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Hi everybody! I'm Hannah!

Nice to meet you :)

So I'm young, I'm pretty stressed about my future (which I had been furiously planning for years), and all that I care about are the 5 F's of Fangirls (Fandoms, Food, Friends, Funds, and F*ck) XD True story! Okay, so I love art, which means I love to write, draw, and perform music, and when I'm not doing that, I'm most likely reading, interneting, swimming, Netflixing, or fangirling over something that isn't important (and also school stuff but whatever that's not important).

Also, I'm a very shy person (I'm actually very anti-social unless I know you) so it took a lot of courage to post my work on here and I hope that's okay :) Right now, I'm going through this awkward phase in my life where everything is weird, you know?

I'm very paranoid about a lot of things and I worry over the tiniest problems. I basically fear judgement and humiliating situations, and handling stress can be a challenge for me.

And I freak out.

Like, A LOT.

Not joking at all.

The Other (Weird) Things That Are Wrong With Me:

  1. I have anosmia: a rare disorder in which the sense of smell is partially or entirely impaired. In my case, I was actually born with this condition so I have never been able to smell at all. This also affects my taste too so I'm very sensitive to spicy foods like salsa and minty things like toothpaste (it's sad...and strange...I know it is, but it's the cold truth: I've never been able to smell and I'm going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life). Another thing: I snore -_-
  2. Not only am I missing an adult tooth (so I'll always have a baby tooth in its place), but I was also born without Wisdom teeth.
  3. I have a poor eyesight. It's not too bad, but it gets worse every year, which kinda sucks.
  4. I have allergies to food, medicine, and pollen. These often lead to chronic sinus infections (and these are pretty common for me).
  5. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and these two things have impacted me the most. They have made me feel weak, lonely, and hopeless during stressful situations that could have been easily resolved, although I have a tendency to be "melodramatic" and make them seem worse than they actually are. These are also the cause for my frequent nightmares and restless nights.
  6. I don't have many blood-related relatives outside my family that I often see anymore. The rest of my family is either dead or disowned from us (I don't want to talk about it too much).
  7. I'm kinda fat. I wouldn't say I'm obese, but I'm definitely not skinny either. I'm a very emotional eater, so whether I'm happy, sad, stressed, anxious, you-name-it, I'll be hungry for it (it's funny too since my taste is impaired and yet I still love food and I find comfort in eating). I eat like a dog too because it's hard to know my limits: I don't know when I'm full until I'm literally ready to puke. Also, it's never the quality of what I'm eating; it's the quantity that gives me problems.

But you know what? I have all these horrible flaws (I'm super self-conscious and depressed about them) and I'm still kicking. I can feel so bad for myself sometimes and even embarrassed about the parts of me I can't control (like my anosmia or my disconnected family), but I'm still alive. I'm still trying to survive while these things are negatively impacting me.

Wanna know why?

Because there's ways to cope with pain and trauma and depression and just about any other problem because it's only temporary; no matter how bad it seems, it's not permanent, unless you make it so. These problems can affect me everyday but I'm slowly learning to take care of them and continue to live a life to the fullest. I might just have a different way of dealing with them than any of you...

All that I need is that one fandom to focus on, another world that is honestly WAY better than reality. It's nice to take a break from real-world problems every now-and-then (or everyday). Am I right? ;) A little time to forget isn't a bad thing. It's honestly a therapy for me because it's also motivational. You get to see these characters with strong personalities, living your dream life and accomplishing things that you can only imagine. This inspires your creativity, it gives you something to hope for and something to love outside the real world. These characters are idols to us, whether they're fictional or real, and you find yourself falling for them no matter how they're portrayed in the story. You want to meet them, befriend them, be them. The characters you love the most can be the ones that are most similar to you, or even your most opposite, but that doesn't stop you from loving them with all your heart.

Let me put it to you this way:

Who wouldn't want to meet the Fellowship in Middle-Earth?

Who wouldn't want to be a skilled archer like Katniss?

Or have a great relationship like Four and Tris?

Or have superpowers like Raven?

Do you want to be an angel like Castiel,

Or be a werewolf like Scott?

Are you more like Dipper from Gravity Falls,

Or more like his sister Mabel?

Maybe you want to join the Avengers,

Or tag along with Sherlock to solve a crime,

Or travel with the Doctor as his companion.

Do you want to survive among Walkers with Daryl,

Or fight ghosts from entering the world like Danny Phantom?

Do you want to be the Last Airbender like Aang,

Or the Last Human like Finn?

Are you trying to survive a night in Minecraft,

Or survive a war in Call of Duty?

A List of My Favorite Fandoms:

Teen Titans, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Wilfred, Over the Garden Wall, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Divergent, Survivor, Teen Wolf, Ready Player One, and Star Wars.


So you see what I mean? My list can go on and on forever, and that's the beauty of these fantasies. Anything can happen because it's your story, and not only can FanFiction and Fanart allow that sort of creativity, but it also relieves us from the problems we face in the real world. At least in here, we can be who we want to be without consequences :)

So that's basically it! That's why I love everything that I love. And that's me. Your typical (and secretly messed-up), teen-aged fangirl.

I really can't think of anything else to say...



But anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Please stay hopeful and be safe from harm. I promise you whatever it is that troubles you, it can be worked out. As long as you surround yourself with what you love and whatever makes you happy, you'll be just fine :)

Happy reading!


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