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About me:

Hi everyone! When I'm not busy playing music, reading, or hanging out with friends, I'm sitting at my desk writing. Or lying on my bed writing. Or kicking back in my car writing. Or lying on the grass writing. Just kidding, I'm allergic to grass. But I love writing.

Random QA: (I realize that I made this list pretty dumb, so if you want to add to this list, just PM me! I promise I'll respond! If I like the question, I'll add it below.)

How old am I? Not old enough to receive senior citizen benefits.

Where do I live? In the Arctic with my army of wolves. Sometimes we run around pretending we're the subject of Robert Frost poems.

What kind of music do I like? I love hearing a single note being played over and over with no foreseeable end. Watching people being driven mad is an added bonus.

Personal Updates


Two months since chapter 9. Super sorry about the delays but chapter 10 is going to be out within the next week. Consider it a Christmas present to all of you! I'm about 70% done with the chapter and it's already clocking in at about 11k words, so it looks like it'll be another big one. Unfortunately the way the story has progressed, this will be the final chapter of Blue Skies. A bittersweet end to my first venture in the LiS fandom. Still considering writing another LiS fic, but first order of business is to finish this story. Thank you everyone who has followed this story thus far, and stay tuned for more!


Well it's been almost a month since I released chapter 9 and I'm not even close to finishing chapter 10. I'm in week 7 of uni right now and work, both school and my job, have really started to pick up with finals week looming on the horizon. I used to write in what little free time I had, but now that I'm constantly writing papers and grant requests and research reports, I come home at the end of the day and I just don't feel like writing, even though it is for fun. I'm not going on hiatus per say, but let's just say that chapter 10 will take a little longer than usual.


HOLY moly I just finished the longest chapter I'll ever write. 15k words is a personal best. Unfortunately it took over a month to come out with. But hey, chapter 9 of Blue Skies is finally here! Hip hip hooray. Time to go back to my real homework.


I'm still not dead, I swear. I got back in school a month ago and it's been busy af for me with all the new upper division classes I'm taking. That leaves little time for me to do much else but work and study. Luckily for you all, I'm about to release chapter 9 of Blue Skies! Yayyy! I know, I'm terrible for only updating like once a month right now, but my schedule just doesn't allow for the amount of writing I'd like to see for myself.


I'm not dead, I swear. Had to deal with some stuff over the past few weeks and that hasn't left much time for writing. I have a solid skeleton of chapter 8 of Blue Skies, but not much flesh to it. But it will happen! I want to publish this next chapter before Before the Storm comes out. In the event that BtS happens to throw in some cannon that isn't already here but changes things for the present, aka those "strange elements" the devs were talking about, I'm going to still stick with what I have planned.

To the fans of Amnesiacs Anonymous:

You guys have really stuck with me for a long time. 3 years ago I fell in love with the Code Geass universe and wanted to write a different ending than the one the writers gave us. So I started to imagine a continued world where things were different, and on one hot summer night I lay on top of my bed sheets and wrote a chapter of my first story on the notes app on my iPod Touch 4, back when that was the newest thing around. That chapter spawned a trilogy that amassed a what some would call a modest following, but to me you guys meant the world. You meant that someone out there in the world liked the story I haphazardly spun together from the threads of my ridiculous imagination. The feedback and the people who followed and favorited my stories made writing fanfiction worthwhile to me.

With much sadness I want to let you all know that I am putting this series on an indefinite hiatus. To those of you who have been following me, you might have noticed that I have already been on a long hiatus, but now I'm making this an official long-term break from the series. I honestly tried so many times to get back into writing for this series but I come up blank every time. I feel it is because it has been so long since I was immersed in the lore and fandom. I have even begun to forget the scenarios I have imagined for future chapters and even the plot I have already written. Sometimes I reread my stories and everything seems brand new to me because that's how long my mind has been out of it. Until I have time to rekindle my passion for the series, please don't expect any updates for a while. Thank you all for reading and reviewing and sticking through with me. I never would have imagined that my nonsense brainchild would have grown into a full blown trilogy with an actual following, and you have made this all possible.



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