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I'm just a regular ol' teenager who's obsessed with Harry Potter and writing-- which naturally makes me obsessed with Harry Potter fanfiction. Most of my stories are wimpy little one-shots, since you don't have any loose ends when writing them, but "The Pains of Having a Conscience" is a work in progress, as well as "Something Wonderful". If you're a writer, you probably know how great it is to know that someone's actually reading what you wrote, and if you aren't you can probably guess, so even if you don't like it please tell me. I love constructive critisism (hint hint, nudge nudge). Flames will be used to toast marshmellows. (Hehe, I love that line) I pair Hermione with Ron and Ginny with Harry, so if you're against those pairings don't bother reading {most of} my work. I also like stories where Draco likes Ginny but doesn't get her b/c she hates his guts. I know I'm mean. (o: (An excellent example of a fic that fits this description is "The More is My Unrest" on Sugarquill.)

Hmm... I decided that every once in awhile I'll update this and recommend some great fics to you that I've read... Here are some classics and lesser-knowns that I've 'nominated' this (month?)


--The Platform--, By Koonelli, (*No matter what I say, I rarely cry during a fanfic, and this one actually did. Lily/James, sad and sweet.*)

--The Test of Time--, By Alchemilla, Sugarquill (*What do you MEAN you haven't read it? Great plot, great overall story. R/H and H/G. Worth the long read*)

--The Patchwork Quilt--, By Ciircee, Sugarquill (*A Neville fic. Just read it.*)

--Toast--, By Alkari, Sugarquill (*The best 'grieving for Sirius' fic I've ever read. Lupin's P.O.V. Very dark, a must-read*)

--Wary of the Wolf--, by Delleve, Fanfiction (*Very good, good, Remus fic, and I was the only one who reviewed! Shame on all of you. I'm disappointed. )o; *)

I highly recommend you check these out. It only takes a second, just do a search on the site I said and *poof* voila! It's really more worth your time to do the search then to drift through many of these half-done fanfics on (no offense intended, and my fics may very well be as bad as most of them). (o: But once in awhile you find a really great one thrown in with all the rubbish.

Okay, I'm going to add on to this bio because... BIOS ARE FUN! Wheeeee! Actually, I've been meaning to update it forever, but I forgot until now. Anyways, here are the top things I majorly dislike in hp fanfiction:

a.) People who post just to post (bad spelling, bad grammar, etc.)
b.) Gross things that I have only ever read about in summaries (Teacher/Student, Necrofilia, Bestiality, incest, etc. etc.)
c.) I personally don't like slash, but I don't think it's horrible, just... not my thing.
d.) Major OOCs (out of character) characters
e.) MagicHair!Hermione, LeatherPants!Draco, Mary Sues and Gary Stus
f.) And the NUMBER ONE thing I hate most in hp fanfiction is... RON HATE! ARGH! I mean, show the love, people.

^^Insert long rant about Ron hate^^ (I deleted it after reading just HOW long it was)

Also, if you want me to read your stories, TELL ME! I won't think any less of you. I occasionally stoop to doing it myself, (*blush*) and I love a good fic.

Note: I have removed "A Shattered Promise" as well as "Always have, Always will"*

Hmm... I've just realized that everybody else has stuff about themselves on their bio, and I don't want to be left out. Let me see. Here's some things about me.

Favorite Food: Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, chocolate milk, chocolate fudge, chocolate... you get the point. (o;

What I'm listening to: Matchbox 20: Someone like You

I don't eat: meat (I've been vegetarian since I was 7)

Favorite animal(s): Turtles, snakes, cats, dogs

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, skiing, surfing/boogie boarding (only when I'm in California, though. )o:), hiking, volleyball, hockey skating, surfing the web, writing (well, duh), reading, over-analyzing Harry Potter, movies (whenever I can get to a city with a theater; my town has 800 people), talking on the phone, spending time with friends, reading fanfiction, spending time with little kids (yes, I know it's strange), doing homework (unfortunately), the list goes on and on...

What I'm reading right now: The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley (It's a bit slow and complicated at the beginning, but it gets good a couple hundred pages in)

Hair: Blonde, past shoulder-length

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5 1/2"

Weight: Haha, you thought I'd tell you, didn'tcha?

Worst fear: Getting pictures taken

I want to be: a marine biologist, writer, day-care owner, fashion designer, veterinarian.(At the moment...)

Family: Two parents, one 20-year-old modelish-looking sister (humph), two dogs (Osa and Brute, who isn't really a brute), Tiger the cat, Cheyenne, Shawnee, and Lakota Sioux, the horses.

What I think about the Harry Potter movies: The third one was best. Emma Watson's hair bothers me. Dan Racliffe's eyes and hair are NOT Harry, although he is still very cute. (o: Rupert Grint seems to have two expressions: (a) Noooo, I'm not doing it! (b) Ahhhh, keep the scary things away! I don't blame him, but Kloves makes Ron look like a shallow idiot and people who haven't read the books are going to start wondering why anyone would Want to be Ron's friend. Hermione in the movies is suddeny Supergirl!Hermione, who can suddenly lift Harry into the air with one arm (Whomping Willow scene) and is not bookish or stressed enough in movie three. The Ron/Hermione fight was understated, and they went overboard with the girl power. Dementors don't fly. Dan isn't the best with emotions (I still love em though!). Other than that, they're good, lol. (o;


P.S. I'm free to beta, just e-mail me and you'll hear back within a week unless I'm out of town. I don't have any credentials of anything, (Unless spelling bees count, lol. (o: ) but I love editing and I'm fast. I'm also at in the forums as MyOwnLittleWorld, as well as under the same name AND under LostInaSunset. Sugarquill's the bomb, though. It's my goal to write a story good enough to make it on the quill... I'm a dreamer if you haven't noticed. (o:

P.P.S. (Yes, I'm almost done). I'm rewriting "Finding the Courage," because to be blunt it's a piece of crap right now. If you're new to my stories, PLEASE start with a fic OTHER than "Finding the Courage" or "Beginning of the End". (The only reason I don't want you to read the latter is that everyone who tries it is confuzzled except for me, which doesn't exactly count.)

Oh, and before I forget, check out Marggie here on I post her stories, and she's written some pretty darn good ones which we've decided to hold ransom until you review her first. So there. Also, try quidditch7 for some great R/H and H/G fics.

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