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Name: Mystearica 'Primal' Fende (Previously 'Arina Lakhanda'.)

Aliases: Zenalie/Zenalia, Mystear, Mystearia, Arina Lakhanda, Arina Raichand

Real name: (Private shouldn't indulge in this. Bad, really bad.)

Profile Pic: Female Hunter (Odin's Quest. BTW I don't play this game.)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black (A li'lle brown from below)

Likes: Reading, Maths and Calculations, Latest Technology, Iron Man, Justice and purity, Action and Fight, Japanese, American English (although never learnt it), Aliens, Violence and Blood (in movies and fanfics only), horror, angst, MMORPGs...

Dislikes: Evil, Bad Villains, Sanskrit (subject), Lady’s Finger, eggplant, people who can't who can't tolerate my craziness and behave with me in a way that could put Captain America's behavior towards Iron Man (Both from Avengers) in shame

Movies I like: Marvel's The Avengers, The Matrix, Spiderman, Hulk and The Incredible Hulk, In Time, Inception, Doomsday, Source Code, Chronicle, X-Men:First Class/The Movie/United/The Last Stand, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Rise of the Guardians, etc. (need I go on? 'Cause there are 50 more movies to list.)

Films (Films mean Indian Movies) I like: Ra. One, Get Educated-Patshaala

Animes (What! I have never read mangas!): InuYasha, Nurarihiyon no Mago, Kekkaishi, Letter Bee, Tales of the Abyss, K-On!!, Fairy Tail, Hayate The Combat Butler, Heroman, Kaze no Stigma (Haven't watched much but liked it), Chrome Shelled Regios (Also haven't watched much, Don't even know the name of characters!)

Cartoons (Not seen much): Ben 10 (1,2,3 and 4), Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Transformers Prime, Monsuno, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Tron: Uprising, Phineas and Ferb, Dinofroz, Kong: The Animated Series, ThunderCats, Slugterra and Ultimate Spiderman.

Games I like: Project IGI, Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia, Star defender 2 and 4, Crystal Saga, Dragon Pals, Knight's Fable, League of Angels (don't judge me, please?)

My 2 most Favorite characters: Tony Stark (He's the best!) and Logan (I don't know why I am his fan but I am!)

Favorite stories outside

'Eccedentesiast' by Tokittoki (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

'Blue As True As Blue Can Be' by aaralyn (Marvel's The Avengers/X-Men)

'The Lonely God' by inukagome15 (Marvel's The Avengers)

'And It's a Long Way Up When You Hit The Ground' by whimsicality (Marvel's The Avengers)

'Tony Stark: Appliance Whisperer' by Alex51324 (Marvel's The Avengers)

'The Last Archangel' by inukagome15 (Marvel's The Avengers/Supernatural)

Further stories will be included later on if I find any more good ones.

A word for my fellow readers: I have not yet been able to update my stories because I'm busy (with homeworks and writer's block in tow). I am not dead, and if I ever feel suicidal or I die without me knowing, I will tell my friends to access my account and my computer, post whatever chapters I've prepared, mention that I'm dead in my profile and let my stories up for adoption. So, don't worry, I'm not dead yet, and I am not feeling like that now. I'm just having some problems, and there are many stories I am writing on my computer to post them in the future when I think is the right time. Thank You for the patience.

I want to meet an alien (Zeeban or something) and want to know if they are Good and Help them if they are good!

If you let me chose a power for myself, I would chose Psychic powers and Electrokinesis!

I want to meet the PM of India (presently, Narendra Modi) and ask

  1. Why is CBI a puppet of PM(I have heard that they are)?
  2. Is the rumor of Kongka-La (in the India-China border) true(about the underground alien bases)?

I wanna look like Mio Akiyama in K-ON!!

True Fomicry and the Score

There are four types of Artes. They are...Basic Artes, Arcane Artes, Fonic Artes, and Mystic Artes.

To use these Artes you must learn to use your Fonons. Fonons are basic particles of sound found in every element in Planet Auldrant.

Ever since the beginning of existence, Fonons have existed within everything the eye can see, splitting into six different categories of Fonons, each representing an element.

First: Darkness (Also known as Shadow)

Second: Earth (Also known as Gnome)

Third: Wind (Also known as Sylph)

Fourth: Water (Also known as Undine)

Fifth: Fire (Also known as Efreet)

Sixth: Light (Also known as Rem)

Seventh: Sound (Also known as Lorelei)

At first, only six Fonons existed in the world, but over time, they began to mutate in the Planet Storm which transformed them into Seventh Fonons.

The power that the Seventh Fonon held was the cause for the Fonic Wars back in the Dawn Age.

Some identify the Seventh Fonon as the Fonon of Life, since Healers use the Seventh Fonon for those Artes. But it is also known as the Fonon of Memory, since Scorers who read the Planet's score use it as well.

Fonons are a lot of the time interacted on the Battlefield and bring power to Artes users into FOF's or Field of Fonons.

A Field of Fonons is a circle of the size of the range of the elemental attack used, and represents the element of the Arte as well. As the same element is used over and over, the mass of Fonons increases in the Fields generated, as they adopt the Color of their element when reaching a certain amount of Fonons.

After this is done, the Arte User may stand within the Field of Fonons, or cast a Fonic Arte targeting the Field of Fonons to unleash an FOF-Change, in which the arte absorbs the Fonons in the FOF, and unleashes an upgraded elemental version of the arte.

-Taken from the fanfic 'Falling Jade'

Arina Lakhanda (The Warrior Seven)

Arina Lakhanda is a UAW [Ultimate Alchemist Warrior]. To know more about her, you must first know about UAWs and Busou Renkins. And to know about these two, you must know about the planet Kakugen and the species that covers the most of the population in the planet, Legus.


Kakugen is a planet outside the solar system. It is in the ‘Cluster 7’, a galaxy far away from ‘Milky Way’. The planet Kakugen revolves around the sun named EX-21 or ‘Extremis-21’. It is a star at the very edge of the galaxy. It also means that the planet is also at the edge of ‘Cluster 7’.

EX-21 is a star with great energy and also with the strongest and the most powerful planets in its solar system. It has a total of 10 planets and 1 dwarf planet with two times powerful tech. compared to earth. So that’s how the sun’s (star’s) name became Exrtemis-21 or EX-21. The planet ‘Kakugen’ is one of the 10 planets revolving around EX-21. So the 10 planets in their Solar System are:

  1. Kylmyys (Necrofriggians)
  2. Methanos (Methanosians)
  3. Khoros (Tetramands)
  4. Kakugen (Legus)
  5. Peptos XI (Gourmands)
  6. Encephalonus IV (Cerebrocrustaceans)
  7. Kinet (Kinecelerans)
  8. Nosedeen Quasar (Nosdanians)
  9. Anodyne (Anodites)
  10. Galvan Prime [Mk. II] (Galvans)
  11. Petropia (Petrosapiens and Crystalsapiens) [a Dwarf planet]

In their Solar System, there are no asteroid fields in the middle of the sequence. Instead, an asteroid field named ‘The Shoji Shield’ is located outside the ESS, revolving the sun and protecting the ESS from intruders.

Kakugen is a planet on the fourth no. in the sequence from the sun. EX-21 has a longer range because it has energy equal to two times the normal sun [Milky Way]. Kakugen is like earth. It has land and water. All the creatures are same. Even the humans are the same, except a few differences.


The humans in this planet are not exactly humans. They are called LEGUS. Legus are a species which look like humans. Their DNA is also the same [almost]. They are 2 times, and stronger, with reflexes/senses that are 2 times more powerful and are at level 4 [according to tech]. They also have an ability which humans don’t have; to disable their (only their own) sense or senses at anytime, any place, anywhere.

As obvious in the last Paragraph, LEGUS has a full form. It is based on the elements or Fonons from which the Human/Legus body was rumored to be made. Actually, believing the rumor to be true, people thought that they could also create life, and tried to make replicas of Legus. And the same rumor became the cause of the apocalypse of the planet.

L= Lorelei [It means ‘Sound’. It is the most powerful one of the Seven Fonons. It has an immense power and can do much damage and much good. It is represented as the soul in the Human/Legus body.]

E= Efreet [It means ‘Fire’. It has an unknown function in the creation of the anatomy. Still through, it is a main element in its creation.]

G= Gnome [It means ‘Earth’. Earth or soil, is represented as flesh in Humans/Leguses.]

U= Undine [It means ‘Water’. Water is represented as blood in the Human/Legus body.]

S= Sylph [It means ‘Air’. Air is a main element of survival in the Human/Legus body.]

All Legus are normal and unique in the ways normal humans are. But, a handful of them have special abilities because of genetic mutation/mutations in them, just like humans. These are certain abilities which resemble their personality, for e.g. Pyrokinesis if the person gets irritated easily, Telepathy if the person can understand others problems and their feelings from their expressions and can assure any person by his words…These people are known as ‘Belegs’. ‘Beleg’ is a word used for people who are different from them, it actually means ‘different’ in a language called ‘Legion’ (its g is not the ‘j-like’ g, it’s the g in ‘get’) [the language which is known as ‘Assamese’ in Earth (you can go Google it)].


Well, the rumor of the ‘Philosopher Stone’ started when the Legus believed that the Stone was on Earth. They believed that the rumor of Alchemy and Transmutation of metals was true. But as time passed, they soon realised that it was not on Earth, but on Kakugen, but until they could start searching in Kakugen, some archaeologists found it buried in an abandoned place. The finding of the Stone encouraged the Alchemists on doing further research. Strong and powerful groups encouraged them.

Alchemy is the process in which metals are turned into gold, or was said to. Many attempts were done to transmutate metals but all failed. A person named Hajino aya ki Nanda made an attempt to transmutate Ununpentium [Element 115 on the Periodic Table, it is Radioactive and its Relative Atomic Mass is 288] but failed. However, it gave a different result. The results were a 100 Kakuganes, a hexagonal hand-sized weapon that transforms into 2 or 3 weapons, which mirrors the wielder’s personality. But the process gave off a high amount of Radioactive energy, which killed him. After the experiment, many people tried to transmutate the same metal, But they couldn’t come across the real method, so they again continuously failed. But some even accidently made ‘Homunculus’, another aspect of a failed Alchemical experiment.

The failures continued, until a few scientists tried to get the method of making those. They stumbled across a few notes left untouched by fire, and tried to follow the method. That came to a success, and that’s how they made their first fake Kakugane.

The original Kakuganes were a lot stronger than the fake ones. The fake could transform into only one weapon, but the originals could transform into 2 or 3 weapons. The fakes could heal wounds, but only of their wielder, whereas originals could heal wounds faster, but only of the others whom they wanted to heal.

Hajino aya ki Nanda’s soul was granted a wish, which was given by God, Isinor, the God of Justice. The good hearted soul used it to give the Originals the power to choose their own owner and he also wished that the Originals would choose the only person who were capable enough to be able to control its power and to use it for good. So, since then, the true meant-to-be owner always had a mark on them since they were born, so that the originals could be recognised.

(A/N: I swear that the above information is inspired from different sources and is completely an imagination. Don't take it as a term to study more about extraterrestrials because it will only waste your time. I swear that I am going to update it and use the above information in my future fics. And I also swear that I will kill you in a way that you won't even be worthy of living/surviving...ugh! whatever if you use it without my PERMISSION!)

If you're still reading my long-and-boring profile, feel proud! 'Cause there's more!

Favourite Quotes


"Excuse me, have we ever come to your planet and blow stuff up?" -Nick Fury

"Tony: Hey, I've read everything about your accident. That much of Gamma exposure should've killed you.

Bruce: So you're saying that the 'Other Guy' saved my life? That's a nice sentiment. Saved it for what?" -Conversation in the lab

"I recognise the councilmen has made a decision, But given that its a stupid a* decision, I have elected to ignore it." -Nicky's jab at the unknown voice over the Councilmen

Transformers Prime

"Autobots, Roll out." -Optimus Prime

"Watch it, Ratchet." -Miko (Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Ratchet)

Iron Man (1/2/3)

"Phil: If you try to play any games or leave the permises-

Tony: Right...

Phil: -I will tase you and watch supernanny while you drool into the carpet." -Conversation at the top floor at the Stark Mansion in Malibu

Windmills of the Gods

Mary Ashley: If anyone has an accent, then he or she knows one more language than you do.

Conversations Unlimited

Ratchet: Don't call me doc.

Me: Hey, doc! Need yr help here!

Ratchet: Do I have to repeat what I said?

Me: Okay then...Hey Sunshine, I seriously need your help right now!

(Ratchet is irritated, Arcee is confused, Optimus is still calm, Jack is also confused, Miko is giggling, and so is Raf)

Ratchet: Ugh!...Don't call me that!

Me: But Sunshine, it was you who told me to stop calling you doc...

Ratchet: If you call me Sunshine again, then I will offline you NOW!

Me: But I currently am not online, 'Cause I am not using the Internet...

Ratchet: Damn...

Me: Did you just curse?...

Ratchet: *Sighs*

Me: OMG! Ratchet just cursed! Hey guys! Ratchet cursed! (calls everyone off the class)

Ratchet: Geez...more noise...

(after a while)

Me: Uh...Ratch...

Ratchet: (Growls) Yes?

Me: Uh...(points to the broken screen)

Ratchet: You humans...

(Kids get scared)

Ratchet: ...I NEEDED THAT!

Me: ( Fakes a yawn) Don't bother guys, he needs everything.

Ratchet: I might, but I DON'T NEED HUMANS IN HERE!

Me: I win my bet! Yahoo!

Ratchet: (irritated) What bet?

Me: That who would make you admit first that you need anything.

Ratchet: You humans are really annoying!

Me: No...they are not. I am just being annoying on their behalf.

Ratchet: May I know why?

Me: To try and fry your processor. Oh yeah, I needed your help in 'Newtons Three Laws of Motion'.

Ratchet: Why should I?

Me: Why shouldn't you?

Ratchet: Because you tried to fry my processor and this is not in your syllabus.

Me: But I want to...this continuously comes up in 'Science of Stupid', and I wanna know what it is...I already understood the third one though.

Ratchet: I don't understand the language though.

Me: I do though. You should've called me. I know it just as I know my Pinky fingers.

Ratchet: What's so special about them?

Me: That they bend backwards completely?

Ratchet: And what about the 'Science of Stupid' show?

Me: That it shows us funny videos of stunts going disaster, explains its science and 'How to do it' then cracks jokes.

Ratchet: I will call you when I watch it, I want to know Earth Physics too.

Me: Then welcome to the Nerd Side! But I'm not yet paying for the screens though.

Ratchet: Damn you!

This gives out a warning: Do not try to amuse my Dead-Annoying counterpart, because if you do, your brain will get fried inside your skull (or your processor will be fried).

Hey now! Congragulations! You have read my whole Profile! Now go on! Read my stories!

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Light music club is not only Light music club. It is PEXT (Powerful Evil Xtermination Team). Yui, Mugi. Ritsu and Mio are not only humans, they are something else. They are what said to be always evil, but they are not. Somehow these PEXT members are living a double life... (A/N: Summary is bad, I know! And also very less X-men characters revealed)
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Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 1,980 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 9/28/2013 - Published: 7/28/2013 - Rhodey R., Tony S. - Complete
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