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9/28/08 -

Wow. I knew it had been a while since I'd updated, but I didn't realize it had been THIS long ...

It has been a very, very busy couple years for me, but I am happy to report that it appears as though I am once again in a position to make fanfiction a priority again. To any of my old-time readers still out there, I am sorry that I had to take such a long sabbatical, but as we all know, sometimes real life has to come first. But things have changed again, and updates should become much more regular again for the foreseeable future. I strive to have the long running IION story finished by the end of the year!

Molmol and my joint fic with bluetinkerbell are also set to be revived. It's good to be back!

5/31/07 -

I have been quite pleased with the turnout for the relaunched Molmol, so I hereby restore the story to full active status!

5/25/07 -

It's been a while ...

These have been very busy times! I hope this marks a general return to fanfiction but I've said that more than once before.

Anyway, as promised, a new chapter of Molmol is up after more than a year and a half of inactivity. Time will tell if it is to be the first of many or the last of few!

Next up for revival will hopefully be TMOO. My dear comrade in that endeavor had been every bit as busy as myself but she too would like to get back on track!

11/8/06 -

Wow. The 3 year anniversary for IION has come and gone.

IION is not much of a record-breaker. It's not the best fic in the LH section, and it's not the worst. It isn't the most original or the most cliché, it's not the most or least popular, or even the longest. However, by the time I'm finished with it, I'll feel pretty comfortable entering it into the contest for the title of the longest running fic in the LH section ... if not all of FF.N :)

9/15/06 -

Myself and my good friend & longtime FF.N cohort bluetinkerbell have finally launched a joint fic that we have been toying with writing for about a year or so now. Under the clever new handle bluetinkerMantis, the story is entitled The Mistakes of Others and will follow the now 18 year old Shinobu as she tries to apply the lessons from the events in the canon Love Hina story to her own life ;)

8/17/06 -

Obviously my predictions of having more writing time in the here and now have proven to be false. At this point I don't even want to offer any more predictions about when I'll be able to write more because I seem to have a remarkable ability to attract unexpected drains on my time, and my claims of free time to come seem to be to those drains as blood is to sharks - it draws them in from all directions. So once again I will just leave things at "I'll update as soon and as often as I can."

7/9/06 -

The largest single situation that I had envisioned all but grinding my writing to a halt for many more months has unexpectedly wrapped itself up far earlier than I ever thought it would. While this does mean that I just move down my list of things to do, it will be much easier for me to make FF.N a more active part of my life than it would otherwise have been!

4/23/06 -

Cosmetic upgrades complete!

4/19/06 -

To make my earlier chapters easier to read, I've been going back and putting in the scene break bars in them, as this feature was not available in days past and it seems that all the scene breaks I had put in with characters don't show up. While I'm at it, some larger paragraphs will be broken up, any grammatical errors I find will be corrected, and some things will be reworded. However, no story content will be altered, only rephrased.

Unfortunately this does not mark a change in the situation from my 4/1 note. Fixing up my old chapters like this takes all of 5 minutes per chapter, so that's why I am getting these done faster than new chapters =P

4/1/06 -

More RL complications have come to pass to rob me of time for both the reading and writing of fanfiction. I'm still getting a little of both in between the cracks and I'm expecting my schedule to stabilize within the next few weeks, which should return both to state of expedient normality expressed below.

1/25/06 -

I am moving forward with IION at best possible speed because it is high time that this very long-running story is completed and I've still got some ways to go.

Molmol is officially on hold now until IION is finished. The hit counter has told me that IION has been much more successful than I ever would have guessed prior to the introduction of that feature, but that this story has, at least compared to IION, been a total flop. The issue of whether or not it is worth my time and effort to continue is still under deliberation between myself and a few fellow writers, but it is most definitely not a worthy distraction from getting IION finished.

If you want to talk about mine or any other fics - or anything else for that matter - just Email me or IM me on AIM. SEPECATSukhoi is my AIM SN.

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