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Poll: Astaroth Arc: So in writing this Fairy tail M Story and getting lost of comments about lemons, since there will be M content. I've been thinking and wondering what everyone else thinks. Do you think Gray and Natsu have ever, well done the deed? I mean lets think about this. Fairy tail land where they are going on all these jobs sometimes alone before Team Natsu was really developed. These are boys who are in their upper teens so testosterone is kinda pumping. Hmmm... I dunno what do you thinkg? Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fairy Tail.

A Little About Myself...

Name: Mysterious Flame

Age: 25

I am majoring in psychology and my second love is for writing! I have taken as many writing based classes as i possibly can as electives! I'm a such a sucker for romance novels and that is what I tend to write! I like to include a action, humor, horror, and a bit of angst. I do like to write adult based stories, because i am an adult.

My biggest inspiration when writing is Music. I always listen to music when writing it can be such inspiration! I like a very wide range as well so it always keeps it interesting. Writing is one of the best things in the world to distress in my opinion. Plus it is the best way to let the imagination run wild. Everyone should try it

Included is story updates as well as links for images!!

Update, I have been on a little bit of a hiatus because life has taken some unexpected turns. But I have moved out on my own for the first time in my life because my job has relocated me. So now that im on my own in a place i know no one i have been doing a lot of writing! So you know what that means...


My favorite pairings/along with favorite animes/mangas! That i hope to write stories for eventually!!

Inuyasha/Kagome; (Inuyasha) I love to pieces. They have all the right dimensions to be a good pairing as well! They become best friends, go through hardships, have a hard time sorting out their feelings, would give their life for the other, and so many other things that I could probably list! It was a joy that they became a canon pairing, because I think all of the fans would have thrown major temper tantrums!

Rin(An Older Rin)/Sesshomaru (Inuyasha) I don't this in a weird way, but I really think when Rin grows up that Sesshomaru would love her like a mate. It wasn't uncommon in the feudal era for suitors to wait for young girls to grow before taking them as a wife. Plus he with out a doubt loves her so i don't know. They were the most dynamic characters who never doubted each other in this series and I love them.

Miroku/Sango; (Inuyasha) Another really awesome cannon pair. I love this couple they also really love and care for each other. I think it was a good idea of opposites attracting each other. I am also a sucker for strong devotion and they certainly have it. I also liked that they were a little more upfront in admitting their feelings than other couples in the anime.

Gray/Juvia;(Fairy Tail) Not only has this become one of my all time favorite animes, but i adore this pairing. Yes, Juvia is a bit of a weirdo stalker, but she really does love not only Gray but her friends. Gray forever changed her life when he saved her so of course she would fall for him. Maybe she acts strange because she doesn't know they right way to handle the strong feeling she has since she was avoiding most of her life. I also think that Gray is really starting to care for her as well, have to love the love triangle. Again I think Gray is a bit of a more closed off to himself character so perhaps that's why he acts the way he does. We shall see!!

Natsu/Lucy; (Fairy Tail) Also another pairing I love! They are both happy go lucky and a very loyal. They do not have any real miscommunications, which i really love, since usually possible pairings have these! They would literally die for one another and are always saving each other. If that doesn't form a great couple then I don't know what will! So they better turn canon soon!!

Kenshin(Bottasosia)/Kaoru (Ruroni Kenshin) A classic anime that i will always love. First off I like the time period it was set in! I like the interaction between this couple because Kaoru is the really rambunctious character and Kenshin is the calmer one. Which is less common than not. They really come to love each other and it was a beautiful transition. Not to mention Bottasosai is pretty awesome!

Yusuke/Keiko; (Yu Yu Hakusho) Another classic anime that I'll always love. I really enjoy the we knew each other since kids couples. I also really like that Yusuke is this tough punk character and yet Keiko keeps him in line. This anime all around has amazing characters and is very funny and enjoyable to watch!

Sousuke/Chichiri; (Full Metal Panic) Another awesome character. They were very fun to watch development! He has absolutely no people skills what so ever and then Chichiri is well a very demanding I know how I feel kinda of person. Yet when feelings started rising up they both seemed confused. Again like most of the other couples I love, they would die for the other. The comedy between them is also great!

Tamahome/Miaka; (Fushigi Yuugi) This has to be one of the most classic love stories I have ever read or watched. This couple goes through so many hardships of pushing away the other then fighting for the other. While it does become a bit repetitive, i really think it was because they were trying to do their best. Either way I was glad they ended up happy with all the tragedy that befell them in this story!

Kirito/Asuna; (Sword Art Online) This was an amazing manga/anime! What an amazing concept for a story as well!! Kirito and Asuna was an amazing couple. It was a neat concept, what would you really do if thrown into this situation! Both characters realize how much they love each other and protect each other no matter what. They lived for the moment! I absolutely loved that Kirito went back for Asuna. Must watch this newer anime!

Kusanagi/Momiji; (Blue Seed) An older anime but I really loved these two. Kusanagi gives her such a hard time! Poor Momiji was dropped into a bad situation but its alright because Kusanagi saves her. She's do anything to save him and her friends and Kusanagi will do anything to save Momiji. They both really care for each other and it was done in a slow enough progression that it made a really great couple. Have to love the comical moments between!

Kazuma/Ayano; (Kaze no Stigma) A great anime that i wish hadn't ended so soon!! It bothered me at first because they were technically second cousins twice removed, but I dunno they just work. She is a firecracker and he is calm, cool, and collected. They care about one another. Ayano certainly love Kazuma. I really think he loves her back, just his past makes him scared. But, they would never!

Tomoe/Nanami; (Kamisama Hajimemashita) I cannot wait for the ending of this manga! They are an awesome couple! Nanami is one of those that makes a goal and completes it and is so honest with her feelings! Tomoe is a fox demon who doesn't really trust humans. I loved that he became a dynamic character and changed for Nanami! Really hoping for a happy ending on these two!!

Soul/Maka; (Soul Eater) What an awesome anime/manga and an original concept. I really like this couple since they are both really hard headed an dominant. So they often butt heads, but at the same time they are totally there for each other when everything is said and done. Also lots of laughs to be had for this show!!

Hibiki/Deita; (Vandread) Also a neat show with a very original concept! I love how positive Deita is and how much she really cared for Hibiki in the beginning. The best part of this show was that you really had time to see the feelings unfold between the two characters!

and many many more...

Im VERY much traditional its sick. But you know what it is!!

Favorite Authors: If you really like to read I suggest totally checking out ALL these authors and their wonderful works!

Jeanine Frost: Night Huntress Series, Prince of Darkness Series

Larissa Ione: Underworld Series, Horsemen Series

Lara Adrian: Breed Series

J.R. Ward: BDB Series

Story updates and information!

I have been on a bit of a hiatus finishing up school and beginning my career! I am for the first time living on my own so I will have so much time to write! Which I am so excited about because i miss it!! (5/24/14)

All to Myself; I finally finished going through this whole story!! I added 13 pages worth of a new chapter and I am halfway through the next! So hopefully the new chapter will be up in a week or so! (Updated 6/9/13)

Next Expected Update: Okay re-editing is taking much longer than I thought! I have the next chapter written and have basically gone through the whole thing and added everything I want. Since I am lacking a beta all I want to do now is go through the whole thing and check for grammar! Thank you so much for the patience! Sorry that it is taking me so freaking long! (written 6/18/13)

As Fate Would Have it; A bit embarrassed that this story went on such a long hiatus. I just really lost interest in it, but since going through and revising All to Myself I have decided to go through and do the same for Fate. Hopefully I can get through and write it better and get an idea of where to go. In doing this I can come up with a good ending!

Next Expected Update: Re-read everything I had and mapped out where and how i want the story to go. My first priority is to finish All to Myself then really start working on this story! (written 5/31/13)

Astaroth Arc; Okay back from Vacay and will be getting another chapter out soon! (written 6/9/13)

Next Expected Update: Woo I will hopefully get a new chapter out for this in a week or so. This story has felt like it has been writing itself so doesn't take long. It probably helps that I have a lot of it mapped out as well. Even found a beta so excited!! (written 6/9/13)

The Ghost Files Continued; This has been slightly on hiatus, I will continue on with the story I swear! I just need to get a good direction going. I've been writing all my ideas out so should be getting something soon!

Next Expected Update: TBA, as i get stuff together (written 5/31/13)

If you ever have any questions or fun ideas for any of the stories never hesitate to review or send me a PM! Thank you I really appreciate everyone reading!!!

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