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(If you gon' hate go hate on the people who keep on being nosy and questioning why chickens cross roads)


You: Who's there?

Me: Owl.

You: Owl who?

Me: ...I will OWLs love you.

Hello! My name is Aj. Well, Ajla is. It's pronounced EYE-la. Cuz I'm Bosnian. My family were immigrants from Europe and they moved to America six months before I was born. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Aj is an Internet nickname for me when I joined YouTube at the age of nine and people could not pronounce my real name. But yet it has become also a personal one for me in real life, too. :)


  1. I'm thirteen right now, on March 16th, 2014, but will turn fourteen on March 19th.
  2. I have brown eyes and hair even though it is completely irrelevant!
  3. I love to write, make videos, draw, and sing!
  4. My favorite authors include J.K. Rowling, Dennis Lehane, John Green, Jeannete Walls, and more! I have a list of it somewhere in my room but guess what?! I am too lazy to get it!
  5. I love sarcasm.
  6. But then I'll get really hyper so it's a weird balance.
  7. If I sound rude over the Internet and I am using smilies, "haha", or my weird slang, then that's why I sometimes hate talking on the Interwebs because there's no tone you can use and I will say, "Ohhh yeah sure. :P" And people will think I was trying to be offensive instead of gently bullying/teasing people which is a sign of affection. (for me) I find it pointless to hate on people on the Internet unless I am getting a point across, and when I do it's about celebrities or such and I DO NOT USE SMILIES. Okay got that out of the way heh.
  8. I do not cuss (unless the word is "hella")...I went through a weird seventh grade phase for which I want to go back in time and kick myself down the stairs aight? I never swore before that or after. If you take a look at my earlier chapters you shall see me yapping off like a sailor. *Makes Spongebob dolphin noise*
  9. I have written a book! In April of 2013! It was to see how to publish it, so it's...it's not good but at least when my kids in the future are acting up I'll take out my badly written book and go, "LOOK CHILDREN. WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN, I WROTE A BOOK. AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NOT EVEN WASHING THE DISHES LIKE HOW CAN YOU EVEN LOOK ME IN THE EYES RIGHT NOW?" My kid: But, Mom, you never even let us read your book- "*nervous sweating* DO NOT BACKSASS ME."
  10. RoBbIe KaY.
  11. I love Frozen. Ever since I was little I loved beautiful winter settings and was obsessed with that and early spring setting. So last year when word came out Disney was making a wintry setting Disney movie I got so freaking happy and begged my sisters for three weeks to take me to see it. Heh.
  12. Full on BBRae shipper!
  13. I love puns. Like a lot. Hey, my Robbie Kay fans...wanna PANgirl with me? HA...HAHAH...ha...hah...ahem. (Only Oncers will get that heh)
  16. I love love love love horror movies.
  17. Even though I love fantasy and realistic fiction, I love autobiographies and memoirs just the same. When I read The Glass Castle I cried so hard because it felt so real and I could relate to some of the family situations. I JUST WANNA HUG JEANNETTE WALLS, MAN!
  18. When I was nine through eleven years old, I was obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks. Like not even just the CGI movies. The 60's series. The 80's series. The Wolfman and Frankenstein one. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. I think it was because I shipped AlvinxBrittany hardcore, man. And when I found one of the lost episodes where Brittany was Sleeping Beauty and she and Alvin kissed, I started squealing and then saw it was in German BUT DID I CARE? Hella no. So if I suddenly bring up a Chipmunk fact...it's embedded into my brain I am so sorry.
  21. I love to travel! I've gone to; Toronto, NYC, Florida, Chicago, Holland, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and France!
  22. I want to go to New Zealand. I wanna freaking go ziplining through the Glowworm caves.
  23. I cannot do a push-up for my life though.
  24. But I can hike for 18 hours straight up a giant hill onto a cliff without any breaks. HUH TAKE THAT FREAKING PULL AND PUSH UP TEST. I'm pretty sure I'm fine FREAKING GYM CLASS I AM SORRY I HAVE NO UPPERBODY STRENGTH.
  25. The most nerdiest thing I have ever blurted out is, "I'm a book hipster." (sits in the corner of awkwardness)
  26. If you're awkward and you know it clap your hands. *claps hands but falls down stairs, gets up and stumbles over words, trips over nothing, and makes a fugly weird expression*
  27. I love pistachios.
  28. And Sherlock.




Well, as you can see if you read my chapters from earlier on, you'll see it's a bunch of undetailed weirdness that surprisingly brought quite a bit of attention from people saying that it was funny. So I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I'll write humor.

Humor comes easily to me, I guess. I used to be the class clown in only a few of my classes, but then I just kind of detached myself from trying to be a bright person in sixth grade. It's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story and I still haven't told anyone. I didn't do drugs or anything like that. No. I am a prude and I can't even look at a beer bottle or anything like that without wanting to throw it away or throw up. But anywhosers, basically I just became a super quiet, depressed person and I didn't even care about being popular at all which contrasted greatly to others around me. But later on I realized after my problems finally had been resolved that I at all realized, "You know what? From what I've just been through I've seen that anything could crash down or disappear so SCREW THIS I'MMA BE A GOOD FRIEND AND IGNORE ALL OF THESE IDIOTS AND FOCUS ON MY TALENTS!" So that's what I did and my humor came back. I realized how much I missed making people laugh, especially ones I care about like my friends, whom I hadn't been very enthusiastic with. So yeppers.

Idk apparently I'm even more funnier to you people but that's because when I write it's gender-neutral and third person, and dudes just seem naturally funnier. I feel like what a girl has to do today to be funny is to either say fake things they don't mean or do those stand-up comedy things where they just talk about inappropriate stuff. So it's a blessing about what writing can do. I don't have to do those things. I can just use what I think is funny in situations and hope that others see it too.

But I also love realistic and dramatic stuff...heh. Not like those soap operas. (I like Devious Maids tho) So yeah. :D


I can say my writing has improved a lot from before. Everyday I learn new words and twist them and mold them into imagery and scenes that just burst. Trust me, if you love to write, AND NOT FOR THE WRONG REASONS (to impress someone, to gain attention, etc) you will get there. This website helped a lot! Just pointlessly writing crap down at first to putting effort into more heartfelt things helps a ton.(:


...That I cannot answer.


If you have read my Author's Notes from before, you'll see that I went on to write a book and take a break. I'm still doing it...There are so many phases as growing up as a writer and I'm pretty darn sure that I'm not at all done yet or mature enough at all. Being on this website was one of the biggest and important phases of it. Then seeing how much more work and experience I had to go through for the book...like dayum. To imagine your own world is one thing. To build it is another. Hella yes, I am writing it. I'll probably even put it for free for eBook, if anyone is interested. It's a fantasy comedy.

So to answer why I don't update as much as before: Fanfiction was a phase. I'll always keep on updating. But I can't do it all of the time if I want to keep pushing forward.




I only whimpered because it was around one A.M. when I got to watch it and then I ranted about it the next day for three hours to my friend. So in a way yes.


In the old show, CySarah. I just "shipped" him with Bee cuz everyone else did I didn't want him to be lonely. But I think we all know why people actually shipped them... (O_O) So after two months of writing little snippets of CyBee, I stopped and began to fall in love with CySarah instead. (Or CySim) For TTG!...definitely ship CyJinx. I cannot ship Jinx with anyone but Kid Flash in the old series. xD HOWEVER FOR TTG! I HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONS!


Yeah! I don't know why whenever I reply back people say, "OMG YOU REPLIED!!!". I seriously don't get that many messages. I just might not reply soon, but I will! I love messaging, I do! Talk to me whenever(:


Everything was going swell and such, I was getting lots of followers but it just got...not right. I felt weird just sitting there, for an hour, scrolling down and reblogging. I began to get anon hate for not posting only BBRae anymore. I ignored those stupid messages. But I didn't know what I wanted to post about yet, since I needed a main thang. I just can't NOT have a main thang. (Dunno why I NEED A THEME FOR THOSE THINGS) So I just put it off and eventually when I knew I wasn't getting anywhere, I deleted it. I'll probably come back one day when I have something I wanna post about.


Yeaaaahhh uuuuuhhhh nope not really.


It's a tie between the Harry Potter series (to me because I read all of the books in a month, it felt like a huge novel) and The Glass Castle. Harry Potter was amazing and help spark up another step into writing and reading for me, and The Glass Castle was so eccentric but it was real! I can't wait for the movie.


I love Slumdog Millionaire, Warm Bodies, Frozen, and Catching Fire. :)


I read about three a week. Ones I've read in the past two are; The Glass Castle; Shutter Island; Me, Earl and the Dying Girl; A Study in Scarlet; Ways to Live Forever; Legend; And We Stay.

(I read a lot.) (It doesn't take long for me to read a book. Four hours tops.) (So I don't like shut myself in my room) (I ACTUALLY have a life...) (sometimes)


Really stupid ones mostly. But I saw The Blair Witch Project which you should never watch this generation because it's not scary due to that documentary thing being exposed to viewers so much. Darn so many popular genres which used to work back then. I also saw Sydney White which is actually really funny. xD


YEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeEEs please! :) I'm awesome at giving suggestions!


Well, you only know my interests...this is the Internet I can be a seventy year old man or even a cat. But you'd probably be crept out by me either way so.



YAY! I LOVE YOU, TOO...IF YOU ARE THINKING THAT. Probably not, but why NOT have a choice for this?

Where is the looooooove?

Well, thank you for reading my profile...xD I hope you enjoyed (though you probably didn't. I am so sorry)

Message me for any questions or just to talk! Thank you!


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