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Hiya minna!!

Well, I'll start off by saying I love Anime!! And that I've been obsessed with Naruto FOREVER! And I don't think I'll ever get over it... cuz... It's so awesome... I'M A NARUTARD AND PROUD OF IT! Hell yeah! I'm also a Sasuke fan girl, but be aware that my obsession with Sasuke goes beyond his pretty looks and sexy body--I enjoy every twisted little thing he may think, so or do, specially if it's directed towards Naruto.

You can contact me at through my LiveJournal (click on webpage link) and please do!

Favorite Pairings:


1) Sasuke/Naruto Naruto


1) Ranma & Akane Ranma 1/2

2) Kyou & Tohru Fruits Basket

Moving on, I love reading fanfics and I usually try to give good criticism in my reviews... I hope I'm doing a good job with that! Besides the usual "great story" I want to help others by giving them some constructive feedback, and I only hope you guys return the favor! I'm not very confident about my writing... so I usually end up going over it a MILLION times! And lets not talk about stupid and Microsoft word which HATE my italics and bold formatting!! GRR

My current project right now is Exile...
which has some history behind it, since it started from a COMPLETE
random piece of fanfiction that I never posted... lol... and it is
seriously irrelevant to the whole story... _ maybe I'll put it
up one of these days...

Anyway, since Exile is
quite confusing... (I think I'm taking after Gelfling-san's style here
and my own warped ideas) so I decided to explain some of the obscure
ideas introduced in each chapter in this remote part of ! If you
haven’t noticed, I usually insert a random fragments inside the
chapter’s synopsis, and these words are song titles (I like to think of
them as ‘themes’) that have helped me get through the chapters, they
are my inspiration! _

Ch. 1 Wounds – Track eight taken from Shingetsutan Tsukihime OST!

Very dark and slow soundtrack… for those of you who haven’t seen that anime, it’s about vampires… so yeah! _

Ch. 2 Grand GuignolAvenger’s opening song, and here are the lyrics (not translated by me of course, but by actual fansubbers)

Lunar-Eclipse Grand Guignol

Stardust high in the heavens falls into the abyss

Where a grand guignol raises the curtains to end the darkness.

Thantos and Eros dance and throw their hands around.

In a carnival of desire...

Everyone in the middle of the crowd...

Becomes obsessed with solitude and sees unachievable dreams.

Now in a deserted golden tower of a playground,

I look for sweet memories in the eye socket of a skull.

Every time she raises a rusty dagger to her chest...

And every time she holds it over her head,

Her read blood boils over the pain of living.

To a tyrant a park is a richly colored paradise.

Time is 1001 nights, the devil's capital.

In a grotesque city, when you are sleeping, you are a princess...

...And a young girl to be sacrificed on pellucid wings.

A purified spirit goes out to meet the sunrise.

Ch. 3 Aito Hi – Track eight of Naruto’s
OST, the translation is Sadness and Sorrow (Couldn’t be more fitting
for this chapter!) This theme song is a must have! LOL what’s up with
these eights?

Ch. 4 Duvet - Serial Experiments Lain Opening! So fitting! Go read the lyrics XD

UPDATE (01/31/10)

Exile's Chapter Five is currently being worked on. It shall be out before the end of February. Please hold on tight to your hats (I know it has been five years) but if you liked the story and you wanted to continue to read it (Even after so long) then this chapter is for you die-hard fans.

Please check out the following link for more information:



For those of you who have been wondering, the link to my second chapter of The End Is Near can be found at LJ at:


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