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Current Story In Progress:

Pokemon: The Adventures in the US League

Something about the Story:

It follows three trainers through the US League. Their dream is to claim the region's 16 gym badges and compete in the Champion's Cup. The winner of the Champion's Cup gets the opportunity to face the US Region's Champion. On this journey they will have to deal with an evil organization known as Team Darkness. They are bent on using the red and blue orbs to awaken the sleeping giants known as Groudon and Kyorge. The three of them will have help from the region's Champion and few other trainers stop Team Darkness.


Brady Anderson: He is an 18 year old male. He is a very intelligent trainer and can pick up on things quickly in battle. He is the big brother of the group and tries to protect the other two. He will from time to time doubt his abilities in battle, even when he wins. He has been compared to the Champion, but as much as they meet and talk, he has never actually battled him. Brady has no plans to battle him until the Champion's Cup as long as he wins. He has 9 gym badges.

Brady's Pokemon:








He is currently in a relationship with his fellow traveling companion Emma Hopkins. As the story progress he will get one more pokemon and it will lead up to him getting a Mega Evolution of one of his pokemon.

Emma Hopkins: She is also 18 years old and has this overprotective instinct over her younger sister who is the third traveling companion. Emma let's outside distractions interfere with her when she is battling. She thinks she knows what's best for her sister. She doesn't like the Champion's personality outside of battle and has said it before. She is a good battler, but can easily be overwhelmed when things get hairy in battle. She has 9 gym badges.

Emma's Pokemon:









She is in a relationship with Brady Anderson.

Katie Hopkins: She is 17 years old and is a happy-go-lucky type trainer. She is always positive even in the darkest situation. She is very energetic and is seen always smiling. If you make her mad look out she will lay into you. She is very smart and will come off as a nerd from time to time. She is great battler and has earned praises from some of the gym leaders. She very strong-willed and refuses to quit even when she is down and out. She can pick up on things really easy and you can see that when she battles.

Katie's Pokemon:










She has a secret relationship with Andrew Hanson the US Champion. She will get one maybe two mega pokemon later on.

(My OC and I will use this name in other stories as well when I get to them)

Andrew Hanson: The US Region's Champion. He is 19 years old. He has a calm and collective personality, he won't let anything get to him. He is the same way in battle. He has the ability to pick up on what a trainer's weakness is and use it against and if he can't do that he can will use the training and speed of his pokemon to outdo his opponents. He is very smart and is always thinking when in battle. People find him annoying when he tells you up front what you are doing wrong. He does that because he doesn't want another trainer make the same mistake again. He is at battle with many organizations in the US region from Team Darkness to Seraph Co. to now Blaine Drake the German Champion. His goal right now is to recapture the red and blue orbs from Team Darkness. He wants to prevent Team Darkness from awaking Groudon and Kyorge because he knows that Team Darkness will not be able to control them. He is a winner of a Champion's Cup.

Andrew's Pokemon:

He has captured a lot of pokemon on his travels with his friend Hailey when they traveled the region a few years back. He wil have four main pokemon and the other spots he will switch pokemon from time to time.

Main Four:


Lucario (Mega Lucario)

Charizard (Mega Charizard X)


(Other Pokemon he has or have used)












He is in a relationship with Katie Hopkins.

There are others and they will be introduced when he uses them.

Evil Organization: Team Darkness

Lead by: Roger Goodsworth

Second in Command: Marco

Captains/ Admins: Kerry, Ariel, Alex, Jacob (Yet to be introduced)

Lead Scientist: Marcus

Plan: To use the Red and Blue Orbs to awaken and hope to control Kyorge and Groudon. They are not afraid to attack anyone who gets in their way. Of the admins Kerry is the worst one he is very maniacal and evil. They have a untrusting relationship with Seraph Co.

I do plan to do other stories and have actually begun writing one. Once I'm ready to release it I will. It will be a pokemon story as before, but not based in the real world more of the each region. Stay tuned for that.

Something About Me:

I was born and raised in California. I am a College Student that does this in my spare time when I'm not at work or out at School. I base a lot of my characters on people I have meet in my life. I have loved pokemon since I was 6 and have been playing pokemon since Gold and Sliver. I have been playing pokemon for 15 years and I didn't like Black and White 2 I did beat it almost a year after they came out. I do like other video games such as the Halo series, any game Telltale has made. I watch The walking Dead, and Yugioh so maybe in the future I'll do a story on them. When I write I try to thing of myself as someone that goes outside the box.

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