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Poet. Writer. Romantic. Guitarist.

Lonely. Kind. Tormented. Hopeful.









Paper is dead without words;

ink idle without a poem.

All the world dead without stories.

- Tuomas Holopainen

In my world love is for poets ;

never the famous balcony scene.

Just a dying faith

on the Heaven's gate.

Crystal pond awaits the lorn ;

tonight another morn for the lonely one is born.

- Tuomas Holopainen

My song can but borrow your grace.

-Tuomas Holopainen

Redeem me into childhood.

Show me myself without the shell.

Like the advent of May,

I'll be there when you say :

time to never hold our love.

- Tuomas Holopainen

For the next fifty years I could still write you love songs.

I don't need any more photographs to remember the color of the clothes you wore that night.

-Mat Brooke

Maybe it's time to let go.
Probably doesn't even weigh that much now.
So i'll drop it.
I'll turn around fast,
I'll shake your hand and take
six steps back.
We'll have a seat and light another cigarette;
we'll have a drink for nothing to regret.
We'll clap our hands when, when we hear that sound.
We won't be sad now,
we won't be feeling down.
We could live or die
and have a great time.
I'll be your valentine ;
what an ugly valentine.
We could live or die
and have a great time.
You'll be my valentine ;
what a perfect valentine.
We could live and die, be my valentine.

- Mat Brooke

Katahou no iyafon wo,

kimi ni watasu.

Yukkuri to nagarekomu

kono shunkan.

(I pass one earphone to you,

and this moment slowly streams over)

Onaji uta wo, kuchizusamu toki,

Soba ni ite, I wish!

Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ni,

Aete yokatta yo.

Good-bye days.

(When we are both humming the same song, I wish for you to be by my side.

I'm glad that we were able to meet each other, with such uncool kindness.

Good-bye days)

-Yoshioka Yui

Yasashisa tte

zankoku yo ne?


is a cruel thing, isn't it?)

Taka ga unmei nante,

kaete yukerun datte

uchi wo tobidashite yoru ni naita.

Dare mo inai kouen no benchi de

mukae ni kitekureru no wo matteita.

(Mere fate

is something you can change,

crying into the night as I ran from the house.

And in that secluded park bench,

I waited for you to come pick me up.)

- Yoshioka Yui

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