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So, you have stumbled across my author page? Mae g'ovannen, hello and welcome, enjoy your stay, mellon nin!

I love writing. I have written since I was ten, writing short fics about Percy Jackson, which at he time I loved. This used to be a page for PJO and HP fics, but then I read the LOtR series and promptly fell in love. I write about hobbits, and hobbits only. No elves, no men, no dwarves. The hobbits are just too cute!

You may notice the lack of stories - however, I am very forgetful and am always getting random plot bunnies every now and again. Unfortunately, most of them don't get down on paper quick enough, but, once I get an idea that sticks I'll write. Then, of course, if I lose the will to write that fic, I'll just stop thinking about it and it will die.

I am really into hobbit angst - especially Frodo angst. Oh, how I love torturing our beloved ringbearer! I suppose, Pippin is fun to target too, but Merry and Sam just refuse to let themselves be captured by my keyboard. Oh well. Frodo's always falling over, he can't help but look vulnerable and in need of a good bashing.

I know there is a large community of hobbit angst, and I have recommended my favourites to any one who enjoys the same things as me:

Ring Around the Merry, by aelfgifu. Warning - very AU. Set during the quest. This fic is a great read, and very long too - one of my all time favourites. It introduces the idea of Evil!Merry, a very unlikely antagonist, as our Brandybuck friend is corrupted by the whisperings of the ring and keeps Frodo and Sam captive at Crickhollow. He is aided by a very troubled and torn Pip, who is ensnared by a fight between his twisted adoration for Merry and cousinly love for Frodo. What ensues is a lot of angst for Frodo, a punishment for Pippin and Sam - well, Sam has to sit and watch it all. Watch out for some plot induced slash (MxP), BDSM and beatings.

The Redemption of Meriadoc, by aelfgifu. The sequel to Ring Around the Merry, that is, unfortunately, not complete - still a good fic. After Frodo, who is, let's say, not quite right in the head, and Merry are captured, they are taken to Isengard. Merry goes through some emotional turmoil as the effects of the ring wear off, Frodo begins to remember and Merry realises the full extent of what he has done...

A Little Walk, by Ancalime8301. Postquest. I love this fic, and had a lot of fun reading it. It is set in Minas Tirith, not long after Mordor. Frodo is caught up on some trouble after asking for directions in the wrong place, and ends up with a nasty illness. However, while on the bumpy road to recovery, a plan is made to sabotage his attempts at living on, and, well, I won't say anymore... Full of angst, hobbit h/c and Frodo/Aragorn friendship.

Nasty Hobbitsess, by Iorhael. Set during the quest. A great writer here - check her other stories out as well! Very similar in plot to Ring Around The Merry, with Merry and Pippin as our bad guys. Frodo is captured by the two cousins in Bree and held captive. Meanwhile, the ring goes on a journey between all four hobbits, and I won't tell you where it ends up! Sam and Strider go on a hunt for the Ringbearer, Pippin begins to see sense and Frodo just can't seem to be saved. Warning - cruel hobbit treatment, very AU and some sexual abuse.

Treasures, by BellaMonte. Prequest. Another fantastic writer of hobbit angst, but this one just takes the biscuit for me! After gossip was run all over the Shire about Bilbo's massive wealth, a group of ruffians decide that this treasure is theirs, and in order to get it, they kidnap the old hobbit's nephew and hold him for ransom. In which Bilbo discovers that his greatest treasure does not have a price. A lot of Frodo and Bilbo angst, both emotional and physical, with a lot of hobbit suffering and misery sprinkled over the top. A long and enrapturing read! Warning - cruel hobbit treatment.

The Pine Woods Excursion, By Lily Baggins. Set during the quest, sometime in Rivendell. This fic is very will know, as is the author, but I thought I would mention it. After a seemingly harmless "thorn scratch", Frodo is in grave danger as his life hangs on the edge of a knife. Lots of angst, lots and lots of emotional torture for Merry, Pip and Sam, and lots and lots and lots of suffering for Frodo. Yay!

On The Banks of The Brandywine, by MBradford. Prequest. An unputdownable, fast paced fic with lots of Merry/Frodo friendship, Frodo angst and a great friendship between Frodo and, for once, an OC that isn't even slightly Mary Sue! When some dirty dealings go on between the Brandy Hall bullies and some Big Folk, Frodo finds himself thrust into the unfamiliar world of Bree. After he seemingly escapes and finds refuge with a kind man, he is suddenly recaptured and what ensues is a gritty race against time to reclaim the young hobbit! Lots of suffering, lots of h/c and some nice healing scenes at the end.

Baggins of Hobbiton, by MBradford. The sequel to On The Banks of The Brandywine. In which Bilbo invites Frodo to stay, and they agree if, after six months, Frodo is happy in Hobbiton, his adoption will be made official. Of course, our dear Lotho finds out and is not pleased, and goes put of his way to chase Frodo back to Buckland. After a particularly nasty plan which causes problems - severe ones, I hasten to add - for both Frodo and Lotho, the S-Bs begin to realise that petty hatred will not solve anything.

Brandywine, by Mainframe. Another Prequest. After one of the rainiest seasons in the Shire's history, Frodo, Sam and Merry decide to take an outing on the Brandywine. A tragic accident manages to take place (oh Frodo, what are you like?) and the hobbits find themselves in a very hard place. Lots of hobbit illness and angst, but with some nice recovery scenes to top it all off!

What Could Possibly Happen?, by Tathar. Prequest. One of my absolute favourite writers EVER. Frodo, Sam and Merry take a camping trip that goes horribly wrong, after Frodo suffers a bite from the 'fire-snake'. However, the trouble doesn't stop there, as what follows is a stolen wooden robin, an arrest and a very angry kitten called Goblin! Hobbit illness, suffering, pain and general misery, but with some cute and fluffy scenes involving kittens at the end.

Always A Silver Lining, by Tathar. Somewhat a sequel to What Could Possibly Happen?, or at least, set in the same universe. Set sometime after Frodo's 33rd birthday and Bilbo's disappearance. Involves a bit of Thornapple poisoning, an outbreak of croup and eventually some hobbit on angry-mama-wolf fight scenes. Frodo is savaged by a wolf whilst out with Sam's nephew, and this results in a very painful experience for our dear hobbit. Warning - graphical medical detail, lots of hobbit suffering and general misery (children and adults alike) with some pain for Frodo added in for extra crunch.

September, by ainur. Prequest. This is probably the first hobbit - angst fic I ever read, and it was this that got me introduced to this community. A mysterious illness strikes Frodo in the weeks preceding September 22nd, which, as we all know, is our beloved hobbits' birthday. As Frodo's illness progresses, all hope that the hobbit lad will live is lost, except for the faint glimmer that maybe the Fair Folk could lend a hand. Includes an illness that many of you can sympathise with, me included, and shows what can happen of such a minor ailment is left untreated. Warning - this is a very, very, very rough ride, with a lot - a lot - of suffering for Frodo. Includes very graphical medical detail, general misery and pain all round and a good helping of angst. Not for the faint hearted or weak of stomach.

Seriously, if blood, knives, insides etc makes you uncomfortable, don't read September. It takes a different approach to illness as the other fics mentioned in this list.

And finally, QUARANTINED, by shirebound. This is without doubt my favourite author - please check out her page and all her stories. I am sure you will be amazed! Quarantined is less angsty that all of the other fics I have talked about, but is still full of h/c to make up for it. Gandalf brings a very ill ranger - guess who - to Bag End, knowing that Bilbo is immune to the malady he suffers from. However, he is not aware that a just-turned-twenty two year old hobbit is living with Bilbo - a young hobbit that is completely susceptible to the disease. Angst in the first few chapters, h/c in the next and then some delightful little family scenes with Aragorn, Frodo and Sam in the last chapters. Slightly AU, but not enough to change to actual storyline of the books. Gave way to many, many sequels, in which Frodo, Sam and Aragorn have all known each other for nigh on thirty years. Really fun, but warning for some hobbit illness, misery and fever induced hallucinations.

So yeah! I hope you enjoy my recommendations, and if you have any others, I would be delighted to hear them.


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An Insight Into The Fascinating Study of Hobbits reviews
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