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Hello there! My name is Toxiclove but call me TL for short. For so long I have been wondering in this website. I would read story after story and I would always think that "What if I make a story of my own?" but I never got the courage to do so until now that is. I got my courage because my friends kept teasing me to post one. Although they did not tell me to post it in this website but they told me to post it on Wattpad. So after a while of teasing, I agreed to do so. My first story that I ever posted publicly was posted on our group account. After a while of waiting maybe months, my readers grew. It gave me a sense of excitement seeing my readers grow. Even though my readers aren't that many, I am confident that it will grow.

In this account I posted my first story a Rukato which is a digimon coupling for Ruki and Takato. Although I use the English names since Suzie's Japanese name is very hard to write and is a hassle to do. I am a BIG fan of Rukato. I always thought that they are meant to be together. From the start of when Takato and Ruki interacted with each other I knew that it was my OTP (one true pairing [I didn't knew what it meant back then]).

Now let's go to a subject that is not related to Digimon. I watch a lot of anime but I'm not an addict to it. I just watch it for the sake of watching. But if I had to name favorites other than Digimon, I would say Sword Art Online. I just like it. The action, the romance, the tragedy, the drama of it and other things as well.

I have a lot of things to tell you but I really don't have the mood to tell you. All I could say is that I express myself, my feelings, my mood, my personality and many others through writing. Maybe if you read carefully you may found out something about myself. Please enjoy my stories and thank you for taking the time to read my bio. Ja ne!

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Hello there! I just updated my Twist and turns story. Now I am working on my next Rukato, one-shot, story. Stay tune for that. I am going to give you a hint as to what the story is. It is a song fic which the song and the plot itself, is from\based a/on a movie.


Hello there! No updates yet and I apologize. I am currently contemplating on making a twitter account for all the Digimon/Rukato fans out there, not only about Digimon but also telling you what my plans are or when I would update and other stuff, like ranting about my fandoms. So I will just post a link of the new account if ever I do decide to make one.


Hello there! Umm, if you may have noticed, I recently published a new story. 'Hearts on Fire'. If you haven't read it yet, you can just scroll down and read it. I wasn't really happy with the story. I was tired and I just hastily typed on words. And I'm really sorry for being gone for... months? I don't know. But, still I'm sorry. School, started and this week, we'll be having exams and projects are also due this week as well. I hope you can understand that, I'm really busy and I might update my 'Twist and Turns' longer than anticipated. Recently, I've been really frustrated with writing. It started when we were tasked to write a story in English. But we were being rushed and I was really panicking. Not only were we stressed by the fact we were rushed, but a lot of people came to me and asked if their grammar is correct or if their, story is any good. I'm not bragging or anything but they see me as a good writer, which of course, surprises me every time they say it. I'm not good at writing. I'm horrible at it. English is not my first language.


Hello there! It's been while huh? Hehehehe.. Sorry about that and sorry for the lack of updates. I don't know why but I've been felling out of it lately. Plus, I've been busy with school. Maybe within the week I'll update. It is Christmas break. Hopefully I can update my stories, trust me when I have a free time, I try and write a new chapter or a new one shot. You'll just have to be patient ok? It has been hectic for me. So I will see you when I see you have a great holidays, hope you have good gifts this year. Ja ne!

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