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I am an eighteen (18) year old male from Kentucky, United States.

My name is Garet, and for all my life I have been fascinated in Science Fiction, Science, Fantasy, Mythology, Theology, History, Individualism and Philosophy. These subjects have lead me to interests of both entertainment and enlightenment.

I'm a very amiable person. I am very shy and quiet, but if we are acquainted properly and given some time then I can be very outgoing and friendly. I like to outdo others and try to win the best I can, showing I am very competitive; I do not show this physically however. Reading is an activity that I cannot live without. I am a very active and avid reader of books and of course, FanFiction. Why else would I have made this account? I am somewhat overconfident, and do hold a high self-esteem, because I believe we as human beings can go beyond potential we couldn't have thought imaginable and I have been able to complete these certain difficult tasks; you just have to try. I also value knowledge and intelligence at a high standard. Overall, I am a very understanding and open-minded individual. I am gay.

Other information:

My favorite musical group and trio would be the Canadian rock band, Rush. Starting from 1974, they always deliver a special message or some kind of significance with history, science, or something in relation with every song they produce--hence the nature of Progressive Rock. For over 40 years, the three band members have stayed strong together as best of friends and have enjoyed playing music every step of the way. They have always cared for the fans, interacting with them on stage and making donations for troubled people and charities. In conclusion, they write very clean music and have had a sincere beat and smart lyrics for decades. They are pretty old and most generation Y people today don't listen to classic rock or anything really with age.

I enjoy playing bass guitar. Dah-da, da dada da da-doo-doo-dada-da-do.

I collect Pokémon plushies and battle modified Force Fx Lightsabers.

Pokémon Shipping is a hobby of mine, both reading and sometimes creating.

Neil Peart for the win!

Name: Garet

Age: 18

Race: Caucasian

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Gray Green

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Weight: 130 Pounds (59 kilograms)

Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational Christian

Personality: INTJ: (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment)

Likes: Spaghetti (Best food ever), video games, snow, oceanography, meteorology, topography, geography, astronomy, biology, psychology, Pokémon, music, the color purple/amethyst, sleeping, trolling, laughing at the littlest things, thinking, wristwatches, Team Fortress 2, dreaming, staying up for more than 24 hours, cooking, hats, Kufi hats, anything 80's or 90's, books, business, entrepreneurship, firearms, plays, art, freedom, coldness, quietness, darkness, clouds, poetry, reading, writing, the US Constitution, Gmod videos, playing bass guitar, YouTube Poop, antics, telling police officers I know my rights.

Dislikes: Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, ignorance, homophobia, loud disturbances, militant atheists/theists/agnostics, prejudice, loud people, coercion, egotistical people, idiocy, harassment, bullying, thieves, large groups of people, yelling, conformity, feminism, violence, anger, politicians, the band No Doubt, disrespectful people, a corrupt government.

Favorite Author: Stephen King

Favorite Color: Purple w/Green and Blue tied for second

Favorite Band: Rush

-Others I like really like: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Beatles, Yes, Jethro Tull, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Styx, Phil Collins, David Bowie, The Who, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Dream Theater, Oasis, R.E.M., Gin Blossoms, Matchbox Twenty, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana.

-Others I like; non rock: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Scatman John, Buddy Rich, Ella Fitzgerald, Annette Hanshaw, The Andrew Sisters, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, The Ink Spots...(Yeah, don't really distance myself from rock really much, but I am open-minded as long as it sounds good with effort and/or contains meaningful lyrics).

-Preferred Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Favorite Cartoon: Courage the Cowardly Dog

Favorite Media Franchise: Pokémon

-Favorite Pokémon: Lucario/Riolu

-Least Favorite Pokémon: Charizard

-Favorite Type: Psychic/Ghost/Steel

-Least Favorite Type: Fire

-Favorite Starter: Squirtle

-Favorite Region: Hoenn

-Favorite City/Town: Solaceon Town

-Favorite Game Soundtracks: Fortree City - (Secret Base)/Cerulean City - Fuchsia City (3rd Gen)/Hearthome City/Resort Area/Cherrygrove City - Mahogany Town/Route 216/Snowpoint City/Route 225/Sootopolis City/New Bark Town/Frost Cavern (Inside)/Ice Path

-Favorite Battle Theme: Vs. Cyrus

-Favorite Game Character: Brendan

-Favorite Manga Character: Green

Favorite Multiplayer Game: Team Fortress 2

-Favorite Team: Blu (Builders League United)

-Favorite Class: Spy or Medic

Wears glasses.



What's your opinion in politics?: I'd prefer not to say. Nowadays, everybody is pretty sensitive and to themselves with their beliefs, and I don't want to offend someone. But I will hint that I do support cooperation and a free market, and that's way too much description.

You're gay and Christian?: I find it pretty fascinating that people are surprised by this combination and I don't blame them. I'm not really religious; I am saved and do make occasional "conversation," but I'm enjoying the life He gave me right now; I will attend more closely when my time comes. But I thank Him here and there if something good does happen. I'll say mostly: "God, if you're responsible, then I thank you." I don't believe God does everything for us. We have to take the responsibility for ourselves and not have someone look over us to make sure we're all right. There's a reason why we are living--to guide ourselves on our journey. I'm not saying that He wouldn't maybe do something, but you are here for your own individual purpose, or so I think.

There is also so much trouble and so much debate about Leviticus and the "moral code," and honestly, I do my research. As Christians, not all rules from the Old Testament apply; we follow mostly the New. I'm not stoning people or killing them for some bizarre incident and I believe that's another reason why Jesus was sent. I'm kind of hesitant when saying this, but maybe God was making "reform" for a newer society for us today. I suppose He knew we would advance from barbaric ways into more of a civilized and social sociology, and many would find it very foreign. There are so many mysteries and theories revolving around the proper teaching and what we should follow, but it's one of the reasons why I don't have a denomination. Because there are so many of them that are devoted to one thing and not all. I simply believe in individual accountability for your interpretations. We just aren't 100% certain, and following a denomination may lead to a life of believing wrongly. Believe in yourself and your personal relationship with your deity.

Anyway, am I afraid about being wrong about being gay? Well, yes, I fear it a lot. Hell is something I can't imagine. But I have to use rationality. In a world where there are plenty of heterosexuals and reproduction, how is a homosexual going to taint society? If you're gay and are faithful and devoted to your god, then surely you'd be embraced. It's another thing about Christianity: forgiveness and acceptance of one another. I just don't think God would be upset about somebody being gay; He loves everyone for who they are and it often drifts from most Christians' minds: you're supposed to love your brethren and honor one another. It's something that is extremely forgotten. Another thing that would prove this faulty is the whole message about the Bible and Christianity itself: love. Love is the essence of the universe. God made a planet for us to live on, and sacrificed his only son for our eternal salvation. Love is also forgiveness too. To forgive someone of hurting you or offending you is showing compassion, and not subjecting to anger and/or hate. It is also very honored, among other old religions too, to be romantically involved in love. To romantically love in the name of God is of one of the greatest things a couple could do for Him. It shows unconditional and adamant devotion to one human, as well to the other. It shows of what God wanted his children to share, and spread his message on the side too. Love is very, very powerful.

There of course are Christians who protest gay marriage and other issues regarding people and not them are gravely contradicting their oaths to Jesus' teachings of selflessness. I just wish my colleagues would stop falsely using religion for a moral compass and thinking they're a good person because they are a Christian. That would be false. You are, if, a good person for your acts of kindness and selflessness, as mentioned.

Again, just my opinions.

If you could go back in time, what would you do to change history?: It would be cool if I could show a queen or president centuries ago the technology we have today. I think it would be funny, if not fascinating. But then again, I may be accused of witchcraft and that's not a good idea.

What do you hate the most of everyday behavior in society?: I extremely do not like it when certain individuals embrace their ignorance. We are intelligent beings. I wish they'd fine something useful for their minds. I also do not like the ones who listen to music that is nothing but filth and has no lyrical or instrumental effort. The "swag" clothing and all this other "gangster get-up" is a huge turnoff also.

Boxers or Briefs?: That one is still a little personal. Don't want to whip up the people in an anger batter.

What do you wish you could participate in with a certain degree?: Probably astronomy. I often tell others that we still haven't explored all the oceans and is much, much more to find deeply within. But a distant location other than the Earth that everyone lives on, it utterly drives me crazy to figure out what is beyond. What life there could be. What different chemicals and compounds there are. Possible life-barring planets. Resources . . . it's endless, because the universe is. There are so many possibilities and I really wish I could advance our efforts and time somehow to discovering more knowledge of these subjects.

Would you join the military?: Uh . . . no. Firstly, I am in no physical condition to be a soldier or military rank. I am very weak and skinny. Secondly, when you serve, you are not only serving your people but the ones in the upper seats. It's good to know who controls you, and if it's nowadays with spying on people and phishing, then I don't feel comfortable with what I'd be doing. But if I was forced, then I would want to be in some sort of intelligence or reconnaissance committee. Plus I value my own time and research. I do have respect for the current serving members and those who did serve, please don't mistake me. Those men and women bargained their lives. However, I will not respect any intentional ignorance or wrongdoing on their parts.

What are you going to be involved in when in adulthood?: Entrepreneurship and the underlying business principles. I will be selling steel with my father.

If you could stay at an age forever, what would it be?: Seventeen for sure, exempting any negative emotions or crazy hormonal surges. Being at this age is so satisfying. You're not to young or old; just perfect. Not many cares in the world.

Whom would you want to meet more than anything?: Neil Peart. It would be very difficult since he's an introverted person and not really comfortable with strangers, like me, but he is such an intriguing man in knowledge and teaching, just being a drummer and writer; it's crazy. I want to know and learn so much from him.

What band or group would you want to reunify more than anything?: The Smashing Pumpkins. Great music and didn't conform to the mainstream desires of whatever music was being achieved with the most money. They did what they wanted to do, not what someone else said. It's something I wish artists would do. It's their work and it shouldn't be distorted because of money. You never know, it may not gain much attention, much like the Adore album, but an idea or some constitution an artist, writer or creator makes that inspires somebody else is truly one of the greatest things, for they may make something of their creativity and inspire more to satisfy. And music in my opinion is art, and art's greatest purpose is to inspire. So many great ideas can become things that people enjoy.

What do you think about Love?: I grew up in a life where I didn't ever think about being in relationships or having a personal connection with anyone. I was (and still am) the kind of person who just did his own thing and respected his individuality. I really enjoy having the liberty to have my alone time to do activities personally. I'm not antisocial; I'm just introverted.

But when my mid teen years came along, which began at sixteen, I began to have feelings for a boy and ended up confessing to him. I always told myself to value knowledge over something as irrational as emotions, for they wouldn't have any personal gain. But in early 2013, I learned my lesson. We as human beings are very sociable and needing people around us is just a requirement, or we'd become insane. And it follows up to wanting someone to return love to you as being sociable; we want to feel wanted.

So do I value Love? Yes, but it is not the most important thing to me. For now, I'm just going to attend to myself to get through college and not fret over somebody that does like me. If I do find somebody along the way, then I guess it would be enjoyable. But I'm a kind of person who wants to make sure that everything is taken care of and it would make me afraid that I wouldn't be attending much to my partner. So it's pretty complicated.

What's it take to be a friend? Or maybe to be your friend? The definition of friend has many meanings to all individuals. Perhaps that guy you sit next by in Ag Class that shares YouTube videos with you is considered 'your friend.' Or maybe the person you grew up with since childhood is your 'best friend.' There are multiple interpretations, but here's what I think. I think that a friend is somebody you can have an emotional connection with. Somebody to have fun with (the lowest sentimental value), somebody to talk to as a person, somebody that has loyalty to you. A somebody that even you can tell your problems to, and have them resolve the issues as a 'friend.' A friend in my eyes is not just a recreational person, or tool, if you wish. They are somebody that exists and lives among the crowd like you. They may blend in, they may not. The important thing to remember about someone is that they have feelings too, not just you. And in a world of complications and the bad, one may feel outnumbered and alone. With the negative things in life, they are the ones who will share the pain with you.

A friend is someone who should care about you in a loving manner. The synopsis of this kind of 'love' is different from a mother-child love, or a love-love love. But a love of which you matter to them. Sure it doesn't mean you have to hug them and tell your problems all the time, but a person who is capable and willing to and has a compassion for your being, while wanting to engage in activities with you. That's what I believe a friend is.

I think many people mistake their social connections. They claim that the people they relate to every day and have some sort of link together in a recreational manner are 'friends,' but in reality are merely acquaintances. It sadly wouldn't surprise me if a majority of today's humans didn't know the term "acquaintance." Most probably never think deeply about the underlying factors and behaviors of their friends. How if they may support them in a crisis. How they may be willing to come to your wedding. How, how, how. Society with the advancement of technology, it would seem, has warped the social circles. Media like Facebook and cellular devices have disrupted the psychology of communication, and has distorted (as a same) the effects words could have emotionally on people. Words in text do not express emotion clearly, compared to face-to-face. And now in today's time, it seems most of the pre-adult population use digital tech to communicate more than a personal, physical exercise. Same for even some of the adults.

And with the confusion of all this, perhaps the people who aren't that open to question do not see the complications in front of them. Perhaps subconsciously they accepted digital tech as an obsolete source of communicating despite the effectiveness of doing it personally? I do not know. But I do know that in the past fifteen years the way we talk to each other and make assumptions and 'labels' for people have truly been mistook for something else, with a side of carelessness or even conformity. And I understand conformity can be forced on some people, especially the younger children. They don't have any experience at a short age. Even adults may be forced, and it's pretty harsh. But we, even the ones who are 'awake' to question and authority, need to be more careful of the people we choose to associate with. And we really need to be aware of that person's actions and relationships with others. Do they really match your interests? Do they make you feel as if they feel sympathy or even empathy for you, should it occur? Do they even care about you? Ask yourself. Even examine their behavior towards others. Do you want to be 'friends' with a person who insults others and has an insolent personality? Or maybe a liar or thief?

Think before you make decisions. Especially with people.

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