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Poll: I announced that Ash would have three new additions in his team in "Revival at the Champions League." The first two Pokémon are already decided. After careful consideration over the provided, which of the following would you prefer seeing as the third Pokémon? Vote Now!
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Any of you actually reading through my profile heard of the great MisterP?

He was a great writer and former author on this site, exclusively writing Nintendo fics and especially Pokémon. The main Pokémon pairing he promoted since he was here was AbilityShipping, the shipping of Ash/Satoshi and Anabel/Lila. He was the first of many to start such a revolution. Not only did I look up to him for what he stood for and what he's proven capable of from his own rhetoric skills, but...

MisterP is my older brother...

That's right! You've read it right. He is my brother in the real world. I'm younger than him by 3 to 4 years (I'm 22, by the way and recently graduated college), hence why I've chosen my penname as it is:

I am the Younger P!!!

(If you really want to know our "obsession" with the letter "P," it's because our first names start with them. That, and I didn't want to waste creativity on something like a penname...)

Anyway, I'm the only one in the real world that he shared his past of here, (aka I know MisterP in real life.) I'm also more outgoing than he is (he often keeps to himself, hence his additional title as "the Mysterious Mister P/Mr. P," (inspiration from Mr. L/Luigi from Super Paper Mario, if you don't know) but I don't blame him. ;P) And if you hadn't caught the mood as you read by now, we have a powerful brotherly bond, practically comparable to the famous fictional sibling duo of red and green. I decided now to shine as unlike him, I want to major in writing or at least do something with it. I started university Fall 2012, so I hope to use this place to practice my writing. Please support me!

If you knew MisterP, then you know what his likes/dislikes are. We have similar preferences, and by that, I mean we both enjoy the outdoors, reading a good book, and Nintendo. We often would have many discussions over Nintendo topics to what's going on in the Pokémon anime.

Notice (June 2016):

A lot of you are concerned about my lack of updates, but that's just life. However, I am very grateful that the lot of you have gone out of your way trying to get in contact with me, even if it is asking me to update my ongoing stories again. To be honest, though, it is starting to getting annoying after seeing the repetitiveness of it all. I know I owe a bit of an explanation for stringing you all like this. I don't post notices in my stories because I know they'd just get your hopes up too high.

Anyway, unless you feel the topic is urgent or you want to talk about something other than reminding me to update, you're welcome to message me about it. Otherwise, please don't pester me over some story. I write for fun and only during any time I'm willing to spare, not on a whim of a fair-weather reader.

Basically at this point, I'm now a college graduate, I found full time work, my brother just had his first child (a beautiful baby girl at that), and the looming fact that I've been losing my rhythm with my ongoing stories among other things. I've just recently started writing new chapters again, but even now, relighting my fire to write out the chapters has been a struggle. I know I've said that I've planned out how my ongoing stories would go down, but the details in between the beginning and end are constantly changing and shifting to appease current demand and canon.

And if I do wind up publishing new stories, well, that just means that I was highly motivated to write it in the first place.

In any case...

Please understand. (Satoru Iwata, 2015)

In addition, we support some similar Pokémon Shippings, of course AbilityShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Anabel/Lila). MisterP also tried out and seemed to supported MirrorRivalShipping (Drew/Shuu and Zoey/Nozomi) and YonderShipping (Silver and May/Haruka) in his Stardom series (he originally thought it as LithiumShipping, but I found the real name for myself, just to clarify).

Now here are my preferred and, in a sense, supported Shippings (aside from AbilityShipping, all just for fun by the way):

I've been and shown interest in but not restricted to (not in any particular order):

AdvanceShipping (Ash/Satoshi and May/Haruka) (Truthfully, the first pairing I openly supported; I only saw Ash and Misty as siblings and her petty temper certainly didn't help)

PokéSilverShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Lyra/Kotone) (Lyra was kind of cool in both the games and her anime debut in DP)

LuckShipping (Brock/Takeshi and Lucy/Azami) (Brock really needs someone in his life and Lucy actually likes him back)

SoulSilverShipping (Silver and Lyra/Kotone) (Didn't seem too bad at first glance)

BookShelfShipping (Lucian/Goyo and Shauntal/Shikimi) (*shrug*)

ConfidenceShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Georgia/Langley) (I actually liked Georgia from BW, but that was about it, along with Stephan and Bianca)

LachrymoseShipping (Paul/Shinji and Sabrina/Natsume) (I'm just giving this a shot in one of my stories just because)

AmourShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Serena) (Yep, she's definitely grown on me. Personal opinion, she is practically the best traveling girl so far)

TompouceShipping (Ash/Satoshi and Miette/Millefeui) (Miette is actually entertaining when teasing Serena, though whether she does actually have a thing for Ash is up to debate)

SweetandSourShipping (Paul/Shinji and Miette/Millefeui) (This one is kind of a hit and miss, but it is an interesting foil to AmourShipping)

As for other pairings not mentioned in my short list, including those that my brother experimented with mentioned above, I'm mainly neutral to them, as well as with most Pokémon/Pokémon pairings. In my main story, Revival at the Champions League, I will experiment with different pairings for different characters and possibly add them to my interested Shipping list, as well as create some one-sided Ships for some spice, so stay tuned for future updates.

However, same sex and human/Pokémon pairings are not my cup of tea, so you won't find any of them in my stories.

Future Story Ideas:

Though I don't have time to write as often as I should, I have these future major story projects that I definitely want to share here, whether I finish Revival at the Champions League first or not. I just need to figure out how to balance out these things first...

Just be on the lookout when I do begin publishing them.

Poké Ball Seven: The Moonlit Blossom of Kalos: Revival at the Champions League universe spin-off, Adventure/Drama, staring James/Kojiro as Agent Poké Ball Seven. While the Champions League progresses further, Poké Ball Seven is sent on a mission to the Kalos region to uncover the rising threat of Team Flare, drawing on experiences and old ways from his former Team Rocket life to survive.

Random one-shots about anything.

One last thing:

Just because you may or, for some reason, desire not to recognize me as the brother of MisterP doesn't mean you should expect me to exactly measure up to the expectations he may have given you. I'm writing for myself, not to continue exactly what he started, but to use what he has contributed here to express my creativity. Although some story ideas I may share in the future would likely be inspired from him.

I'm also well aware that I cannot really give much of a supportive argument that I am legitimately the brother of MisterP without divulging too much of our personal lives to you, something that I'm unwilling to do. After all, the Internet is a very shifty place... In any case, you'll just have to trust my testimony that I am MisterP's brother.

But I'll do my best not to quit or retire, the worst case being that I'm unable to update because of my busy life (which will become busier eventually, which is why now is the time to strike). And if you really want to have a chat with me, feel free to send a Private Message! I can certainly say that I'm quicker to send messages than chapters and new stories... Talk about irony, the time to send a message, I could have used it for something else. Oh, well.

... That is all.


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