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I just wanted to say thank you to the people who reviewed (even if they called me something that is not very nice) and/or add me to there favorite authors or author alert lists.

I know I don't update often, and some people don't like that. Well, I'm sorry. I live in a third world country and I get slow internet. Okay that is just a stupid excuse.

Also, if you like the characters in my stories you should check out my friend blacktripp's page. Same characters, just different plot. Anyway, her page is

I guess I can say some things about me. My name is Clarissa. I don't really want to tell you how old I am.I don't know how tall I am. My favorite color is deep purple. My favorite animes areYu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//SIGN, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, FLCL, Serial Experiments Lain, Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, Case Closed, Wolf Rain, Knights of the Zodiac and some other anime, there is to many to name. Myfavorite books areThe Mediator Series, The Princess Diaries, All American Girl (Meg Cabot a.k.a Jenny Caroll is my favorite author), The Daughters of the Moon series, anything by Annette Curtis Klase (another of my favorite authors) and a lot of different mangas. I really like anime, internet, video games, writing fanfics, sleeping, drawing, playing guitar/piano, singing (even though no body is allowed to hear me), eating, and watching t.v. (mostly anime) I really don't like school, stupid people, social events, dancing, and other things I do not want to think about.Well that is allI amgoing to tell you about me.

Stuff about my OC.

My OC's mane is Maro. Her nickmane is Mai, but only her brother called her that. She is over 800 years old.She is a bout 5 feet and 6 inches tall.She is part of the Luna Hermana race, they area race of moon demons, she is alsopart snake and fire demon.She doesn'treally rememer her past. This is because she was cursed to become humanand live in the human world. She forgot most of her past memories. Out of her family she has hertwin brother named Tabo, she also has a sister and her parents, but she can't remember theirnames. She has fire, moon, mind and some poisonpowers. Her weapon of choice is two katanas that her grandfather left for her and her brother. She really likes quiet places, music, video games, mixing drinks, and reading people's minds.She reallly doesn't likestupid people, annoying people, people when they are high, loud and/or crowded places, music up way to loud (The kind of loud that hurts her ears. She has sensitive hearing). She doesn't have a love interest.In her demon form shehaswavy, past the shoulder lenght hair, raven blue hairith red streaks; shehas one redeyeand one purple eye. In her humanformshe has curly, darkbrown almost black hairand dark brown eyes.

Here is stuff about myfriend's OCs.

My friend Courtney's OC is named Yohei. Yohei is over 700 years old. She is about 4 feet 10 inches tall. She is part of the Shadori race and part dog demon. She hasreincarnatedthree times.Firstlived in theFuedal Eraas a dog hanyou.During her second life she lived in theMakaiasa Shadori, and now lives in the human worldas a human She has two half sisters, Susami and Reuka.She has darknesspowers. Her weapon of choice is a reverseblade sword. She really likes dark places, music, video games, parties, drawing, and TV.She really doesn't likepreps, the color pink, posers, and not getting her way. Love interest is Hiei. In her demonformshe had lone black hair and red eyes. In her human form she is 5 feet 10 inches tall, has long blond hair, andblue-grey eyes.

My friend Kristina's OC is named Susami. Susami is over 500 years old. She is five feet and 4 inches tall. She is a dog hanyou. She has been reincarnated once. First she lived in the Feudal Era as a dog hanyou andnow lives in thehumanworldas ahuman.She has a half sister named Yohei.She has water and someweaker mind powers.She likes fighting with sacred arrows. She likescartoons, TV, drawing, and video games.She doesn't likelosing and not getting her way. Her loveinterest isInuyasha.In her demon form she has long brownhair, chocolate brown eyes,andwhitedog ears. In her human form she has long dark brown hair and brown eyes.

My friend Sarah's OC is named Reuka. Reuka is over 300 years old. She is five feet and three inches tall. She is part of the Yoko race.All she remembers of her past is that Kurama seems familiar and she know slives in the human world as a human.Shehas a half sisternamed Yohei.She has wind powers.Her weapon of choiceis akudatchi.She likesbeing herself and having attention at times.She dislikesstuck up people and preppy people. Her love interest isKurama.In her demon form she has long red hair andemerald green eyes. In herhuman form shehas short dirty blond hair and hazeleyes.

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