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Hey, I'm Rafael. I'm new to this site and to fictionpress, even though I've wrote strories for a long time. Btw, this isn't my real name. I've just been attached to this pen name ever since I started writing.

Real Name: (Do you really wanna know?)

Age: (Hint: I'm in college)

Hobbies: Reading/writing stories, surfing the web, playing computer games, watching TV shows/movies, listening to music

Favorite TV Shows: All That, Drake and Josh, iCarly, Big Time Rush, Victorious, House of Anubis, The Simpsons

Favorite Movies: The Breakfast Club, Titanic, Ocean's Eleven, Saw, Scary Movie (all of them except 2), The Italian Job, Boogie Nights, 21 Jump Street, Friends with Benefits (not suitable for kids!), The Fast and the Furious (all of them, except Tokyo Drift), The Avengers, Need for Speed (Sorry, I'm more of an action-adventure person, I'm not into something like Frozen, Maleficent, and the like)

Favorite Games: Need for Speed series

Favorite Quotes:

1. (Scary Movie 3)

Cindy: She looks so peaceful... (referring to Brenda in the casket)

(camera pans to Brenda in her casket with a terrifying expression on her face)

2. (The Simpsons)

Bart: (after breaking his leg falling into the pool) Aww, I'm gonna miss the summer.

Homer: Don't worry, if you get a job like me, you'll miss all the summers.

3. (The Simpsons)

(while Marge and Homer are skinny dipping and making out in the pool late at night)

(chopper flashlight shines on them)

Marge and Homer: (scream)

Cop: (in the chopper, on a megaphone while holding a cup of popcorn) Ignore us, just continue what you are doing... come on... continue!... Awww...

4. (Boogie Nights)

Dirk Diggler: (shows his dick) I am a star. I'm a star, I'm a star, I'm a star. I'm a big shining star.

5. (2 Guns)

Bobby: What are you doing?

Stig: They're torturing chickens, man.

Bobby: What are you eating?

Stig: A chicken. It's not the same thing, okay?

6. (The Italian Job)

Stella: What did you do to your hand?

Charlie: I punched Steve

Stella: And why do you get to punch him and I don't?

Charlie: 'Cause those hands are way too valuable

7. (Scary Movie 5)

Jody: (waits for the results of the iPhone pregnancy test)

iPhone: You're pregnant!

Jody: No!

iPhone: With anticipation on the results of this iPregnancy test, which has determined that you are... not pregnant. You dodged the bullet, you lucky slut!

8. (Scary Movie 5)

Jody: (slowly opens the door)

Cathy: (shakes her head, telling Jody not to open the door)

Jody: (inches her hand towards the door knob)

Lily: (nods, smiles, and has her thumbs up)

Jody: (opens the door)

Maria: (doing her 'business' inside) Uh... I told you not to let anyone in! (farts, springs out of the toilet seat and fell on Jody)

Jody: (screams)

9. (A Walk to Remember)

Landon: I'm... sorry she never got her miracle

Reverend Sullivan: She did, it was you.

10. (That's so Raven)

Cory: (enters the living room with a bowl of popcorn) Ah, our first night together (sprays perfume on himself and sits down on the couch beside Chelsea while looking at her flirtily) ...baby

Chelsea: (takes the bowl of popcorn and pours it on Cory)

11. (That's so Raven)

Cory: (enters Raven's room) Hey Raven, your stinky boyfriend's here

Raven: Oh no, Ben found me!

Cory: At your own house, imagine that!

12. (That's so Raven)

Cory: You can make a wig from all the hair you left on the shower drain.

Raven: Now that is ridiculous.

Cory: (takes an actual wig and shows it to Raven) The truth ain't pretty, my friend.

13. (Drake and Josh)

(while Crazy Steve is watching Dora the Explorer)

Dora: Where do we go next?

Crazy Steve: Come on, Dora, you're the one with the map!

14. (Drake and Josh)

Walter: (walks into the kitchen and finds something being steamed, tastes the soup, grabs something using the ladle, finds out that it was his underwear, faints)

15. (iCarly)

Carly: Oh my God, she's just using Freddie!

Sam: Yeah, and now she's trying to use me!

Carly: That little...

Sam: Say it!

Carly: I don't like to say it, Spencer says it's not lady-like.

Sam: Say it!


16. (iCarly)

Sam: Wouldn't it be better if you wrote 'I'm desperate on your forehead?

Carly: You take that back!

Sam: You take it back!

Carly: Take what back?!

Sam: I don't know, just take it back!

Carly: What's that supposed to mean?!

Sam: Why don't you ask your new helping bra?!

Carly: That's it, I'm outta here! (walks out, then back in) This is my house!

Sam: (walks out)

Carly: There's nothing wrong with a little help!

17. (iCarly)

Fake Sam: Hey, when did Freddie start looking so hot?

Real Sam: Okay, this chick is nothing like me!

18. (iCarly)

Spencer: Hey, stopped by the market on the way home

Carly: iCarly has been hijacked by a psychotic she-duck!

Spencer: Mexican sponges!

19. (iCarly)

(while Spencer is dating Charlotte, Gibby's mom)

Charlotte: (sees Gibby) Gibby?

Gibby: Mom?

Spencer: Oh my God!

20. (iCarly)

Freddie: Look, I know that it's scary to put your feelings out there, 'cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way. And you'll never what might happen--

Sam: (leaned over and kissed Freddie)

21. (iCarly)

Freddie: Hey, I love you

Sam: I love you too

(Sam and Freddie kiss)

Freddie: (looks at his phone) Hey, it's only ten thirty

Sam: Wanna break up at midnight?

Freddie: That works

(Sam and Freddie went back to the elevator and started kissing each other until the elevator closes)

22. (iCarly)

Sam: Oh, man!

Carly: What?

Sam: My mom got arrested in Vegas!

Carly: Oh man!

23. (Victorious)

Beck: Whyare you guys so impressed?

Tori: 'Cause Alyssa Vaughn is famous.

Andre: And hot!

Tori: Her father's a billionaire

Andre: And hot!

24. (Victorious)

Beck: She got me a can of lemonade.

Jade: (at school) 'Cause he likes lemonade!

Tori: Yeah, but out of a can?!

Jade: He drank it!

25. (Victorious)

Trina: What are we gonna do?


Everyone: (yelled, calling Cat)

26. (Victorious)

Tori: (went to the patio) Robbie Shapiro!

Robbie: (came out from a bush) Yes?

Tori: You were invading my privacy.

Robbie: At least I didn't snoop through Ryder's phone

27. (Victorious)

Mrs. Vega: You're taking Trina.

Tori: No.

Mrs. Vega: Yes.

Mr. Vega: Youa re taking Trina.

Tori: Not happening! (walks away)

Mrs. Vega: We'll buy you a car!

Mr. Vega: Any car you want!

Tori: (looks at her parents)

Mr. Vega: You don't even have to bring her back!

28. (Victorious)

Jade: Oh really?

Tori: Two clicks: one to unfriend you, and one to confirm that I really wanna unfriend you.

Robbie: (cries) You're so conceited, Tori, You're so conceited!

29. (Victorious)

Cat: you don't sound anything like me!

Jade: Tori believed it was you

Cat: You didn't get my laugh right

Jade: Yeah, I did, you go (imitates Cat's voice) AHAHAHAHA!!!

Cat: I don't laugh like that!

Jade: Puppies wearing sunglasses.


30. (Victorious)

Jade: You paid a guy to ask me out?!

Tori: (to Andre) RUN AWAY!! (runs away with Andre as Jade chases them)


Drake and Josh - Josh/Mindy

BTR- Kendall/Lucy, Logan/Camille, Kendall/Jo


Victorious - Tori/Andre, Cat/Tori/Jade, Cat/Robbie, Beck/Jade


2013/09/06: I'M BACK!! Sorry, for the long wait, but I'm finally posting an update for my stories in a few days. Chapter 7 for iLove Ride might be posted in three days to one week, while iWant Him is still on hiatus. Still looking forward for your reviews!

2014/04/01: Okay, I don't want to make anymore promises. I'm back to post another chapter of iLove Ride maybe tomorrow or the day after, but don't expect a periodical update, and as I'm still rethinking the plot for iWant Him, it's still on indefinite hiatus. Still looking forward for your reviews!

2014/05/27: New chapter of iWant Him out, the story is 50% complete! As for iLove Ride, that story is gonna be on indefinite hiatus. Still looking forward to your reviews!

2014/06/03: New chapter of iWant Him out, story is expecting its last fifteen chapters! Please write your reviews while there is still time!

2014/06/18: New chapter of iWant Him out, story is expecting its last TWELVE chapters! And please don't forget to vote on the poll above and keep your reviews coming!

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