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Hey guys:))

Well, I'm a newbie here. I'd been reading a lot of fanfics for the past year and one day, i decided to sign up and write some myself:). Oh, and I am your typical crazy, squealing fan girl who worships yaoi, or more precisely, Sasunaru (PLZ, NOT NARUSASU), though I don't mind throwing in Itachi for an Itanaru or Itasasu, but no threesomes please unless it's kagebunshins, hahahha (yes, I'm dirty-minded, so run away). For those who are interested, I only plan on writing Sasunaru and my next story will contain 100x less lemons than my first very...smut fanfiction, LOLZ.

BTW changed my name from crazyfangirlXOX to FragmentsOfHeart


  • Age: 16
  • I'm Asian
  • I DESPISE flames
  • As you can see, I'm multilingual (fluent in French, English, Mandarin and basic in Spanish) Hehehe...I know... Just felt like showing off shamelessly, but it really costs a lot to speak many languages. You get like a million exams every year.
  • I am dreamy and crazy, and have a weird laughter or rather laughters since they always come out differently, hahaha, hehehehe, hohoho...
  • Religion: Sasunaru, duh
  • I looooove writing and reading and it's been my dream to write dark fics, in which I ALWAYS insert comical scenes and screw up and ARGHHH!!!!!
  • I am sadistic, so you better watch out -evil grin-
  • Extremely dirty-minded. Blame my friends who introduced yaoi and to me.

  • Anime/Manga: Naruto (And the character, of course XD), Bleach, Black Butler, Oresama Teacher, Vampire Knight
  • Webtoon: Crepuscule, Tower of God, Noblesse
  • Books: Harry Potter, The Immortals Series, Hunger Games Trilogy, House of Night Series
  • Dramas: Coffee prince, To the beautiful you, Hana Kimi, City Hunter, Boys over flower, Playful Kiss, You're beautiful
  • KPOP stars: Kim Hyuna from 4minute (I. want. to. have. her. PERFECT. body!), Ailee (Why so talented!?) and CHANYEOL 'cause he's the cuttest thing that walks on earth and he'd make the best UKE if he weren't freaking 1m80 (20 cms taller than me O.O)
  • Food (hehehe...-drools-): Sushi, Pasta, Seafood, Ramen, Udon, fried crunchy dumplings, and lots more
  • American Pop: Christina Aguilera (Best singer ever), Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nici Minaj, Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars,
  • Yaoi couples: Sasunaru (CUTEST COUPLE! NOT NARUSASU!), Itasasu (Too hot!), Itanaru, GinxToshiro, LightxL, Kaname x Zero and that's pretty much it.
  • Hetero couples: ShikaTema, Byakuya x Yoruichi
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