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Hello people of earth and beyond, this is Sam! If you came to my bio, you probably want to know about me so I'll put some stuff on here for you!

I'm Samrat13 and I am not 13 (although I am a teen) and have two sisters. I live in the middle of the U.S.A in a tiny town that you have never heard of. I like catching lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, and turtles. I don't kill any bugs but mosquitoes and I feel sad when they die.

I dislike cussing, Twilight, stupid highschool boys who think they are cool, grapes, and fanfics with mispelled words.

I love Harry Potter, Warriors, Animorph, Marvel movies, Pokemon, Lilo & Stitch, and I LOVE How To Train Your Dragon!!!!! *squeals like deranged fangirl*

I have many great story ideas, but I seem to suffer from WBS (Writer's Block Syndrome) and my stories never make it far.

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