross like scat, i'm sorry that's not me
  • unbirth... just because i dont like that
  • vore because... seriuosly really
  • gay and i mean man on man(lesbians are good though)
  • other than those things ill write lemons for anything, from rape shouta loli and maybe futa

    So want to take a chance on me and ask for soemthing sexy?