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Hi, I'm Kim! This is my first time writing stories on this webpage. I've always read the stories of others and some might even know me as a reviewer. Especially Wink57CS. Hey guys read my stories, tell me what you think! Anways I'm 14 years old, I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have a older brother, a dog, a cat, and a fish. Anyways, I wrote four stories.

The 1st one is called "The Strongest Seduction" which is about everybody after the Pirates of the Caribbean and it's very dramatic with tons of romance.

The 2nd one is called "The Wind Never Talks" which is an alternate fic on the cast of Escaflowne and it's very angsty with lots of romance.

My third story is "The Faintest of Sounds" which is also a story about the characters of Escaflowne. It's A/U story sort of.

Fourth story is "Feathers of a Bird" which is an A/U story and it kind of has a lot of angst in dealing with the whole Van/Hitomi relationship and the Van/Hitoki relationship. It gets really complicated but it turns out alright in the end.

Favorite Anime: Escaflowne (#1 BABY, YEAH!) Gundam Wing (1XR, 2XH, 3XC, 4XD, 5XS) G Gundam (DXR, SSXDenmark Girl, CXS) GdSXML, AGXN) Inuyasha (IYXKag, IYXK, MXS, MXGirl met, SXTB Girl) Yu Yu Hakusho (YXK, YXB, HXB,KXH's lil' sis) Rurouni Kenshin (KXK, SXM, YXT) Wolf's Rain (KXB, HXB)Cardcaptors (SXS, EXT, EXS, TXGirl, MXGuy) Digimon (TXS, JXMM, MXGirl) Cowboy Bebop (SXJ, SXF, EXDog) Case Closed (Detective Conan)(JXR a.k.a CXR)

For some odd reason, I don't think of Pokemon as a anime. More or less, I think of it as a really weird cartoon that happens to be Japanese. I know there is manga about it but never occured to me that it was anime until now, which is my first year of highschool. Kinda sad considering I've been watching it since the 4th grade. The same goes for Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Favorite T.V. shows: Angel (David Boreanez and James Marsters are SOOO HOTTT!) Buffy One Tree Hill Gilmore Girls Smallville Everwood MTV 1&2 BET Will & Grace Friends Simpsons Seinfeld That 70's Show Crank Yankers South Park George Carlin Live Adult Swim (Free Hockey Chicken!)

There are entirely too many movies that I like, so I'm not gonna name them all right now. Let's just say the first movie I ever saw was Jaws and I was 4 years old at the time. THAT MOVIE ROCKS!

I have lots of friends and have many beliefs when it comes to religion. I am a Christian, SO DON'T GO THERE GIRLFRIEND! snaps fingers in a z with a gangsta face on lol.

Don't even talk to me about Dr. Phil. He's so messed up it's not even funny. I don't care what Oprah says.

MARTHA STEWART IS FINALLY IN JAIL! room is decorated with streamers and ribbons and a big banner that says "YAY, MARTHA IS DECORATING PRISON". Opens a bottle of champagne as the cork flies through a window and downs the entire bottle lol.

The music I like is a very complicated subject indeed. I like all types of music from classic to rock to rap. THE ONLY MUSIC I TRULY HATE IS KID SONGS, COUNTRY, AND GOSPEL.

Other than that, I'm an average kid in highschool in Mercerville, NJ.


Hi Mallory!

Umm... Hey, I'm known as Prince Marth here, but my real name is George I wrote the YuGiOh and Evangellion stories... Kim's my good pal and self-proclaimed Best Pal in the Entire World, well not really self-proclaimed, she is my best pal.

"AHHH! Oh no, I just died! AHHH, the smell! Oh no, the chickens; what will they do? My best friends on rainy days." That was a poem written by my friend George in my 8th grade year book when we graduated from our elementry school, Our Lady of Sorrows in Mercerville, NJ. I don't know how he came up with it at the time, I just like it is all. I LOVES YA GEORGE-Y BOY!

Vampires are awesome, don't you think so. I mean other than the fact that they have to suck people's blood in order to survive. But hey, big fish gotta eat little fish is what I always say. Queen of the Damned is a good movie. I don't understand why Anne Rice won't let people write about it on . I guess she doesn't want people tarnishing her work on here even though that isn't what people do on here.


The cool thing about my birthday is 5 things.

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban come out that day.

2. Full moon that night, so that means I can go crazy and have an excuse.

3. If I had been born a month later, I would've been born on the 4th of July.

4. I'm a Gemini, get used to it.

5. I looked up famous Gemini's on the internet. Turns out John Wayne, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, and the Olsen Twins are Gemini's as well.

Hi everyone! Been a lllloooooooonnnnggg time. Anyways, what's up in the house my brothers? lol. Man, I have only so many days before I return back to the hell which is currently known as highschool. Damn, I'm gonna be a sophmore this year.

Well that's a good thing and a bad thing for two reasons.

1. One year closer to achieving my drivers license. (Look out pedestrians and Bill Clinton!)

2. I'll be one year closer to dying, meaning one year older. Damn. I hate prunes too.

I hate falling in love with movie stars. Especially when they match some of your characteristics and have more flaws than you which makes them perfect for you. Damn the English! Oh wait, scratch that; they totally rock! Yeah, I wanna live in London one day and become a famous author one day just like J.K. Rowling!

Hell Yeah Bitch!

First things first though, gotta get through my highschool years and graduate with a good degree. Well, I'm screwed. Well, at least one thing has improved over the summer. My art. I have finally mastered the technique known as shading and am well on my way to making some very real shit when I draw stuff. Man, this has got to be the longest bio ever on ! I TOTALLY ROCK!


Why does everyone hate Relena! She's not bad, not evil, she's slightly annoying, and has a unsual wish to die. I don't like yaoi. Not that I'm against gays or anything, matter of fact; gay guys are a girls best friend. But really, could you imagine Heero giving any of the Gundam girls hair styling tips. He's as straight as the day! Not to mention the fact that he never exactly protects Duo, just helps him out once in a while. I mean, what is so horrible about Heero and Relena being a couple? I think they make a great couple!

They're total opposites! She's all about peace, saving lives, being gentle and kind, and expressing her emotions. Heero is cold, calculated, a soldier, and tries to express his emotions but most of the time they just burst into flames... That's my opinion.

Relena was the one who wanted to know about him, wanted him to know he wasn't alone, probably the first person to say she was on his side, was the one he couldn't kill even if he wanted too, not to mention the fact she whispers his name right after he says hers. Whether it's out loud or internally. He protected her, didn't kill her even when he had all those chances, expressed more emotion around her than when he's around the pilots, goes to all sorts of different odds just to save her on Libra after Hilde says she's there, embraces her on Libra when he's about to fight with a tender expression. I mean for crying out loud, they kissed in the manga. You could read all the manga in the world about Gundam Wing. There's always a picture of them in some sort of lovers position where as Heero is just talking to Duo. Even in E.W. Duo says "Anything for the one you love." Hello, major clue there! So you know what, cut the crap and just move on. It's Heero and Relena all the way and I will never be convince otherwise. Matter of fact, yaoi doesn't even have any effect on me. I read a couple and all it did was create this repulsion feeling in me.


Case Closed

"Within the high stakes world of police work exists a surplus of capable detectives. These detectives work with police to uncover the clues needed to track down and apprehend the vilest criminals. Jimmy Kudo is just such a detective. But there is something unique about Jimmy…he is still in high school! As Jimmy aids the frustrated Officer Meguire in a homicide investigation at a crowded amusement park, two mysterious men in black assault the super sleuth and feed him an experimental drug, which causes him to shrink to childhood size. Now, as the indomitable Detective Conan, Jimmy must seek out clues to his assailants as he struggles to keep his secret from the one person he cares for most."

(The summary above is from Windows Media.)

I'm totally in love with the new series called "Case Closed" (Detective Conan)! It's such a good show! I think it's so cute how Conan and Rachel keep getting these alone moments where:

A.) Rachel thinks Conan is Jimmy. (Which is true..)

B.) Conan uses his bow tie gadget to switch his voice back to his natural voice and talks to Rachel to comfort her during his "Absence."

C.) Conan teases Rachel about Jimmy while asking her if she loves him while she's spilling her heart to "Jimmy".

I just think it's so cute and how intelligent the show is due to the real detective work done during the show. Everyone thinks that Richard Moore is the real great detective when actually he's unconcious or drunk with Conan sitting behind his chair; using his bow tie gadget to change his voice so it sounds like Richard's and convict the real villan. It's really intelligent and REALLY CUTE! Ahhhhh...(Gets all starry eyed with hands on cheeks and blushes madly) LOL. _


Composed and Arranged by Yoko Kanno

Vocal by Mai Yamane

Soprano Voice: Souichiro Otsuka with Gabriela Robin

Cowboy Bebop- “Blue” CD

Never seen a bluer sky Yeah I can feel it reaching out and moving closer There's something 'bout blue Asked myself what it's all for You know the funny thing about it I couldn't answer No, I couldn't answer Things have turned a deeper shade of blue And images that might be real may be illusionKeep flashing off and on Free... Wanna be Free…, Gonna be Free... and move among stars You know they really aren't so far Feels so Free... Gotta know Free... Please... Don't wake me from the dream It's really everything it seemed I'm so Free... No black and white in the blue Everything is clearer now Life is just a dream, You know that's never ending I'm ascending.

I just watched the last episode of "Cowboy Bebop" again. The song at the end of the series is so beautiful. Yoko Kanno is such a talented muscian and writer. He did the songs for The Vision of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain (now), Earth Girl Arjuna, and Macross Plus. The vocals are beautiful and the artwork at the end of the show depict the song perfectly.

The sad part is that Spike's death is predicted by some old Indian fortune teller who say "His star is going to fall. I saw it in my dream." Suffice to say, Spike dies after killing his arch rival Vicious and dies on the steps outside the building with all the gang members watching as he puts his hand into the shape of a gun and utters his last word. "Bang." After the credits end, you see a bright, small star twinkle brightly for a few seconds and then fade away into nothingness...

Gotta be Free...

The last message of the show is:

"You're gonna carry all that weight"

See You Space Cowboy...

My fellow Americans!...well, actually, I don't know how many American's are on this website but that's ok! Anyways, what's up my home people! (LOL, home people) I'm totally bored...It's 1:23 am on 9/25/04 and I'm on my computer watching Godzilla V.S. the Sea Monster on the AMC channel. I don't get it though, Mothra is somehow involved even though it's only supposed to be Godzilla and the Sea Monster, the music is crappy, and the movie was made in the early 70's in Japan. Everyone's mouths are moving in the Japanese language while they speak English. Kinda like those ninja movies you see occasionally on t.v. that are so stupid you don't even bother to stay on that channel for like 1 second.

God, I'm bored! My friend George is being a total jerk. I've called and called him but he never calls back. He says he's busy but he's too lazy to ever be busy with shit. Unless...HE'S BUSY BEING LAZY! @!& S.O.B! (Count the letters to guess what kind of curse word I wrote in computer language!) Not to mention he was supposed to have a party for his birthday this weekend but he never sent out the invitations like he said he would. Such a jerk...

You know, I wish I was in the Godzilla movie I described before. Because if I was, I could dance idiotically while chanting some shit to wake up a giant moth and look cool. Not to mention, I could meet the two inch women who are somehow always connected to Mothra. Plus, it would be kind of cool to watch Godzilla fight monsters and then resume destroying humanity by squishing them with his giant feet. The first Godzilla movie totally sucked. It was on like an hour ago or something, totally sucked. It was the first Godzilla movie ever and it was made in 1956. As you can imagine, people during the late 50's were not good movie makers. For cryin' out loud, even Godzilla didn't look like Godzilla. It was so freakin' weird...

I don't know about the rest of you but this frickin' campaign shit for Bush and Kerry are driving me nuts. Every 5 minutes there's some commercial critizing how bad the other one is and then they say "John Kerry approves this message" or "George Bush approves this message."and I just feel like saying to them each...WELL OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU MORONS! IT'S YOUR FREAKIN' CAMPAIGNS! WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF YOU APPROVE...YOU'RE THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Well, now that's out of my system...I have major caffine issues...I just want you people to know this in case you are terrified beyond rational thought because of my freakin' long BIO!

I think it's FREAKIN' SWEET!

LONG LIVE STEWIE! "Flappy, good news! I've decided not to kill you." or "Who the hell do you think you are!"

Ok, I'm gonna sign off now because I think the administrators are gonna get pissed if I keep writing and making my BIO obnoxiously totally LOVE Case Closed (Detective Conan). It's the most awesome thing in the entire WORLD! YEAH, LONG LIVE SHINICHI AND RAN (Jimmy and Rachel)! THEY'RE THE GREATEST COUPLE IN THE ENTIRE SHOW! GOD, I LOVE E-BAY! Ok, I'm gonna go now before I really go off track...


Ok, so, yeah...It's me again. I've decided to update EVERYDAY on my bio just to see how obnoxiously long I can make it before the administrators become really pissed and then tell me to get the hell off of their website. So, anybody got any ideas as to what I can write about? Hmmmmm...I'm waiting. Oh, and Mallory-nee-chan, if you're reading this my e-mail (secret) address is (takes a deep dramatic breath):

[email protected]

That's not really all that hard to remember. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the complement about my long beautiful brown hair. I know, isn't it gorgeous! It's the one thing I actually love about myself other than my maniac personality. Thanks for the quote from Stewie. I really appreciate it. I'll have to memorize it so I can put it on here...oh well. Wow...I'm really bored. This is what happens when you have to much caffine, finish all your homework before 4:00 in the afternoon, and have entirely WAY TOO MUCH free time on your hands...(sigh) oh well. So...I'm updating, updating, updating, updating... (lol) Ok, soo...that's my update for today.


Yeah, ok,'s me again. Whoop-de-do; surprise, surprise...anyways...

Man, this totally sucks. This stupid storm isn't doing anything to prolong the morning hours of sleep for me. Then again, God rarily answers my prayers. I This is the most exciting thing of my day except that I got my homework done before 3:30 this afternoon (beat that Mally-nee-chan!) now I'm done. Yep, that's about it...



Hahahahahahahah Guess who_

I'm back, andI gotta say,I wasn't trying to ignore you, sorry,I get caught up and lazy, soI haven't called you yet and I'm sorry. Just know, no matter what, we will always be friends and I'll never be mad at you, so: yeah! Hmm...I woulda written something cool here but,I can't remember whatI was gonna write... woof

I finally decided to try to get into your profile soI could write here,I haven't killed anything in your profile yet soI figure it worked, ifI accidentally did,I apologize, seriously, causeI wouldn't have meant to, but I'm trying to be as careful asI can be... which may not be saying much cause its me...

I'm ready to train you now, but my sword broke, soI got two new ones. I'll show them to you next time you come over, also you gotta knowI got spring break coming up in about a week : I'll call you as soon as i'm off.

So how ya doing? I know u'r pissed at me, Sano says so, (sweat drop) butI am really sorry,I didn't mean too, you know me, I'm just lazy_ NEVER TAKE MY EXTREME LAZINESS FOR ANGER, INGNORANCE, OR LOSS OF THE LEFT SIDE OF MY HEAD... well,I may have lost it, but I'm not sure...

I'll check my and your bio fro now on, so if you want to update I'll check both.

I'll take my leave, but with it I'll leave two quotes, "In this universe we are all tied together by one thing, that will set us free. "

"The forest is quiet, too quiet, what happened to the birds, the animals... I CAN'T HEAR ANY FISH!"

3/12/05-(Best Day Ever!)

I went to the movies today with my friend, George...we went to see Constantine...IT TOTALLY ROCKED! OMG, IT'S LIKE...MY MOVIE OF THE YEAR! EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO PERFECT (although the wardrobe for Keanu was based on the Matrix), IT WAS JUST...AHHHHHH!

I'm now devotingmy celebrity idolness to Keanu Reeves.. bless you Lord for Canadians with weird Hawaiian names.

As soon as it comes out on DVD, I'm gonna be likeone of those video geeks that goes out tothe video store that's closest to them and buy the first copy that hits the store.

Anyways...I know I was supposed to write on my bio like everyday for the next whole year...but the thing is, it kinda got delayed by this Hell-Hole-Like thing called high school; especially if you're a sophomore. Trust me, for all those kids out there who want to grow up really fast; take my advice...


By the way...

Hey, George

What's up? I'm totally bored...Tomorrow is my spirituality day at school and I have to go and hang out with these little kids all's not so bad, considering that I get to skip out on classes all day: (as Napolean Dynamite says "YESSSS!")

And as the sticker on my binder says:

Don't cut class, SKIP THE WHOLE DAY!

Man, for the past two days, I haven't been able to get Constantine out of my head. I think about it all the time. I try to conjur up images from the movie and I just think about how much I love it. GOD BLESS THE DIRECTOR AND THE COMIC BOOK HELLBLAZER (which is what it was based off of).


Seriously, though, I think I am. I'm like, counting down the days and the months till it comes out on DVD. I'm such a dork or a freak or whatever...

Listen, I'd love to stay and chat but...I gotta go...



Hey, to all you Constantine fans out there!


I was surfing on the internet likeI do every day and I went on this websiteabout Constantine(figures, right?)...

Anyways, there was this part of the website that had to do with the news about the movie. SO,I was like "Okay, might as well check it out anyways, got nothin' better to do." Well, low and behold there was something news worthy indeed.

And Iquote...

February 22nd, 2005

Constantine 2?

Chud quotes Warner Brother's "president of domestic distribution" Dan Fellman -

"Considering that this was an unknown quantity, we're obviously really pleased with the results and look forward to the sequel. The exits were excellent, which leads us to conclude that the film will continue to do well."

(http:///hell/movie/news/index.html )

End quote...


I went on the interview part of the website and even Keanu Reeves said he would like to play the role of Constantine again as long as all the people from before come back into the project. He also mentioned something about trying to stop whatever was in the Revelations section of the Bible.

So, who knows. Maybe even Chaz will come back somehow in the movie and deliever some message to John. Hopefully, John and Angela will get together and finally get that kiss over and done with since they didn't do it in the first movie (sighs with frustration). Their attraction was so obvious it was ridiculous whichis whyit kept me on the edge of my seat besides the other suspense of Hell taking over the world from Satan's son's point ofview. Not to mention the fact that Gabriel is a girl, not a guy, and a total nut job.

Kudos to Francis Lawrence for making a cool movie with a weird twist andpsycho suspense, along with an insane angel and a magnetic attraction! YOU ROCK!

Well, that's it for my update!



Well, I bought the Constantinebook. Don't know about the rest of you, but I know and my psychiatrist knows that I'm insane and obsessed. The thing is, the author of the book added some stuff that wasn't in the movie at all. It was one of those books that are "based" on the movie after it comes out. There were some parts in it that I thought were totally WRONG!

For example:

His first, true love was Kit Ryan. A Irish Catholic woman who left him after she was almost killed by a half demon.


His TRUE love is Angela Dodson! Not some woman who left him just because she was almost killed. It just irks me how some guy can go and make that up after he "bases it" on the movie. Kit Ryan wasn't even mentioned in the movie. God, it's such Fxxxxx bullshit!

And frankly, what's up with this Chas/John or Lucifer/John shit. Chas is John's apprentice, his friend; not his lover. And even in thebeginning, you could tell that Chas was attracted to girls because of the way he flirted with that one chick later on in the movie. Even John was flirting with Angela when he wasn't being his usual jerky self. Which is rare by the way. Lucifer has no romantic interest in John. The only interest he posesses for John is to drag his soul down to Hell and torture him for all eternity for ruining all his plans and cheating him at the end when he made that sacrifice (finally) for Isabel's soul to go to Heaven. (Yes, that's how you spell her name.), now that that is out of my system, I shall spend my time writing crap and getting ready for my Easter vacation coming up next Thursday when I take the day off instead of going to school to sit through mass all day in an auditorium. God, I hate my school. They think mass is something you celebrate on the same stage people use to do plays as religious.

Here let me give you people a clue: NO!

Mass is something you celebrate as a community, meaning the people you know and love as if they were family. Not a bunch of high school kids or teachers thrown together whom you might not know or might not like all that much. I just...hate everything about it. It just sucks. I just want someone to go and set it on fire so that way no one would ever to go to that school ever again.

Okay...getting rid of bad thoughts.

Anyway, Constantine book both good and bad. John/Angela forever, none of this John/Chas or John/Lucifer crap. Get on with your lives people. There was nothing remotely gay or anything related to gayness in that movie. No homosexualness at all. Trust me, I know gay when I see it. I'm friends with about 50 of em'. I have signals that know. I didn't get any signals during the course of that movie.

And, there is no such THING as Kit Ryan...(may she burn in Hell). She was not Constantine's first love, she's some random woman in love with some other dude on the other side of the country. So, there...

Well, that about wraps up my little bit for today.


S'up people, nothing going down here! Hahahaha, funny, I know. I'm really bored right now. It's 10:26 pm on May 15, 2005 and I just got finished watching Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with my mother.She just went to bed about five minutes ago. It's really good; Jim Carrey is the ultimate funny, villan, actor guy ever.He's just phenominal...there's no words to describe him in this movie.

There's a song at the end that he wrote, it's so hilarious. In one of the previews for future movies, the "Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie" has this one preview with this quote that I think is the cutest thing ever.


Sponge Bob: "...Well, good luckwith that!"

It's so cute. Well, yeah, that's about it. I have to go watch the movie again before school starts in about...7 1/2 hours...


Hey, just to be totally random for you people, here's some scenic quotes that I liked from the "Mummy Returns" during the beginning of the movie where they're discussing the fate of the world.

Alex : "I wouldn't get too nervous just yet. (Shows them the bracelet).

Johnathon: "Is that gold?

Alex: "When I stuck it on, I saw the Pyramid of Giza. Then whoosh - straight across the desert to Karnark!

Ardeth (Magi): "By putting this on, you've started a chain reaction that could bring about the next Apocalypse!

Alex: "gasp!

Rick: "You, lighten up. You, big trouble. You, get in the car.

Rick: "Alright Alex, I got a big job for you. I want you to stay here and protect the car.

Johnathon: "I can do that!

Alex: "Protect the car? C'mon Dad, just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Rick: "I know.(ruffles Alex's hair)

Alex: " Daaadddd!"

Johnathon: "If you see anyone come running out screaming; it's just me.

Rick: "Why don't you stay here and watch him.

Johnathon: "Yes, now you're talking.

Rick: (rolls out his weapons inside the trunk of the car) You want the shotgun?

Ardeth (Magi): "No, I prefer the Thompson.

Ardeth (Magi): (glances at the tattoo on Rick's wrist) If I were to say to youthat I'm a stranger traveling from the East seeking that which is lost...

Rick: "Then I would say to you that I am stranger traveling from the West, it is whom you seek.

So yeah, that's about it. I was watching the movie again tonight and I just thought these quotes were either funny or cool and I decided to post them up on my bio just so I could always read them and laugh. I love Egypt. It's my favorite country in the whole world; it's ancient culture is so fascinating. I'm gonna travel there someday and see all the ancient ruins, maybe even the some of the burial chambers of the pharoahs if I get lucky enough.


Hey everyone, you'll never guess what today is!



Well, actually, I won't turn 16 until 4:36 this morning...only 1hr and 33 minutes to go. Man, sixteen years...

As I'm reading a card this morning, my father walks in behind me, reads the card and says out loud "Happy 16th Birthday; Love, Aunt Mildred." He turns to me and says "Well, now that you've made it, what are you going to do now?"

All of my friends are like "Are you gonna try out for you permit now?" And I'm like "No, because I don't want to be responsible for a car right now." Seriously, you got three tons of metal with four wheels and not knowingwhat to do; yeah, that's reeeeaaaal good.

Anyways, the big "One Six"; yeah, it's all good. I'm having a party in the middle of the summer since I'm going away to Maine on the 17th. Ah, only thirteen more days until vacation. I can hardly wait (squeals)...!

But,as I said before; when I do get my permit "Look out pedestrians and Bill Clinton."

I'll also be taking a trip to Canada to see a certain "STAR" actor if you know what I mean.



So now I'm officially 16...12 days after the fact. Anyways, I've got a update people; I'm not gonna be here for the next week. I actually WAS planning on updating on a few of my stories but it turns out after I finish my last 2 finals tomorrow, I'm going up to my grandmother's house, staying over night, leaving at 6 AM for Massachussetts, and then going all the way to Boothbay Harbor, Maine on June 19th. I won't be back until the 28th. I'M SO EXCITED! AHHHHHH!

Man, I'm so happy I finished school. I'm finally a Junior. Only two more years and then it's off to college. Then the REAL WORLD.

Oh, joy.

No more French! Life is good...

Well, Au revoir mes amis! Until the 28th...


Alright, I know it's been like a month and...5 days since I last updated on this thing. Long time, right?

Alright, right now, I am working on my Escaflowne story "Feather's of a Bird" but I'm having a hard time finishing the first chapter because I haven't really had any inspiration to continue it. I mean, I do want to because it's not really in my personality to quit on something that I start. It's just...I'm sort of running out of ideas as to how this will go. I mean, this will be a long story; but I feel that my writing techinques could use a critiquing (hahahaha...techniques and don't see where I'm going with this, do you? sighs WILLNO ONEEVER UNDERSTAND MY GENIUS!)...

Because when I read my stories, everything seems kind of sluggish and there's no real action in the words; I mean, I'm halfway done with the first chapter and I'm still reading it over and over just to make sure it even makes sense.

Anyways...I've been busy looking around for fics about my top three favorite couples right now...and they are (Drum roll)

1. Domon Kasshu and Rain Mikamura (G Gundam)

2. Kaito Kuroba (Thief) and Aoko Nakamori (Magic Kaitou)

3. Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

So far, I haven't found any of top quality round' here (Picks up goggles as eyes magnify to 10x their size and look around) and I've searched all over the internet but alas, Fate is a cruel mother effin'...mumbles...

So yeah, that's about it ya'll. Oh yeah, I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Melissa Winslow who doesn't know anything about this site. Happy 16th Birthday Melissa! (Even though I don't remember which 8th of July it was! sweat drop)


yo, i'm updating on my bio and yoours...

i'm sorry things turned out as they did... truth be told, i was gonna call you back, but it was really late and i didn't want to bother your dad and to be honest i didn't say anything about going to ken's cause i wasn't sure if i could even go anywhere... Let's put it this way, about five minutes after kan called, you called (at that point i was running out the door and was barely even able to tell dad what was going on... emergency at the pool, tom blew something up......

I didn't want to hurt your feelings, or make you feel like i don't wanna hang with you, sis, little bro is bad at making excuses as you know so i wasn't sure how to tell you when i did talk to you. Also it's true that, if you've noticed, i've been rationing my off days between all the members of the OniRyuu clan and i hadn't seen him in awhile... not to mention... i had overheard plans that my parents made to have you guys come over for dinner on Saturday (today) but they waited and so they're planning one of the days we get back from vacation... also if you wanna come to Cape may one day and meet up with us, we're staying at the same place, just gimme a call slightly before hand and we'll plan for it (including a day at the beach to make up for last time...) Oh and DONT FEEL BAD (IF YOU DO, AND NOT THAT YOU SHOULD) FOR BEING ANGRY AT ME, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE!

Talk to you again... please give a call... we'll meet again. _Prince MArth a.k.a. Xai ( the dead one)

Mmmk...this is how it works; my new name (pen name) is Tynan. I know it was usually Van Fanel's Soulmate but I decided it was time for a change...anyways, I was getting tired of such a long pen name and it was so weird to have such a long pen name when people recommend I went on a website that shall not be mentioned :cough: babynamesdotcom :cough: and looked up the word Dark. There, I came across the name Tynan and I just thought it sounded really cool. It has a nice ring, no?'s Celtic. Does anyone ever notice that the coolest authors with coolest stories have the shortest pen names? Maybe it's just me...

By the way, I am putting the rest of my stories on hiatus until I finish my Detective Conan/Case Closed story Mirror. I know this seems rather unfair and cruel but I am determined to do the best of my abilities so that I can achieve my true objective; to become a true in turn, I have to sacrifice some of my inspiration for my other stories and turn it all on Mirror. I was planning on rewriting my Escaflowne story Feathers of a Bird but I've put that on hiatus as well. The reason I feel I must do this was written out in a letter that I labeled as an Author's Note in Mirror.

So, if anyone has any questions or what not; e-mail me, that's what it's there for.

So, no more updates; nyet, nilch, get the drift, ne? As Stewie said in that one episode...

"That's it. Game's over man!"

If a sequel is requested for Mirror, I will put that on hold until I finish one of my other stories. This is my solemn promise from now on. It's time for some changes.

Ok, now that that's out of my system, I have something more to say...I LOVE THE SERIES MAGIC KAITOU! IT'S SO EFFING COOL! LONG LIVE THE COUPLE KAITO/AOKO! THEY'RE JUST SO ADORABLE!

(Cries) I love (sniffle) Gosha Aoyama! He's just so (wails) incredible (sniffle) and such a (sobs) GENIUS!

Well, that's it for now...oh, and before I forget...GEORGE, I'M STILL MAD AT YOU...I'll see you on Thrusday...

Later...Woof stick... hmmmmmmmm waita minute were'd that come from?

U isnt now... Anyway uhh hows i goin? Tynan-it's a new thing to call u that... By the way, though i haven't changed it yet, i was wondering what u would think if i just became "Prince Marth" or better yet... "Marth The Descent of the Heavens" or maybe "God Marth" mmmmmmm-like a god.

Now that i got that out... how'd u like Cape May, i have to appollogize, i would have much rather hung out with u the whole day, golf is great and even better when dad plays, but that was just a bad day for me... and i should get over THAT part too...

Woof, i also kinda like the idea of a pen name "Wolf of Mihu" which i got Tasha and Erika to call me ( two of the regulars at my pool-err Tom's Pool) But i'll proboly just leave the name alone.

Your Bio is impressive discipula, but still not as long as mine, keep going_

Onto RyuuTenshii, your first secret to learn is Dragon Scales, and i'm carving some new blades as of right now and thus i'll most-likely have one for you, and i'll have an updated- newly forged, Kikuichimonji-No-Remuna!(sorry, the prospect of obtain a new blade for myself, though selffish sorry is exciting i gues i could make the excuse "because it isn't often new opportunities come" but enough with the excuses. however, the invention of wood-glue has been a very beneficial source for the creation of new blades...So i'll finally face Sano with my old one. it will be a lesson for u and his aprentice.

The ronin started to turn away, voices called but he knew "cannot turn back, i can never turn back" he stepped away and as he turned, asif spoken from the wind-"We will meet again."'s the scoop.

Alright, now I know I said I would rewriting "Mirror" again as soon as I had the first chapter done. Problem is it's been a week and a half since I deleted it and I'm still writing on page three.


Yes! Inspiration keeps BITING ME IN THE ASS!

I know that's not necessarily a good thing but hey, it happens to be a bad idea when you've got two ideas running around in your head. Hurts like hell...

What's my inspiration biting me for? Well the thing is, remember that little fettish I mentioned earlier in bio about my new obsession with Kaitou Kid. Well, it's blossomed into a full blowout crazed, psycho fascination. Quite literally, I want to marry a 'kaitou' myself when I get older. All that danger...ahhh...every woman's dream come true. It's SEXY!

Anyways, this movie that I happen to like that has Wesley Snipes as its main character; you may know it as BLADE. Yeah well, anyways...

The damn, good, kick-ass, movie came onto tonight and just when I was reading some good Kaito X Aoko fic named "Moonlight Shadows". Suddenly, this idea popped into my head. If you can add 2 + 2 then congratulations; you just won 4! Yahtzee!

No but seriously, if you put two and two together you should be able to sumise what my idea is about. But it's gonna get deeper, darker, and a hell of a lot more romantic.

Gah! I'm so sick of everyone walking around on tiptoes because of this whole friendship thing. If you love someone, you love someone. That means romance, kissing, passion, protection, worrying. Even if it's not in the characters nature to act so. Love changes people, it'sas simple as that. Don't believe me, ask a shrink.

For cryin' out loud, I'd think if you have a detective and a thief in love with their childhood friends you'd think they would become the man for once; geez!

So, for those of you who didn't catch on; here are some clues spoken in the language of Tarzan!



Magic Kaitou



Good enough for you yet? I should hope so...

Oh, hi George. Yes, I had a lovely time in Cape May. It really was sad you couldn't join us. We had a blast walking around town. Of course, I acted like the baggage mule when our mothers bought stuff. You know, your mom is one cool lady. You really should spend some more time with her. Anyways, sorry you had such a horrible time with golf. maybe you'll do better next time; don't give up! I really hope we get to do that again next year! Maybe I'll see you in the near future.

Author's name: Faolan

go to /Cough/ babynamesdotcom /Cough/ and look up the meaning for Wolf. That's where I found it. It's Celtic/Gaelic. Like mine is! Anyways, if you don't like it you can look up other meanings! Mingan is also nice. Means Grey Wolf. Native American too.

And what do you mean that my bio is shorter than yours! Mine IS SO much more longer than yours! If you don't believe just copy and paste both our bios Microsoft Word and count the number of pages for both. You'll definitely see the difference!

By the way, great job with the new blades! I have a problem though. I don't exactly know how to master "Dragon Scales" if I don't even have the slightest clue as to what you're talking about. I mean, I know its one of your techniques to teach me but I'm afraid you can't exactly teach me the move through typing it on the computer in my bio. You're gonna have to 'SHOW' me how to do it. Mmmmk?

See you soon I guess if you don't have plans. I might go to the beach this Friday with my mom. If you have off or if your job is finished since summer will be officially over after August 31st; you're uh, more than welcome to join us. I might take Katie again if she has off too.

Well, talk to you later!

I bid you farewell peeps!


September 6, 2005

Okay, well, Summer's Ended and I'm going to school in about 6hrs and...49 mins. Life sucks, doesn't it?

So yeah, just thought I let you all know since the updating for stories will now become even more distant and less in the future 9 1/2 months. Boy, now THAT sucks...doesn't it!

Here's a little goodbye to summer...

Goodbye summer

Comeback and see me soon

Talk to me of old memories

Whisper to me of freedom longing

Tell me softly of dreams

So there's my poem of the day...

George, I'll talk to you later...or write on my bio! Just let me know you're alive!

September 29, 2005

9:23 pm

Okay, intially I wasn't going to write on this until September was officially over or at least in the middle ofOctober butsomething really radical happened tonight.



But, I didn't get them until later on tonight.

First of all, I had to stay after school fora TECH meeting, then I went over to my friends house because my parents were angry at me (go figure), ate dinner with them, and then I went to the bonfire at my school where like two hundred kids were, then I got home, introduced my friends to my house again, and then I saw the package, ripped it open, and became the happiest girl in the whole freakin' world!

I got to tell y'all, the CD's are amazing and the songs...SO FREAKIN' COOL! YEAH, LONG LIVE JAPANESE SINGERS!

So happy!

Tomorrow, I get to dress down 'cause of a clothing drive for the poorand I practically have no homework! Kick ass weekend starts now, despite the fact it's Thursday!

(Side note) Yeah George, you told me at the restaurant that you had spent your birthday night in the bathroom. Question is: Why were you there in the first place and why so long?

So, aside from the fact that I'm estatic about my new CD's, that's about it...


Oi! what's up? I figured i'd write... got some Holloween pics (yea i suck at spelling) but hey i'll talk to you soon, update on me bio!

Okay, first of all, to all you whiney reviewers, I deleted them. What gives you the right to come onto my blog, critcize me on my fxxxin' story and then expect me not be pissed. For your information, I didn't even hear of "Hellblazer" until Constantine came out. I bought the movie "based" book and read about Kit Ryan during the book. And you know what, it's my fxxxin' opinion, so just back off.

And to the e-mailer, Mr. Richard Handley or whatever, what I wrote on my blog is true. It's not ironic or whatever. I'm not a fan of Hellblazer nor have I ever been. I just like Constantine, the movie, not the comic or whatever.

If any of you are offended by what I wrote on here, that's your problem, not mine. You know why, it's fricken America, the first amendment in the freakin' Constitution says I can say whatever I want to say. And frankly, if any of you want to e-mail me again and tell me how rude or obnoxious I am;or if some other person decides to tell me to fxxx off because I don't like Kit Ryan'cause I think Johnand Angela belong together, like I said before, it's your problem, not mine.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Unlike a Sister by MADharmony reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 23 - Words: 179,052 - Reviews: 2023 - Favs: 1,978 - Follows: 2,362 - Updated: 11/27 - Published: 12/21/2010 - [Harry P., Hermione G.]
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This was another kind of intimacy. Something that reached deeper inside you. Touched something he'd thought had gone completely numb." One-shot.
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I've never liked my so called 'gift' to help the dead, and it only got worse since I've moved to California, unfortunetly finding this really hot ghost named Van in my room...based on the series'Mediators'By Meg Cabot Chapter 9 up!R&R!HV
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This story is dedicated to those who perished in the sinking of Titanic in memorial of the 93rd anniversary. This is one of the stories that includes the facts of the sinking; from the ship's point of view. April 10, 1912...
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He was the fiercest young man known to the school and she was the new girl that everyone got to know as a sweet individual. She is everything pure and his color stands for the ultimate life: passion. DR
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He'd left her when she needed him the most and five years later, he comes back only to discover what it was he lost. Only this time, he's not alone and the walls have eyes everywhere.
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Sharing everything was their legacy...but now that legacy has turned into a nightmare for the now detective psychic who has just learned to harness her powers. Will Constantine come to her rescue...or will it be too late?
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Hubb contemplates the meaning behind Kiba's question and gives him an answer. I know this isn't what everyone wants to read but bear with me.
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I don't know. Not for sure. But I believe he is. You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards it did. If he weren't up there now, I don't think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.
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