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Hey guys! So, I finally decided that this old bio of mine was due for a little fix, since it's been about a year since I last did so, minus changing projects.

Even though no one reads these anyway...

So, not much changed, except some of my perception. At this moment, I am trying to get as many short stories done as possible, hence the amount of one-shots I've been working on. I've completed two on here, written two other ones, and am in the process of writing two other ones as well. So I've been working pretty hard, and stressing out a lot.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I am writing a legitimate NOVEL. Yes, a NOVEL. It's called... um, Migranes. I'm kidding. I won't reveal its name, but I finally worked it all out and will be starting the actual story soon.

So, other media accounts. I have a devaintART, as PlaguedAnarchy, of course. Basically, it has all of the stuff from here on there, plus some journal entries. -shrug- Why not? I may talk about new stories, so if you want to know what I'm up to, click here for my dA account.. It'll be the first place I go to announce new and upcoming stories, or to explain any absences. So yeah. I don't have any other media things.

Finally, in terms of just news, I will be starting a Death Note RP Forum on here. I have been given the challenge to do this by my close friend, so yeah. She is obsessed with Death Note, but she can't find any recent and running RP forums, so she wanted me to make one. Guess it's just my luck, yeah? Just look for it, okay? And, if enough people join and like it, I may start an actual forum website. I dunno yet, just depends. Click here to visit the said forum.

Okay, so fandoms? (What I may do fictions for):



Mad!Cry or Virus!Cry


Derp Crew Stuff

Markiplier/Yamimash (super depending)

Death Note

Inuyasha (depends a little...)

Ouran High School

Black Butler

The Host (Stephanie Meyer)

Harry Potter

The Last of Us

The Walking Dead


Okay, so moving on to me.

Names: Plague

Gender: Female. I think my fandoms show that much.

Sexuality: Asexual. ...Nah, I kid. I'm pansexual/bisexual, depending on what you believe.

Day/Month of Birth: 18th of May

Glasses - Pro or Con?: My friends constantly ask this, since I wear them. I say that it can definitely be a pro, because, in all honesty, any guy looks twice as hot if they're wearing glasses. But I, having worn the things since I was five years old, wish I didn't need them.

Contacts - Pro or Con?: Yet again, friends of mine ask me this. I say a con, because I would always leave them in. I would forget to take them out, which is why, should I ever be able, I want lasik eye surgery.

Language(s): English is the only language I speak fluently, though I know some German (from a friend), Swedish (from a friend), Japanese (from anime and vocaloid), and Spanish (from sixth grade class).

Hobbies: I love creative writing, and crashing perfect pictures with friends. I like to sing, to read books of high literary standard, to role-play when I'm bored and pretend I'm good at it. I like to ride bikes, to make digital banners, to play video games and screw around with Pokemon/YuGioh cards. I like to critique all of the writing I read and to be a total grammar Nazi, and I love listening to music.

Likes: I like receiving praise for the effort I put in towards things, like my writing. I love to find people unafraid to be themselves, but can easily use logic. I tend to hang around with those who accept and embrace their weird quirks. I like to make up stories and see just how absolutely gullible my friends. And, most of all, I love someone that can understand when I'm being sarcastic and when I'm not.

Dislikes: I dislike... People, really. I won't SAY that, but I really prefer to be alone. Not to see I don't like my friends, but if I never had to meet new people, I'd be perfectly content with that.

Fears: I fear quite a few things, like spiders and wasps and bees and hornets. Namely, things that can and will bite/sting me. And then there is insanity. That scares me. And extreme narcissists. They freak me out sometimes.

Bad Habits: I chew my nails a lot. I have since I was probably four. I lie a lot, though for my own entertainment, not for others to suffer or anything. I also tend to be overly sarcastic, or insensitive. I won't notice when someone likes me, which seems to be considered a bad habit by all of my friends. And I tend to break promises, though seldom on purpose.



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