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Alright, everyone. There’s huge news I have for all of you fans, followers, casual readers, and so on and so forth! My friend Mutantlover and I are very, very proud to announce that after months of hard work we have finally self published our very own book! We did it all ourselves. We both wrote it, hired an amazing illustrator, and even got an editor to make sure it flows smoothly and looks pretty.

It’s been an amazing journey for the both of us these past few years of working on this series. Yes, this first book is going to be part of a much bigger story! And it has a lot of familiar subjects that you Danny Phantom fans might enjoy. And to all of you who read our The Collector fic and enjoyed the character Ryder Walker, we are both excited to say that Ryder is one of our main protagonists of the series. We knew right away that his character was so much fun that he really needed his own spin off tale where readers got to know him and his goofy character more.

Right now the book is only in ebook format. We have it available on the Barnes and Nobles Nook Book site and also on Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. But don’t worry if you don’t have those kinds of ereaders! Amazon Kindle has an app for all PC, Mac, and smart phone devices that allow you to read the book there. So if you have a computer or phone, you’ll be able to read it! I even downloaded the app on my Mac to see how it works, and I have to say that it’s amazing and so easy. And it’s free!

You fan fiction readers are just the best. You guys have supported me since the very beginning. I wouldn’t be where I am now without your comments and criticism shaping me one chapter at a time for all these years. I know I haven’t updated anything on the site in a long time, but I still remember all my reviews and all the love you people gave me during my prime here.

Now, if you want to read our new book or just simply want to support us, here’s what you can do:

Buy it at B&N: http:///w/the-rift-ks-young/1117917692?ean=2940148941583

Buy it at Amazon: http:///Rift-K-S-Young-ebook/dp/B00HMUHYZ0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1388690717&sr=1-1&keywords=k.s.young

The series is called The Rift Series, and it’s under our penname K.S. Young. It’s only $6.99 and available in English to any country. So that means you readers from all over the world can buy it and read it! The book has 15 chapters to it and has 8 awesome illustrations of our main characters done by Anna Jones. She also did the cover art of Ryder. She’s amazing, sweet, and a joy to work with. She’ll be doing more cover art as the series goes by.

To learn more about the series and/or if you have any questions or comments, you can contact us through Facebook, tumblr, and email.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theriftseries

Tumblr: http://

Email: ks.young.therift@

Mutantlover and I are excited to see where this series takes us. We can’t wait to hear what you readers think of it. We really hope that you enjoy it! If you do like it, please tell others about it and/or review it on Amazon or B&N. You can even like the book on Facebook. Spread the word! Support us any way you can. We’re going to try to get the word of it out to others, but we’re hoping you amazing readers can help us with this job. Even just something small helps in a big way.

I hope to hear from you guys soon! I love you guys so much! Thank you for your support and love and just everything! Let’s make this New Year awesome!

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Random Quote: "I lied about the persimmon" Phineas and Ferb

Well you found Pixiegirl13. Um ... I guess you want to know something about me. But just call me Pix! And here is my wonderful bio!

Name: Lydia

Gender: Female (just incase the girl in my penname didn't give it away)

Age: 23

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Black/Brown

Height: Short for my age. 5 foot 2 inches.

Location: GA

Family: Second born of four girls. Two parents who are still together and love each other

Fav. Color: Red. But not because it is the color of blood like some people think. I'm not that morbid! I like it because it shows confidence and its bold!

Fav. Sport: RUGBY! Best sport in the world! And don't forget motorcross and dirt biking! Those are fun too!

Fav. Quote: "It's not what comes your way. It's how you HANDLE what comes your way." My daddy!

Likes: animals, movies, DreamKeepers, drawing, writing, rugby, classical and alternative music, dreams, cartoons, lava lamps, my Mac, scuba diving, the old Marvel and DC comics, soda, pirates, elves, PS2, masks, snow globes, ghosts, humming, books, and playing tag in the dark.

Dislikes: rap music, watching myself on tape for Speech Class, constant swearing, people needers, being freezing cold, traitors, mirrors, writer's block, repeating myself, homework, hotdogs, icecream, ball hogs, the dark, and swimming.

Fav. TV shows: Danny Phantom, Avatar, Teen Titans, Pushing Daisies, Dollhouse, Lost, So You Think You Can Dance?, Fairly Odd Parents, Total Drama Island, Foster Home For Imaginary Friends, Hey Arnold, Invader Zim, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Baccano!, Malcolm In the Middle.

Fav. Movies: Eagle Eye, Snatch, Fight Club, Push, Cellular, Transformers, Treasure Planet, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy movies, Batman movies, X-men movies, Spiderman 1&2 NOT 3, Iron Man, all Disney and Pixar movies except Cars, the classic Disney movies, all 3 Pirates movies, The Island, and a lot more.

Fav. Books: Bartimaeus Trilogy, Divergent series, Sirantha Jax series, Evil Genius series, Odd Thomas series, Pendragon series, Percy Jackson series, CHERUB series, Captain Hook, Cell, Treasure Island, So Yesterday, Its Kind of a Funny Story, You Don't Know Me, Peeps, Son of the Mob, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter series, and much, much more.

Fav Music: Mumford and Sons, Michael Buble, Charlotte Sometimes, Aly & AJ, Coldplay, The Fray, Keane, KT Tunstall, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, Mika, MCR, Pink, Smash Mouth, Taking Back Sunday, U2, Sum 41, Yellow Card, and pretty much a mix of anything that isn't hard core rap or country.

Finished Fics

Project: Mockingbird: It started out as a very simple idea but then grew into something huge. Some stuff is a bit confusing and stupid, but I still had fun writing this one. It really challenged me in my writing 1st POV. I tried my hand with portraying Slade at somewhat ethical, and probably failed miserably. Still, it was good practice. I just enjoyed creating new characters and working heavily with old ones from the show. If you like action with some sarcasm and OCs, I'm sure readers will like this one.

Switched Lives: This fic did exactly what I wanted it to do. My goal had been for my readers to get attatched to my version of the person behind the mask of Red X, and I completed it! It has an engaging plot with some of my best action scenes and a romance that even I loved! (I'm usually not a fan for romance) It was a blast of fun to write it and it will always be in my favs.

Working For Sleep: I love that fic. It was my first big hit on the site and I often think back to it. If you want a good action fic, then please read it. It was one of my first, so there is a lot of spelling mistakes and not a whole lot of depth sometimes. But the characters are likable and the action is great.

Island Hunting: Ever read The Most Dangerous Game? Well, this fic was a spin off of that short story. So far it is my favorite fic that I've created. The plot is very interesting and the action is at its greatest. If you like twisted plots then this fic is a great one to read.

Love/Hate Holiday: It was a challenge for Valentine's Day. It is the only romance fic I've ever done. Its short and sweet.

A Bit of Hope: This fic took me a full year to finish and was the most challenging yet one of the most entertaining things I've written. The whole thing consists of OCs. The plot doesn't even kick in till forever, but the tale is addictive. There is action, romance, and comedy mixed into one. It's a bunch of ramblings mostly, but it was helpful for me to keep writing and learn to write for character depth. It's pretty entertaining, and I recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the games.

Leader In Training: This fic was a wild card. I created it with the help from my two little sisters. I told them to create their own characters and I would do a fic with them in it, so that is how this fic was created. It was a silly idea that came to me in school one day. If you like comedy and some action rolled into one, this is the fic for you to read.

Showing Friendship: I wrote this whole fic the last day in school. Its more deep and kind of funny. I just thought it was a cute idea. So if you want a short and deep fic that will just make you smile, then read this one.

Beautiful Secret: I wrote this fic as my last project for my Creative Writing class. I wanted to go out with a bang and only had two weeks to write something. It is only around six chapters, but I wrote all that in less than two weeks. It was hard work, but a lot of fun to write. Getting into Percy's character was hard but enjoyable. I liked the idea of the fic, but I'm not entirely happy with my sporadic plot line. If you like the book series, though, I'm sure you'll like the fic.

Phantom Mythology: Started out as something I wrote when bored, but progressed into one of my favorite fics I've ever written. It let me go into a place in my head that really loves fantasy and Greek Mythology and pour it all out. Also, I created Theo from this one, which is a character I thoroughly enjoy. If you're a Greek Mythology freak like me, you'll love this fic.

Soul Searching: I had no clue that my head could be filled with such creepy and dark thoughts. This fic is where I tested my horror writing skills and found out that my head is more messed up than I thought it was. Its a nice, creepy little tale. And I found my love for writing a very evil, sinister Vlad Masters in this fic. His character interaction with Danny in this fic is some of my greatest writing. With a first person Danny telling his horrible and scary story of his summer camp gone wrong, I enjoyed every last bit of writing it.

Future Mythology: It was the first sequel I've ever written that was completed. Finishing it was a pain at times, but I had fun, especially with some of my OC's. With this fic, I really got to explore the creative and inventive side of my imagination. I set no limit to my chapters and characters. I also got to practice pacing and how to plan out an ending that ties everything together. I also got to flesh out Danny's character, slowly changing him into a great hero with time and effort. While it kicked my butt many times, I think I managed to pull everything off. I'm very proud of the thing.

Powerless: By far the most popular of all my fan fics. It spawned from an ancient golem myth, my love for Japan and it's culture, and a desire to write more in Danny's POV. I really got into the groove that which is Danny. I got inside his head to the point that his character is a part of me now. This fic also has some of my best Danny and Vlad interaction. Their relationship is very entertaining to write. While sporting some awesome OC's in this one, it's really Vlad who steals the show in this fic. He's the creepy villain master mind I've always loved. If you enjoy reading a tale about a manipulating Vlad and a struggling Danny, you'll enjoy this fic. I'm writing its sequel at the moment.

In Progress Fics

The Collector: epilogue will come soon as well as a special update from the writers!

On Hold Fics

Mission Mockingbird

The Timekeeper

Gateway to Peace

Moving On

From Jump to Haven

Robin's Birthday

Fan Art

Here is one for Powerless Chapter 16. Little bit of a spoiler if you haven't read that far yet. The artist is a good friend, Zalein


Here is another one for Powerless. It's her rendition of Ran. It came pretty close to how I've viewed her in my head.


My Fan Fiction Art

All my art is on my DeviantART account. The link is here... http//

Phamton Mythology: This one is of Theo. Enjoy! http//deviation/57907351/

Here is one of Danny in his pirate state of mind. http//deviation/59004781/

Future Mythology: First is a group shot. http:///art/Future-Mythology-Group-Shot-87861228

Second is kind of a spoiler, but still from the fic http:///art/Future-Mythology-Sword-87861742

Future Fics

Danny Phantom: a one-shot with Vlad threatening Danny. Just some fun torture stuff and Vlad being his average evil self.

Full Metal Alchemist: a short fan fic about the Elric brothers who are mistaken for detectives. Desperate for money, they pretend to be detectives and find themselves in a whole lot of trouble as they face a supernatural monster and Nazis. Really it's just me practicing third person POV and enjoying the comedic, brotherly relationship between Alphonse and Edward.

Danny Phantom: DP and Hellboy crossover. It's in the works. I just wish I had time.

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