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So, you've clicked on my page! Haha, anyway, I just want to say that I'm truly sorry for not updating or adding on to my fanfics in a LONG while. There are many reasons why though:

1. I've tried many times to get back to them, but just can't. I'm talking: I've been having Writer's Block on my fanfics since August of last year...

2. Since I've been working on my personal stories, I'm not used to fanfics.

3. I've lost my ability to write fanfics, meaning that I can't write stories about characters that aren't mine. I'm used to my own characters:)

4. I don't get on FanFicion anymore. I'm quite surprised I'm on it right now and took my time to write this.

5. I've already deleted my FanFiction story documents in my computer.

6. Finally, honestly, I just plain up don't like writing fanfics anymore.

So yeah... Those are the main reasons why I've given up on FanFiction. Also, I don't have time to get add on or get on FanFiction. However, I do appreciate everyone who took the time to actually read my stories. It means A LOT. I'm very sorry for doing this but it's better to tell you guys than just abandon without saying a word at all...

So thank you guys, for those who enjoyed my stories and read them. I'm sorry and thank you.

Oh! P.S. Since I didn't finish Uncovering Love and Emergent, I will just let you guys know what happens. (Obviously, SPOILERS BELOW!)

In Uncovering Love, Gloss finds out where Annie and Creek are. However, Annie doesn't know and spends the night at Finnick's house, only to find Creek gone the next day. They search for him everywhere, deciding to split up. Annie is the one who finds him but sees that Gloss is the one who took him. Gloss starts attacking her right before Finnick comes to the rescue. They fight but that's when Gloss points a gun at Finnick. Annie, slightly injured, finds a knife and stabs Gloss's shoulder from the back, making Gloss accidentally fire and shoot Creek in the leg. Finnick grabs a hold of the gun and then shoots Gloss. Soon, the cops and ambulance show up, taking the three of them and while a policeman is asking Annie and Finnick questions, the policeman recognizes Finnick. Annie asks how Finnick knows the police officer and is shocked when Finnick tells her that he has been an undercover police officer all along. Annie is furious and goes to check on Creek, telling him that everything will be okay.

Two months later, Finnick visits Annie and Creek in their new home. At first, Annie hesitates but lets Finnick inside. Creek goes to his room to leave Finnick and Annie alone. They talk for a while and soon share a kiss before Finnick pulls out a large notebook that says Uncovering Love. Finnick wrote Annie a story about their experience together. He says that throughout the whole journey, he wasn't just uncovering a case, but he was also uncovering his love for Annie.

Yeah... pretty cheesy but that's how it ends. It would've been better written but I can't anymore. So, I hope you liked the ending! Emergent... well, that one I had barely began before I stopped updating. So I can't really tell you guys what happens because so many things were supposed to happen in that crazy story. So thank you guys so much! I am officially departing FanFaction.

Haha, I'm making this way too dramatic, so... Peace!;)

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