Transcendent Sacred Courage
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My name is Courage. Tetsu'reidza Tauran'creima Courage Astrial'len, to be exact. The Transcendent Sacred Star Being. This is my wonderful universe. An otherworldly utopia built by me. For me. I am pleased with the most phenomenal aspects that I can create. Mastery of countless crafts is what inspires me to be greater! Go above and beyond! Art is my life!

Great things come to those who are determined. Go beyond your limits. Do what you must to be successful. Value independence. Stand tall on your foundation, as well as your castle in the sky. Possessing your own gives a sense of power. A sense of true authority. Especially what you create manually.

Through concrete thought process. Time. Effort. Sweat. And perhaps even tears, you will get a sense of achievement. Accomplishment. In the end, it will all be worth it. Because once you create one aspect, you create many. It is an addiction. A true euphoria. Create your own.

Mario and Zelda are my favorite franchises of all time. I have played Mario for many years, holding this series beyond all others. Zelda is a very inspirational series while the Mario universe is the epitome of imagination. Mario and Zelda are the greatest series ever.

Also, I am the author of The Legendary Taurean: The Knighthood of Courage. I write my own stories of my original character Courage. As time proceeds, I will produce more books of my series, which will be available on

I have many insightful proverbs that I created, taking each of them into high esteem. Here are some of my following quotes:

"The truth does not need validation."

"I represent myself. No matter where I go, I stand truthfully and boldly."

"Wake up ready to win. Go to sleep with content."

"Always have a plan. If you do not, improvise efficiently."

"The sky is the limit. Reach beyond the cosmos."

"Never limit oneself. Endless possibilities await."

"Be a pioneer. Trailblazers are legendary."

"Be the star that never ceases scintillating."

"Ignorance does not congregate; it divides."

"Merely because the world view things a certain way, does not mean I have to; I gaze through my own lens."

"Dreams live through ambition and perseverance."

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