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Author has written 9 stories for Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Maze Runner Trilogy.

Personal updates:

3/24/15: I finally resumed writing after taking a really long break. I'm not sure when I'll get back into writing for Code Geass as I've recently fallen in love with the Maze Runner trilogy, but I'll do my best to finish Amnesiacs Anonymous. I know it's gathered a lot of followers and I really do feel bad for leaving things at such a cliffhanger.

4/10/15: Re:Spawn chapter 2 is up!

About me:

First of all, I'm a highschool guy hailing from California. I like to write. When it comes down to English classes at school though, writing is my worst enemy. How I manage to whip up a 6k word chapter in a matter of hours but can't come up with a 5 paragraph essay in a few days is beyond me. I guess I only like to write about stuff I enjoy?What else am I passionate about? Music. I love a wide variety of music, ranging from classical, to rap, to rock. I also play a wide variety of instruments, including piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. I also sing but will never be convinced into doing a cover.

In progress:

Re:Spawn (The Maze Runner) This is a very AU version of the Maze Runner that I actually wrote before reading the books. After reading them however, I decided to go back and rewrite my story because I think the characters fit perfectly.

Amnesiacs Anonymous: The Demon Inside

Not really in progress: (I'm sorry everyone!)

Code Geass: Geass Origins (The backstory of the entire Code Geass universe: how the first Code bearers came to be, how runaway-Geass devastated nations, and the beginning of the Geass Directorate. May also include references to Amnesiacs Anonymous.)

Behind the Scenes of Code Geass (I'll pick this one up whenever I feel like it. It's mainly randomness really.)

Code Geass: The Matrix Rebooted (I know, the last time I updated this story was like in late June, so if you were waiting for an update, I'm sorry! It's hard for me to write and keep switching between all the universes I have created. Not to mention, I have serious writer's block for this one. I'm gonna need a chisel or an ice pick to knock this one out.)

Kill-Switch (I have big plans for this story, just to let you know. My hope is for it to adapt a massive alternate universe feel, while still maintaining focus on the greatest pairing ever, Lelouch and C.C. And for the time being at least, they will be running around as bad-ass assassins.)

Amnesiacs Anonymous 2: Witch Hunt (Yes, I won't be working on this one for some time, until I finish Phoenix Rising. If I add some timeline-changing details into Phoenix Rising, I want to keep the storyline consistent. For that reason, I'll put this release off until I finish Phoenix Rising.)

The Universe of Amnesiacs Anonymous:

This is basically a description of many of the things I have created in the Amnesiacs Anonymous series, consolidated all in one place to make it easier for you guys to understand! Items below are subject to change, and I will add more things as the series moves along. I dunno, I just felt like doing this.


Amnesiacs Anonymous-1: Phoenix Rising (prequel)

Amnesiacs Anonymous 1 (my first and original fix)/ AA: Demon Inside (current WIP, rewrite of AA1)

Amnesiacs Anonymous 2: Witch Hunt (sequel promised in AA1)

The Tech

Phantom-class Knightmare, 10th generation
-Developed by: The Black Knights
-Designed for air-to-air combat
-Special: Fighter jet/KMF hybrid, can transform between the two modes
-Armament: Air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground rocket pods, anti-air rifle
-Flight System: Multiple energy wings on each limb, highly maneuverable

Geass Serum
-Developed by: The Dark Phoenixes, Vanguard, Code-R
-Designed to create a team of Geass super-soldiers
-Advantages: Gives the user a Geass ability without a Code bearer's contract, multiple Geass abilities possible, Geass and Code can coexist in special occasions, blood is more efficient; accelerated healing, better oxygen transport, heightened awareness, etc.
-Drawbacks: Significantly lowers the user's life span, requires periodic doses of blood from a Code bearer to survive, long procedure to obtain serum, not guaranteed to work with every subject

Amnesiac's Curse
-Developed by: The Dark Phoenixes
-Designed as a tool to combat Code bearers since they are immortal
-Advantages: Erases the target's memory, easy to deliver
-Drawbacks: It is possible to partially or fully regain memories depending on the circumstances

Gottwald Device (Geass Canceller)
-Developed by: Vanguard, Code-R
-Designed to cancel out Geass powers, used as a tool against Geass users
-Advantages: Cancels Geass powers within a certain radius, highly effective against Geass users
-Drawbacks: Power consumption is high, so it can only be used in relatively short bursts, handheld devices have a limited range depending on power, currently only highly-refined Sakuradite crystals can power it

Ghost Code
-Developed by: The Dark Phoenixes, Code-R
-Designed as a substitute for having a full Code, used to revive a fallen soldier
-Advantages: Once injected, the Code works rapidly to revive the deceased person's cells, effectively resurrecting them and healing them from any previous injury
-Drawbacks: Extremely costly to manufacture, the precise amount of Ghost Code must be measured in correspondence with the person's weight and vital statistics; a mis-match could result in death, the Code cannot be pre-injected before death, therefore a system must be developed to administer the Code immediately upon death

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Thomas wakes up in a strange place with his memory wiped. Minho tells him that every time someone dies, they return alive a week later without their memories. Except Thomas came back a day early. Will the Gladers survive long enough to break free of the endless cycle of memory wiping? Or will they lose their minds as the last Gladers lose their memories? AU.
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