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Story's In Progress:

Pokemon: The Adventure's in the US League

Bio of Story: Three trainers travel the US Region to claim 16 gym badges in order to participate in the regions Champions Cup. While trying to do this they will face an Evil Organization bent on controlling a Legendary Pokemon's Power to accomplish their goals. Our three hero's will have help from the Region's Champion Andrew Hanson. Read to find out more.

My OC:

name: Andrew Hanson

age: 18

Height: 5'7 Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: He has Brown hair it is somewhat short and most of the time covered by his hat.

City and State: Modesto, CA but most most of the time uses Sacramento as his hometown he really does not tell anyone that he is from Modesto.

Clothing: He usually wears a white or black shirt that has a pokeball on it but rarely seen because he has a jacket on that covers it. The jacket was given to him when he became Champion. The jacket is grey in color and on the back says US League Champion he would also wear just a plain black jacket as well. That is used in the rain. and for the snow he wears a beanie. He wears a turtle neck and a grey snow jacket. He always wears blue jeans and the same white sneakers no matter the weather.

Pokemon trainer: Champion

Personality: When he is battling anyone he is a very serious battler. Outside a battle he has a very calm personality. He hates seeing trainers abandon pokemon that causes to get angry. At time he can make a joke and laugh but otherwise he comes off as always has an answer to anything.

Desc: When he travels around he usually hides who he is but when around people he knows he is a very friendly person. Andrew is not afraid to tell you how it is. If he fells you do something wrong he will call you on it. But otherwise he is a nice guy to be around. He would rather be around pokemon then other humans. He just gets pokemon more then other Humans.

Pokemon: Andrew always changes his team. But he has two he usually never switches which are his Glaceon and his Flygon.



Ice Beam




Shadow Ball

Iron Tail

Sheer Cold ( It is rarely used unless he fells it is completely necessary)

Andrew was given this in the form of an Eevee when he was ten. This is what Andrew used to get through Trainer's School. His Eevee evolved one day near Denver, Colorado when Andrew was training and he was stranded in the blizzard-like conditions. Eevee evolved to help Andrew find his way back to a pokemon center. Now as a Glaceon he has become Andrew's best pokemon. Andrew will use him in any situation. Andrew relies on his Glaceon to get the job done. Glaceon has never let Andrew down. Andrew relies on his Glaceon to keep his spirits high when he is down. When used in battle Andrew will rely on Glaceon's speed to win against any opponent.



Dragon Claw

Dragon Tail


Dragon Pulse

Draco Meter

Hyper Beam

Andrew found him as a Trapinch in the Mohave Desert at the age 11. This Trapinch followed Andrew all the way back to Sacramento. How Trapinch got from Mohave to Sacramento is still a big mystery that still has Andrew confused to this day. This is Andrew most recognized pokemon because this is how he flies from point A to point B. I very powerful pokemon inside and outside a battle. Flygon has become a very useful tool in Andrew arsenal he can call on this pokemon at any time in a battle and he get the job done.

When it comes to the other four pokemon Andrew will drastically change them depending on the type of battle. If he is battling someone outside the Pokemon League he would use these four pokemon.



King's Shield

Shadow Sneak

Shadow Ball

Night Slash


Iron Defense

Sacred Sword



Aerial Ace

Close Combat

Brave Bird

Final Gambit

Steel Wing






Hydro Pump

Aqua Ring

Earth Power


Hydro Cannon




Focus Blast

Dazzling Gleam

Clam Mind




Ability: Rock Head

Head Smash

Wild Charge

Iron Defense



Flare Blitz

Now when it comes to a battle for the tittle of Champion Andrew will use a completely different team. The only two that stay are Andrew's Glaceon and Flygon.

When it comes to a ghost type Andrew would now use is best.




Dream Eater


Shadow Ball


Dark Pulse


He would normally have a flying type but in this case He would use his trusted starter pokemon Charizard.




Fire Blast

Blast Burn

Dragon Rush

Dragon Pulse

Heat Wave


At this time Andrew would either use Swampert since he is very reliable or would go with his Lucario.



Aura Sphere

Close Combat

Stone Edge

Flash Cannon

Bone Rush

Blaze Kick

High Jump Kick

Thunder Punch

Last but certainly not least is Andrew's Electric power house.






Thunder Fang

Wild Charge

Take Down

And a move only thought a Pikachu could and that would be Volt Tackle.

Ideas for next story's:

A Yugioh GX story featuring all new cards from 5Ds and Zexal. Also new characters none of the old ones from the series. Also OC's will used.

A Pokemon story. It will be focused on the annual Tournament in Lumiose City in the Kalos Region. It will have OC's as well as characters from the anime. All characters from the anime will be older and wiser.

A Walking Dead story. Based on the events after the prison. Most of the TV characters will appear also will use OCs too.

Getting to know me

Name: Who needs to know

Country: USA

State: California

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