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UPDATED MAY 28th, 2011

HELLO Ladies, gentlemen, undecideds, lads, lasses, bonny lasses, fellows, blokes, maidens, damsels, pirates, cowboys (gay ones especially welcome!), spacemen, knights, lords, ladies, queens and kings, boys and girls of all ages...

My most popular story has been reposted (and is now complete again!) under the name Third Time's the Charm (because it took 3 times to post it, f you jtprocks) as a Leanan Sidhe story, and the sequel - PH 2: More Piratier, More Hilariouser, and More Nakedy has also been posted in its entirety.

Some things about me:

We're still alive! I swear it! I don't think Rachel and I adequately understood the trials and tribulations of people in their early 20's. We;re both working a lot, I'm back in school to get some sensible education under my belt, and we're just doing what we need to do to get by. We both still plan on finishing PH3; in fact Rachel informed me on Thursday that she had been writing more of her chapter, so hopefully you can expect an update in a month or so. I just finished re-reading all our PH's and it filled me with inspiration, lovies! So please, hold out just a little longer, and we'll try to make you fall for us all over again!

Fave movie: What! You're making me choose! Well, I love POTC, LOTR anything Johnny Depp...basically if it took place before 1800 and it has an epic battle or a fantastic love story, I'm there.

Fave Authors: Tolkien, Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, Ken Follett, Jonathan Safran Foer, lots of Historical Fiction, Fantasy (am now 2 books in A Song of Ice and Fire)

Fave food: Mmm asian, mexican, I LOVE APPETIZERS! Am I wierd because of that?

Music: Soundtracks, Snow Patrol, Regina Spektor, Oasis, Annie Lennox, The Avett Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Bowie and Queen

Clothing Store: H&M (gotta love that cute cheap stuff), Urban Outfitters for when I have more money, and TARGET. My one stop shop for cheap everything.

And now, a conversation between me and Jack:

ME: Hey Jack.

Jack: Oh, it's you. I must tell ye somethin, love; I feel that it is in my best interests not to talk to you.

ME: But why Jacky, you and I are old buds? I mean, who does a better impression of you?

Jack: What! You make me out ta be a drunken fool who just "likes it hard" and wants ta live in a box of frosted wheaties!"

ME: Yeah well, you said it, not me.

Ok, so I saw Pirates 3 last night and I have a few words to say about it in order for my peace to IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET DON'T READ! RUN AWAY NOW!

First of all, I loved it. It was on the biggest scale I've seen since Lord of the Rings, and the only one of the 3 that can compare to LOTR. The landscapes, scenery, costumes and soundtrack were so PHENOMENAL I can barly even put it into words. So above all, I found it to be spectacular. It seems so different from the first one, which in turn seems like so long ago an world's away from AWE.

Ok, now to speak on one Mr. Turner, the man whom I love and adore, hence forth known as...Captain Turner. Obviously if you've read Pirates Hilariousity or know anything about me you can guess how I feel. It was hard enough having to see him and Liz FINALLY get married (although I LOVED that scene and of course want them to be together, no matter how jealous it makes me!), but to them watch him get stabbed in the heart and lay dying while I sob uncontrollably was something else. And then...the fate worse than death. To become a pirate, something he didn't mean to do, though it was obviously happening, and to be doomed for all eternity to what is basically a life of servitude, while he can only be with HIS REASON FOR GETTING INVOLVED IN THIS WHOLE MESS IN THE BEGINNING (POTC 1) FOR ONE DAY EVERY TEN YEARS!'s just so tragic! They were just married, and even if Liz lives to be 100 they'll only be able to see each other 8 more times! It's the most unfair thing ever, and it made me so sad. Even the day after I am still under a dark cloud about the whole thing (not to mention seeing him and Liz in their...ahem...after glow and then to have to watch his son at the end after the credits, just rip MY heart out why don't you!). Will is really the most noble and good character in the whole story, and he gets the worst fate, while Jack (whom I adore and is my complete inspiration, don't get me wrong), who has betrayed and double-crossed everyone, gets to go off and be free! I just find it all so tragic.

ETA: I've seen the news from the writers about the curse actually being broken, but thanks to everyone who sent me messages about it, it's very sweet of you all. This news brought me out of my AWE induced depression and made me love the movie SO much more. Hopefully the DVD will have the rumored deleted scene that clears this all up. Wouldn't that be nice.

Also, I'm doing costume sketches for my clothes in PH3-4 and maybe I'll get around to doing PH1 as well. It's really fun and helps me envision myself in the story even better. We'll be scanning them on Rachel's computer and hopefully be able to link you to them on photobucket in the next chapter!

OK! Now...ready..set...


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