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Hey, Lillia here. Lillia Ellese to be more specific, as i know there is more than one Lillia on this site. sob i always thought that was an original name, but oh well.

i might review your story under the name Lillia. its me, Lillia E. but i don't really like the E so sometimes i drop it.

My nicknames are:

Bday- 3-29-88
Sign: Aries
I'm eighteen years old
I have curly, black hair naturally, but a lot of it is a reddish brown from where the red hair dye faided out.
Really dark, almost black, brown eyes
I'm mexican-american
I'm about 5'6, give or take an inch
I'm a senior in high school
I hate school and school spirit. nothing annoys me more. except maybe posers. especially wannabe goths, poser punks, and white people who think they're black. (save malibu's most wanted. thats hilarious)

my favorite books include:
Lord of the Rings I-III
The Hobbit
The Silmarillian (dunno if thats how u spell it)
The Outsiders
Harry Potter I-V
Animal Farm
Fahrenheit 451
Alas Babylon
A Separate Peace
Dragonlance (War of Souls and a few others too many to mention)
Works by Edgar Allen Poe
The Guardian
Angus, Thongs, and Full frontal snogging, and all its sequels
anything by stephen king
Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles

my favorite movies include:
Lord of the Rings I-III
Pirates of the Carribean I-II
Fahreinheit 9/11
Bowling for Columbine
Napolean Dynamite
Interview with a Vampire
A Knights Tale
Cat in the Hat
Remember the Titans
Save the Last Dance
The Outsiders
Stand and Deliver
Anger Management
Billy Madison
Happy Gilmore
Beverly Hills Ninja
Real Women Have Curves
and a whole bunch of others

my favorite tv shows include:
The Simpsons
Family Guy (ooh, i love stewie!)
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Married with Children
Mama's Family
Happy Days
Trading Places
Saved by the Bell
Room Raiders

i like some anime, not an expert
Dragon Ball Z (by far my fav, i've seen every episode in the series)
Yu Yu Hakusho
Dragon Ball

my favorite groups/bands/songs include:
fav song of the moment is: The WorldI know - Collected Soul
System of a Down
A Perfect Circle
Breaking Benjamin
Puddle of Mudd
Static X
Green Day
Linkin Park
A Perfect Circle
The Offspring
Bon Jovi
Rage Against the Machine
Audio Slave
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Big Circo
Kumbia Kings (old)
Michael Jackson(old stuff Beat it, thriller, etc.)
and i just like music. play something enough and i'll like it.
well except pop.

Blueberry Hill: Under Semi-Permanent Hiatus. Sorry.

Frodo Falls: i might just take this fic off completely. or rewrite it and post it again someday later. i havent decided yet.

oh and check this place out if you write or read Outsiders fiction:



Well, there aren’t many general rules. We feel that creativity blossoms best under freedom.

Fics can be one shot, or longer if you honestly feel that you can get all the chapters out in a timely manner and the fic won’t be abandoned.

Either Mark or Roger has to be the main character, although you can write any other character into the fic as you see fit, we don’t really care. Each challenge is more specific about the characters that have to be involved and how.

You can write for as many Challenges as you wish.

You can write more than one fic for a single Challenge, so long as the fics are significantly different from each other.

OCs are allowed, but Mary Sues are not. I know the line between the two seems thin, but really, OCs that only play minor roles are not Mary Sues, and it is possible to write an original character in an important role without him/her becoming a MS, so if you feel you can and want to, go for it.

Also, and this is the most important rule, no matter what, canon characters MUST stay in-character, for the most part. We understand if a character is a little off, because characters that are not your own often times are just a tad different, but we will not allow any drastic changes in a character’s personality.

Also, no overly cheesy dialogue, and Lillia is generous and a sucker for fluff, so your stuff would have to be REALLY cheesy to count for this.

Fics can be any rating and under any genre.

NC-17 fics are allowed, but if you are afraid of being reported, you can email us the explicit version and that is the version we will judge.

If you have already written and posted a fic that happens to apply to one of the below Challenges, you can enter it for that Challenge, just let us know that it was not written specifically for the Competition. And then follow the normal procedure for entering.

If you create a Challenge and we use it, you cannot write for it.

You cannot Vote for your own fic.

In order for a story to be entered in the Competition, the Author has to be the one to enter it. Wecannot recommend authors to participate or enter fics that people have reccommended to us but the author has not entered themselves. If you think someone's fic should be counted in a Challenge, tell them that and talk them into entering it, because we can't do it without their consent.

Fics can only be submitted for 1 Challenge. However, sequels that can stand alone can be submitted for separate Challenges.

Once a story is posted it cannot be changed, at all.


Okay, we retain a right to Dismiss your fic from the challenge and the competition if

1. the requirements of the challenge were not met

2. the characters are ridiculously OOC

3. the writing is just plain horrible (it would have to be like 2nd grade level for us to dismiss it for this)

4. a Mary Sue rears her/his ugly head

5. you unfortunately do not follow the rules, and we understand if somethings are overlooked but rude and obviously blatant disregard for the rules is a cause for an email requesting an explanation, and upon recieving none, a Dismissal...but as the rules are pretty basic and not very restricting, we seriously doubt anyone could break them.

We will use this right very rarely and only in extremely horrible circumstances. Basically, if your fic is Dismissed, we will email you to inform you of it, you will not be counted for the challenge, and in case of a competition for this challenge you will be ineligible to win anything. We have no power to remove your fic from this site, however, we will just shun you and be very disapproving. I will probably shake my finger at you too. (More than likely, a Dismissal will never happen so please do not let this discourage you from participating).


Okay, so basically you e-mail us and let us know which challenge you’re writing for and the title of your fic,and we put your name down, then you just write your fic as usual. You have to email us before you actually post the fic, and, in case of a multi-chaptered story, do not have to email us before posting each chapter. Once we know the title of your fic, rest assured that we will be following your story.

In the summary though, you have to put: Response to Challenge #(and whatever number the challenge was). If you didn’t email us, we will not count you for the challenge or competition, even if you put that the fic is a response in your summary. You have to email us!

If there was more than one response to a challenge, the competition part comes into play. Basically, we take all the fics in that challenge and judge them based on the criteria below, and then we award First, Second, Third, and Most Creative.


Fics will be judged in this manner:

1. How well it meets the criteria of the challenge (things we say are our preferences or that we like are not scored, and are in italics. Italics are not mandatory!)

2. How well the characters stay in character

3. Quality of the writing

4. Realism

5. Creativity

6. Some challenges have bonus point possibilities that are listed in the challenge as Double or Triple Points. These bonus points are always optional.

The judges are myself, Diana Marie Gonzalez, my girlfriend, Lillia Reye Ellese, our friend Cristina Annette Torres and you guys.

Okay, so this is how you readers are judges:

The number of positive, signed, reviews a story gets is taken into account, and people can vote for fics, if you so wish.

How you vote is you email us, state your name, the title of the fic, the author’s name, and which challenge the fic is for. Reviews are NOT VOTES! Reviews count for another set of points. You have to email us to vote.

Unfortunately, there are no actual, physical prizes. However, the winners penname and fic title will be posted in both Lillia and my profiles and the final chapter of Challenge Central. They will also be given total bragging rights and pure Glory. We may also talk to some people to see if we can find out how to make banners or pictures that we can give the winners to post in their profiles.

Basically people, this is mostly for the fun of writing and the honor of winning. And of course, if your story won a prize, more reviews and hits will probably come.


1. 20 points

2. 20 points

3. 15 points

4. 10 points

5. 10 points

6. Depends. If its Triple Points – 30, Double is 20

Reviews – 1 point for every positive SIGNED review

Votes – 2 points for every vote

Fic with the most points wins challenge. We judge who wins Most Creative- reviews and voting don’t have any affect in this category.


CHALLENGE 1: Has to be a Roger/Mark slash. In this case, we REALLY prefer an established relationship, although if you have it as a First Time, you will not be marked off. Basically, fic has to be about how Maureen makes a comment that Roger cannot be “sweet” (as a joke or seriously, you decide), and Roger gets offended and sets out to prove her wrong, by attempting to act sweet to Mark. We’d prefer him to not be successful at it, but you write what you will. Fic should be humorous, but if you can write it without humor and do it well, go for it. Has to be romance.

CHALLENGE 2: Does not have to be slash. Has to center around Mark or Roger. The other one has to at LEAST be mentioned, or he can be heavily involved, you choose. The requirement for this fic is DARK. Whether you take this to mean angsty, morbid, scary, sinister, or just plain dark, we do not care. Interpret it as you will. Characters still have to be in character for the most part, although we will allow them to act somewhat OOC if they’re under the influence of something, if you find it necessary, and that thing doesn’t necessarily have to be a narcotic. We love fics that shock the hell out of us, TRIPLE POINTS to the person who can shock us the most.

CHALLENGE 3: Has to be a Roger/Mark slash, either First Time or Established, but we definitely prefer First Time. Basically, a guy hits on Mark and Roger gets jealous, VERY jealous. TRIPLE POINTS to whoever writes JealousRoger the best. These are our only guidelines, we want people to have fun and get really creative and passionate about this one. Also, sometimes jealousy and possessiveness go hand in hand, just a tip that you don’t have to use, but it would make us happy :).

CHALLENGE 4: Has to be about both Mark and Roger, can be slash or friendship. Has to be called Nicknames. Basically, one gives the other a nickname that the other doesn’t appreciate. Can be humorous or not, preferably humor but if you can write it otherwise, go for it. TRIPLE POINTS for the best nickname.

CHALLENGE 5: Has to be about both Mark and Roger, preferably friendship, but if you feel it more as a slash, go for it. Basically, Mark either tries heroin and Roger finds him or finds out, OR Mark had tried heroin in the past and tells Roger about it, for whatever reason you’d like. THIS IS NOT TO BECOME A MARK-ADDICTED-TO-HEROIN FIC! He is only to try it once, for any reason and under any circumstance you like. Roger’s reaction is the main thing we’re looking for in this fic.

CHALLENGE 6: has to be a Roger/Mark slash, and it can be First Time, Established, or Unrequited. Fic either has to use this quote or be based on it: “Being loved by someone means you have the power to completely destroy them” or the quote can be switched around, if you’d prefer, “Loving someone means giving them the power to completely destroy you.” Use the quote anyway you want and interpret it any way you can. Feel free to be creative with it.

CHALLENGE 7: has to be about Mark and Roger, friendship or slash. This one is very specific. Fic HAS to start out this way: Mark entered the loft, not at all surprised to find it empty after what had happened. He was however a tad surprised to find a note sitting on the table. Picking it up, he read: ‘Mark, I am so sorry-- --Okay, that’s where we leave you, you have to fill in the rest of the fic yourself however you want. TRIPLE POINTS for the most creative fic. Points will be deducted if you have Roger go to Santa Fe!

CHALLENGE 8: Has to have both Mark and Roger in it. Can be friendship or slash, whichever you prefer. This one is very vague, all we ask is that you have these things be included in the fic: apples and Roger tripping (as in physically tripping). We’d prefer humor in this, but write what you will. Be creative with the prompt, and how much you use them or focus on them is up to you.

CHALLENGE 9: Has to have both Mark and Roger in it. Can be friendship, but it would probably work better as a slash; if you want to pull it off as being friendship, feel free. This one also isn’t very specific. All you have to do is have the line: Roger looked over at him, his eyebrow raised, “Mark…that’s kinda kinky.” somewhere in the fic. Use it anyway you want, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a smutty way. TRIPLE POINTS to the person who comes up with the best reason on why Roger says it.

CHALLENGE 10: This is another use-this-line challenge. Mark and Roger both have to be in it. Can be friendship or slash. You must use the line, “Uh, Roger…why aren’t you wearing any pants?” somewhere in the fic, use it anyway you want.

CHALLENGE 11: Has to have both Mark and Roger in it. Preferably friendship, but you can slash it up if you wish. Has to be about Roger walking over to the bathroom and hearing Mark vomiting. You can have it be for any reason you’d like. DOUBLE POINTS for creativity.

CHALLENGE 12: Has to be Markcentric. Doesn’t matter who else is in it and what relationships are, you choose. You must use this line Mark grinned. For the first time, in a long time, he felt happy, truly happy. You can use it anyway you wish. All fics can take place at any time, but we especially want to stress that this can be Pre/Post/During RENT, so don’t feel constricted on a timeline. Be creative with it.

CHALLENGE 13: Can be about either Mark and Roger or both if you’d like. Unless you can somehow make slash work in this case, it probably can’t be slash. Basically in this one, one of the boys, (you choose which), is calmly drinking at a bar when he sees her. He stares at her for a while, not really interested, until she spots him and smiles. Its her smile that catches him…. Okay, so you somehow have to incorporate that idea into the fic. Her can be whoever you want, we recommend a canon character but one of your own devising (but not a Mary Sue so be careful with it) will work, and his relationship with her can be as big or as little as you’d like, as platonic or romantic as you see fit. TRIPLE POINTS for the most creative fic.

CHALLENGE 14: has to be Roger/Mark slash. This challenge is extremely vague. Basically, at some point in the fic you have to involve water. You can incorporate it anyway you want, let it be as important or insignificant to the fic as you wish. It has to be water though, no substituting sweat or tears or something like that in. TRIPLE POINTS to the most creative incorporation of water. Points will be deducted if you have them take a shower!

CHALLENGE 15: has to be Roger/Mark slash. Has to be First Time. Has to somehow involve or mention these three things: buttons, film and Kool-Aid. You can use these anyway you want and how much you focus on them is up to you.

CHALLENGE 16: this one doesn't have to be Roger/Mark, although that is our preference. Either Mark Cohen or Roger Davis has to be the central character, though. But pairings are your own choice.Basically, whatever pairing you choose has to have "sex"…without having actual sex. This means, no hand jobs, oral activities, or intercourse of any kind. Basically, they are to have phone sex, eye sex, scarf sex, verbal sex, mental sex, kiss sex, or any kind of sex that isn’t sex that you can think of. It doesn’t even have to be the main part of the fic, we just really want to see what you guys can do with this one. TRIPLE POINTS for creativity!

CHALLENGE 17: has to be Roger and Mark SLASH. Can be Established or First Time. Has to use the prompts: hickey, anger, and facial hair. Has to be longer than 300 words!

CHALLENGE 18: this one has to be about both MarkCohen and Roger Davis, but it can be friendship or slash, whatever you choose. This one has to be a SONGFIC, and has to use one of these songs: Hate Me by "Blue October"orAnimal I have Become by "Three Days Grace". Just write it like any old song fic, we guess. You can be inspired by the song, put the song into the story, have someone in the fic sing the song, etc. Use it however you want. Oh, and if you don’t know these songs, we’ll put the lyrics at the bottom of this page.

CHALLENGE 19: has to be about Mark and Roger. Can be slash or friendship, whichever you prefer. This one gives you pretty free range, just has to have this sentence or theme: "The best things in life are free."

CHALLENGE 20: has to be a Roger and Mark SLASH. Has to beFirst Time. Has to use the prompts: Stoli, suck and peanut butter. Has to be shorter than 150 words! Have fun.

CHALLENGE 21: This is the one fic, (so far?), that does not have to be Roger or Mark centric. Pairings are up to you, characters included are up to you. They do have to be RENT characters though (okay, I know that was common sense but we’re learning not to leave loopholes like that…). Okay, here’s the challenge part: The fic cannot contain any names. None, at all. No nicknames either. Whether you want to carefully put pronouns in everywhere or leave a blank in the text where the name should be, that is up to you. The whole point of this fic is to see if the readers can figure out who the characters are by the end. And whether you want to trick the readers, make it obvious who the characters are, or just write a normal fic that just happens to be excluding all names, that is completely up to you. If you have any questions on this, be sure to e-mail us. And don’t tell us who is actually in the story, we want to guess too. Have fun with this one!

CHALLENGE 22: has to have Mark Cohen and Roger Davis in it. Can be slash or friendship. Has to use the prompts: coffee, shoelaces and hide-and-seek. Has to be more than 287 words!

CHALLENGE 23: has to be Roger Davis or Mark Cohen centric, can have both. It can also include any other characters. Any pairings are allowed. Basic requirement for this fic is: sad, like tearjerker sad. The catch is, cannot be a death fic. No one is allowed to die during the actual story. (you can reference those already dead). DOUBLE POINTS for originality. TRIPLE POINTS if Lillia cries while reading fic. AUTOMATIC WIN if Di cries while reading fic!

CHALLENGE 24: has to have Roger Davis, Mark Cohen and Tom Collins in it. Other characters are allowed. Any pairing allowed. Basically, Collins comes over and he brings his best stash of marijuana with him…while properly toasted, what do the boys talk about? Fic has to be longer than 200 words. Have fun.

CHALLENGE 25: has to be Mark centric, story has to include Roger or at least reference him. Can be slash or friendship preferably slash but that’s up to you. Theme: Mark has a secret, a deep secret, a secret he would do anything to keep from Roger. DOUBLE POINTS for creativity! DOUBLE POINTS if you shock the hell out of us, but remain in character for most part!

CHALLENGE 26: you must write a story involving one or both of Mark and Roger, and a frog must be significantly involved in the plotline.-This Challenge was created by Sargent Snarky.

CHALLENGE 27: has to be Mark-centric (Cohen), and can include any other characters we’d prefer Roger to be heavily involved, but choose what you will. Basically, this is the back story: Mark likes to analyze life and himself. He keeps a notebook, in which he has written a description/analysis of himself as a person. Someone finds it and find that they disagree with it. You decide the rest and everything in between. Feel free to pick at this Challenge, if you want. Oh, and somewhere in the fic has to be Mark’s self analysis or a summary of it. DOUBLE POINTS for creativity!

CHALLENGE 28: has to at least mention both Mark Cohen and Roger Davis in fic. Can be slash or friendship. Any other characters allowed. The Challenge for this is simple: create an AU that has never been done before, or at least you believe that it has never been done before. It can be a very slightly different universe or you can be totally mad or humorous with it. (just remember to keep the quality of writing up). TRIPLE POINTS for creativity! And above all, Have Fun!

CHALLENGE 29: has to have both Roger and Mark in it. Has to have this quote, used anyway you want but taken word for word, "Thats it! You've gone too fucking far this time!" TRIPLE POINTS for most creative use of line.

CHALLENGE 30: has to have both Roger Davis and Mark Cohen in it. Can be slash or friendship. We prefer slash, and it almost HAS to be slash but if you want to find a way to make it friendship, go ahead. This is the Inspiration Challenge. It is a choice. You can either write off the prompt: dance club. Or you can read Lillia's and my summary of a real life event and write your story off it, basically you have to draw your inspiration from the summary, in any way at all. You can take one or two words and write a whole fic off that, or you can take the whole theme and use it. Whatever inspires you. And there is a lot to choose from, as the "summary" is rather long. Fic has to be longer than 300 words OR shorter than 136 words. This was thought up by the fact that after the real life event was over, we were both thirsty for fics involving dance clubs and guy/guy dancing...but choose what you will. Here is our summary:

Di andLillia went to a bar/club called Uptown on Monday night. It was '80s night, so they were all decked out in jean skirts, leggings, lots of jewelry, big hairetc. While they were dancing they noticed that there were a lot of guys there, and most of the guys were rather friendly with each other. Okay, to put it bluntly, by the end of the night there was some rather hot guy/guy dry humping going on. The girls, of course, were loving this. Some guys really knew how to dance, and some guys were doing everything but making out. At one point, two guys pulled one to a wall, pinned him there, and lifted up his shirt. Then one guy got down on his knees and started licking his stomach while the other guy held them there. (Lillia nearly fainted at this point). As he went for his jeans, the guy against the wall got free and they all started laughing and dancing around with each other. There was also some mild stripping, and one drunken guy, to the delight of Di, fell backwards in the middle of his shirtless strip dance and landed right between her feet. Now Di and Lillia were smart, and they realized that most of the guys there were drunk and in college and were therefore probably just messing around with each other or doing it to delight their obvious girlfriends who pulled them from each other long enough to make out with them every so often. There were, however, two guys that were definitely gay and together, and were immedietely dubbed by both girls as "absolutely adorable". Unlike the guys who grinded and hugged and laughed, these two danced less wildly, with just each other for the most part, were not drunk, and during one particular song the girls were delighted to see that one was singing to the other while stroking his face lovingly. It was beyond cute and Di was lucky Lillia didn't melt into a puddle, as she had no bucket. Eventually, the girls went home, to the disapointment of some of the boys who had been just as happy to see two girls dancing together as they had been seeing boys dancing together.But watching the guysfor that longhad made themfeel like stalkers, and they were both sweaty and gross anyways. Oh, but the memories! The End.

Here are the lyrics for CHALLENGE 18:

Hate Me By "Blue October"

I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head
They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed
Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I’m alone
Playing movies n my head that make a porno feel like home
There’s a burning in my pride, a nervous bleeding in my brain
An ounce of peace is all I want for you, will you ever call again?
And will you never say that you love me just to put it in my face?
And will you never try to reach me? It is I that wanted space

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

I’m sober now for three whole months, its one accomplishment that you helped me with
The one thing that always tore us apart is the one thing I won’t touch again
In a sick way I want to thank you for holding my head up late at night
While I was busy waging wars on myself, you were trying to stop the fight
You never doubted my warped opinions on things like suicidal hate
You made me compliment myself when it was way too hard to take
So I’ll drive so fucking far away that I never cross your mind
And do whatever it takes in your heart to leave me behind

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
Hate me in ways,
Yeah ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

And with a sad heart I say bye to you and wave
Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I had made
And like a baby boy I never was a man
Until I saw your blue eyes crying and I held your face in my hand
And then I fell down yelling “make it go away!”
Just make a smile come back and shine just like it used to be
And then (s)he whispered “How can you do this to me?”

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
Hate me in ways
Yeah in ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

Animal I Have Become – "Three Days Grace"

I can’t escape this Hell
So many times I’ve tried
But I’m still caged inside,
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can’t control myself

So what if you can see
The darkest side of me,
No one will ever tame
The animal I have become
Help me believe
Its not the real me
Somebody help tame this animal

I can’t escape myself,
So many times I’ve lied
But there’s still rage inside,
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can’t control myself

So what if you can see
The darkest side of me
No one will ever tame
This animal I have become
Help me believe
It’s not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Help me believe,
Its not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

Somebody help me through this nightmare,
I can’t control myself,
Somebody wake me from this nightmare
I can't escape this hell.

This animal, This animal, This animal, This animal, This animal, This animal, This animal

So what if you can see
The darkest side of me
No one will ever tame
This animal I have become
Help me believe
Its not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become

Help me believe
Its not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

This animal I have become


Okay, that is pretty much everything you guys need to know. Sorry if we seem a little pushy in parts of this, we just want to make sure things are done accordingly, so we can keep track of who is writing for a challenge and such. We really want everyone to have fun with this and we cannot wait to see some of the things that come out of these challenges.

The deadline for fics will be December 25. We should have everything judged and the winners chosen by the end of January, if it takes us that long. More challenges may be issued from now until December 25, if we come up with any. If anyone else has any challenges they’d like to add, feel free to email us.

Although we would love to review the fics for the challenges, for fear of somehow influencing the voting or number of reviews, or for fear of showing favoritism for authors or something, we are going to refrain from reviewing fics, or stating any opinions,until the judging is completed.

Oh, and lastly, we are pretty laid back girls, so we can look the other way if you want to bend the rules a teeny bit and we won’t mark you off much if you bend them a bit more and do it well. We also encourage you to find loopholes in our challenges, if we’re silly enough to leave loopholes, you should by all means take advantage of them.

PS: If you dont understand a part of a challenge, or a part of the rules email us. Or if you have any other questions or concerns. Our E-mail inbox is always open. If you feel that we are being and nobody is going to participate so we're wasting our time, email us. If we get enough of those emails saying we're wasting our time, we will gladly and willingly remove this.

We also appreciate good Challenge ideas, and we'll be sure to credit you as the creator of the Challenge. The one catch is, if you create a Challenge you cannot write for it.

Okay, that’s it. Have fun and be creative, and start writing, stat! We can’t waitto read some of these.

Much love,
Lillia and Di

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