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DEVA. Hi, I'm Deva (most of the time), and this is--

SARAH. And I'm Sarah!

DEVA. Stop interrupting.

SARAH. Sorry. I got impatient.

DEVA. You have no attention span.

SARAH. Do too! Look, a purple chicken!

DEVA. Look, Skittering Hot Magenta!

SARAH. Hey, that's us!

DEVA. Right! Look at us! We're so sexy.

SARAH. Deva...get your hand off my thigh...

DEVA. Heh-heh-heh.

SARAH. So, anyway, we're Skittering Hot Magenta, a fabulous duo made up of two ridiculous college students. And we love Draco/Hermione. Yeah. So--

DEVA. And Jack Sparrow.

SARAH. Captain Jack Sparrow.

DEVA. And his Magical Hat!


DEVA. Dot, dot, dot...

SARAH. Did we have anything else to say?

DEVA. We adore reviews, but flames will be used to--

SARAH. --light torches, which we'll then--

DEVA. --carry through the dark tunnel to the dungeon, then out of the dungeon through--

SARAH. --the secret passage! Which leads to the swamp! Which is filled with--

DEVA. --swamp! And we go through the swamp--

SARAH. --and our feet get really muddy--

DEVA. --which leads us to--

SARAH. --the meadow! Filled with grass, and open air, and beautiful trees! And then we go across the meadow to--

DEVA. The forest! Which is filled with trees!

SARAH. Go figure.

DEVA. More than in the meadow! And we go through the forest, carrying our torches, trying not to start forest fires--

SARAH. Only you can start forest fires.

DEVA. --yeah...And then!

SARAH. We come out of the woods, across the river, and right into your very suburb!

DEVA. You suburbanite, you.

SARAH. And then we go right up to your house! And THEN--

DEVA. We find some use for the torches!

SARAH. So if you don't want your house burned down...

DEVA. Don't flame us. But if you don't review, the equivalent will happen to you.

SARAH. Did we mention that we love you?

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