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Haiiii! Don't really know why I am writing this at all coz the only people who are going to read itwill be people who already know everything written on here, but it gives me something to do now that exams are over and a certain person *looks accusingly at Kaichou-sama* wants me too and meh, why not! Sorry but I probably won't be uploading much fanfic becuase I dont have time! Anyways...

My actual name depends on who you are, to most people I am Maddie, to close friends Maddz, to Kaichou-sama, Ebi-sensei and Aiko Rin Sayuri I am either Maiko, Meiko or Mei, my dauntless name is Maz and yeh... I kinda don't mind what people call me anymore! JUST. NEVER. MADELEINE!!!!!

Favourite Colour: Depends what faction I feel I fit into that day, you see I'm Divergent.

When I'm feeling Erudite, BLUE

When I'm feeling Dauntless, BLACK

Can be BLACK/WHITE when feeling Candor and very rarely GREY when feeling Abnegation!!

Favourite Food: I am a remarkably picky eater but this is how my close friends describe the food I like "Any unhealthy food within the colour range of white/yellow to red, and then an addiction to any form of mints!"

I don't eat very much though, ever, unless it contains sugar... Then I am likely to eat too much!

Favourite Animal: This will only make sense to a few people, but AXOLOTLS!!!

How I would describe my appearance: I have quite long hair (used to be ridiculously long!) that is a normal brown except has been dyed blonde at the endsfor the last year and will soon be partially blue! I have very pale blue eyes, almost unnaturally pale!! I am reasonably tall although could be considered a giant compared to Kaichou/Kaori and even more so compared to Ebi!!

Personality: Overall I am quite a happy bubbly person with the most outrageous laugh ever (it sort of explodes!!), quite good at trying to cheer friends up when they are sad though I think I might get slightly annoying when they are tired and I am trying to have fun. I am not saying that I cannot be a normal moody, sleepy teenaer, but I try to disguise that as much as possible, not always successful but meh!

Favourite animes/mangas: Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Kaichou wa maid-sama, Toradora, 07 Ghost (I have loads to watch/read as well!!)

Favourite books: Divergent and Insurgent (probably Alleigiant as well!), Delirium and Pandemonium, Eve and Once, Noughts and Crosses series, Hunger Games Trilogy, anything by John Green, anything by Lauren Oliver. (There are loads more but it would take too long to list!!)

Favourite ships: Fourtris, Urlene, Jerza.

Favourite TV Series: Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Two and a half Men.

Favourite artists/songs: This would be a long list if I were t write everything, I have a few fvourites though: Bastille, Gabrielle Aplin, Ed sheeran, Joe Brooks, music from almost any musical, Valshe (or any anime music, especially from Fairy Tail and 07 Ghost).

Favourite Weather: Generally I just like extreme weather, I like very hot sun, haevy snow, or almost tropical rainstorms!! I hate when there is just a very light rain, enough to make everyting wet but not enough to become funny! Also I hate the completely pointless weeks after the snow has melted where it is freezing cold but no snow, IF IT IS GOING TO BE COLD WE MAY AS WELL GET SNOW OUT OF IT!!!

Favourite Subjects: English (especailly literature), Italian, Biology, Physics... I am just that normal!!

Hobbies: Dance, playing guitar, drawing (mainly manga, sometimes random doodles!), dance, playing flute, playing piano, dance... oh and did I mention DANCE!!!!!!

Favourite emoticons: :P ;) :D O.o _

Things that annoy me: The fact that I have no mints at the moment and haven't had any for about 4 days!!!

Grammar rules.. I will admit I will probably make a load of mistakes but it still annoys me when I see them, especially in published books, WHY CAN'T PEOPLE PROOF READ PROPERLY? (even though I can't either :P)

A few certain people who will remain unnamed.

Mostly though, ANYBODY WHO IS HORRIBLE OR IN THE SLIGHTEST UNKIND TO MY FRIENDS (Kaori/Kaichou, Ebi, Aiko and 3 others who I will not name)

Favourite Quotes:

insert and quote from my friends here*

- *insert anything John Green has ever said here*

There are loads, I can't remember half though so I will post them as they happen!

Current mood: In quite a good mood, trying to plan my first fanfiction and getting a bit frustrated!!

Currently craving: MINTS :'(

Currently song I have in my head: Joe Brooks - Superman

Currently annoyed at: My stupid brain that can't think of a setting for my fanfic!!

Cirrently watching: everything really, I'm quite behind!!

Currently writing: A divergent fanfic, I am not quite sure which combination of people I am going to write, will reveal later :)