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Fandoms; Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Percy Jackson and The Fault in our Stars

So with that information about my fandoms, it's pretty obvious I am ecstatic for November 2013! Okay, so let's see;

  • Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary Special (David Tennant coming back who I adore)
  • Season 3 of Sherlock (Finally see John and Sherlock reunite and find out how he faked his death)
  • Catching Fire coming into the cinema (Which just happens to be my favourite Hunger Games book)
  • So yes, November will be just amazing, the only way I can express my excitement enough is this; githuiogvk nvhuifkenchfvjigktr5m4bt5fgjivgl kmgbth5j4i:D

    My Ships; (In order of how much I ship them)

  • Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)
  • Clary/Jace (The Mortal Instruments)
  • Cato/Clove (The Hunger Games)
  • John/Sherlock (Sherlock)
  • Mycroft/Lestrade (Sherlock)
  • Leon/Mithian (Merlin)
  • Tobias/Tris (Divergent)
  • Gwaine/Percival (Merlin)
  • Amy/Rory (Doctor Who)
  • The Doctor/River (Doctor Who)
  • Eugene/Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Kevin/Dynasty (Waterloo Road)
  • Freddie/Poppy (Wild Child)

  • Favourite TV Shows; Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Waterloo Road

    Favourite Movies; The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones, The Hunger Games, Tangled, Up, Wild Child

    Favourite Books; The Hunger Games trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series, Divergent series, The Fault in Our Stars, Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter series

    Favourite Fictional Characters; Arthur Pendragon, Jace Wayland, Gwaine, Flynn Rider and River Song.

    Favourite Authors; Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare, Veronica Roth, John Green and Rick Riordan.

    So as some of my fandoms are Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Hunger Games, I was so happy when I found a youtube video called "The Fandom Games", with those three fandoms being a district each with two characters from the show and having to fight each other to the death in Hunger Games style. So I thought about who would win and disagreed a lot with some of the comments on the video, here is just a few things that I think would end up happening.

    First of all, the tributes are;

    From Merlin; Merlin and Arthur.
    From Doctor Who; Eleventh Doctor and Amy.
    From Sherlock; Sherlock and John.

    So I'll start this straight away with saying I think Arthur would win.
    Not just because he's my favourite fictional character ever, but because it goes without saying, Merlin is the most powerful one there considering his magic and could kill them by just putting his hand up!
    Merlin would try as hard as possible to not kill anyone but at the end of the day, Arthur is his world and he would do anything to protect him, and Arthur will die if they don't.
    So when anyone tried to harm Arthur, Merlin would protect/heal him with his magic, and also kill the other tributes to ensure Arthur would win and therefore survive.
    Merlin would then kill himself so Arthur was the Victor, however I do like to think they would do the same thing Katniss and Peeta did with the berries, but I'm pretty sure after that, the Gamemakers would take out all the poisonous berries:P
    So there, Arthur is the Victor, he wouldn't "die in the first 10 minutes", as someone commented.
    But Arthur would also be a Career, as he says in the first ever episode of Merlin he has been trained to kill since birth, he is also the best swordsman in Camelot, so he would be a Career, not by personality, but by skill, but he would kill to protect Merlin.
    Someone also said John would die within the first 10 minutes, but he was in the Army, and is adapted to survive in different enviroments, and also fight, as proven by when he shooted the taxi driver in "A Study in Pink". (Worth noting, that was to protect Sherlock, John is very highly skilled with a gun and would kill to protect Sherlock. He's also a Doctor so that would come in handy for Sherlock and himself.)
    Sherlock would get far in the games, not by killing, but by outlasting the other tributes as he is so intelligent, but I feel he might do something to anger the Capitol because he would figure something out he shouldn't, but Merlin would probably kill him in order to make sure Arthur survived before the Capitol could punish him.
    Amy would kill to save the Doctor (The Impossible Astronaut), but like in that episode, she would miss. However, in The Wedding of River Song, she killed Kovarian for revenge for Melody, so if someone killed the Doctor, it's possible she would kill them too for revenge.
    The Doctor would never kill anyone innocent, perhaps it would be different if someone killed Amy, but I feel overall he would die first, though probably he'd wisk everyone away in the TARDIS and there would be a happy ever after, well apart from Arthur suspecting it to be sorcery, but he would see the Doctor saved them all, especially Merlin, and wouldn't kill him, if he even thought about it, Merlin would talk him round.
    So basically, I think it would go like this;

    Victor; Arthur Pendragon
    2nd Place; Merlin
    3rd Place; Sherlock Holmes
    4th Place; John Watson
    5th Place; Amy Pond
    6th Place; The Doctor

    Even though that was fun thinking of, that better never happen or my heart would break into another million pieces, more than it has already.


    Favourite Character; Arthur Pendragon

    Favourite Pairing; Merlin/Arthur

    Favourite Series; I really can't pick, so I will go for favourite episode; The Coming of Arthur, Part Two.

    My stories; Dissolve, The King, the Knight & the Servant, My Main Priority, Vengeance

    Because Merlin is my favourite show in the world, I will say why I love it so much; Because it's about love, friendship, loyalty, and doing everything you can to protect the people you care about. It's about characters we watch grow up and learn from mistakes, we see friendships and relationships grow, because it's hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, because you get to know the characters and care about them, because it teaches you to always do what you believe is right. Because the acting and chemistry between the characters is amazing. Because it teaches us to believe in magic and be true to who we are. Because it's just an amazing show full stop and if you don't watch it already, I can't express how much I would recommend you to.

    Doctor Who;

    Favourite Character; River Song

    Favourite Paring; Doctor/River

    Favourite Series; 5

    Favourite Companion; Amy Pond


    Favourite Character; Sherlock Holmes

    Favourite Pairing; John/Sherlock

    Favourite Series; 2

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    Enjoy my stories:)

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