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Author has written 4 stories for Doctor Who, Everlost, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

I will be leaving for a long time. I will probably be back in 2017. Goodbye.

I'm a Latter-Day Saint, I have a DeviantArt page, I have FictionPress page, and I have a challenge for DeviantArtists out there!

Your challenge is to create at least one of my original characters listed under "Original Characters" or just create something that connects to my FanFictions. Send a link of your art in a Private Message to me or in my "Note" on my DeviantArt page. Credit shall be given to the artist.

On DeviantArt I am also known as JNSx7: the poet and the photographer. On my DeviantArt page I have currently over 2,100 favorites on my uploads. If anyone wants to make a DeviantArt of one of my characters, you have my permission to. All I ask of you is to send me a link to it in Private Message so I can show your brilliant work.


Movies: The Fox and the Hound, How To Train Your Dragon, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Sherlock Holmes, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Arashi no Yoru ni (One Stormy Night), Felidae, Wolf Children, Pompeii, KakuRenBo: Hide & Seek, Titan A.E, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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Books: Pendragon, Artemis Fowl, Cirque Du Freak, Bartimaeus, Half-Moon Investigations, The Last Apprentice, Dark Memories, Rot & Ruin, The Pit and the Pendulum, Alcatraz series, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Name of the Wind, Animal Farm, The Glass Castle, Everlost.

Plays: Wicked, Metamorphoses, Steel Pier.

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Other: DeviantArt, creating characters, photography, poetry, writing, acting, singing, audio books, investigations, Mathematics, animé, felines, canines, great animash.

Word Explanations


  • Everlost: The world between life and death. A world of dead children or teenagers below the age of 18 end up after getting lost in their journey to the afterlife. But not only can children enter Everlost, items and animals can also enter, as long as the thing was loved.
  • Afterlights: Children who's souls are in Everlost. Afterlights' looks are created by how the Afterlight remember's of him/herself. Afterlight cannot age. Whatever the Afterlight was wearing at death cannot be taken off. Afterlights forget about their life alive over time. When an Afterlight gets into a routen, it's nearly impossible to stop. Afterlights gains energy by being in an Everlost area or near another Afterlight. Afterlights cannot be seen by the living world. Since Afterlights have no physical bodies, if an Afterlight stays on a living piece of the world for too long, the Afterlight sinks into the ground.
  • Afterglow: An Afterlight's permanent glow.
  • Items in Everlost: Items crossed over into Everlost serves whatever purpose it was created for in the living world.
  • Everlost Coins: The only way to get "where you were supposed to go". If ready, you will feel the coin getting very warm and you will remember your life, and then, you will go "wherever you are supposed to go".
  • Skinjackers: Afterlights with the ability to possess a living person's soul. Skinjackers' bodies are only in commas, which is how they can possess the living. Skinjackers will not forget about their life.
  • Furjackers: Furjackers are Skinjackers that can possess an animal without letting the animal's instincts take control of them. If a Furjacker constantly possess the same animal, they will gain physical features of that animal.
  • Morphers: Afterlights who can change their appearance into whatever they wish (extra arms; an animal).
  • Imaginatives: Afterlights that can change their own physical abilities (stronger; faster).
  • Walkers: Afterlights who can walk on living ground without sinking.
  • Forgetters: Afterlights who can "forget" something to change the reality in Everlost in whatever they want (all red-heads have wings).
  • Rippers: Afterlights who have the ability to pull things from the living world into Everlost and vice versa.
  • Soul Reachers: Afterlights who have the ability to easily persuade Afterlights by touching their souls and change it.
  • Doctor Who-

  • Maisons: Maisons are a family starting from a point somewhere in the family tree. They have the ability to communicate one with another whenever, and wherever they are. Maisons can go into each other's minds. Some Maisons love to use advanced weapons for their time periods.
  • Maison-born: Also known as Pure-bloods. These are the Maisons born in the family. They have super-human abilities. For example: they are stronger, minds are faster, regenerates faster.
  • Chosen: These are the strongest Maisons hand picked from birth. Intermixes cannot be a Chosen.
  • Bonds: Bonds are two Maisons that have full access into the other's mind, no permission necessary. Bonds are formed at birth. A Chosen can only be bonds with another Chosen. A Maison is bonded with whoever is the one with the opposite peresonality. An Intermix cannot be a Bond.
  • Intermixes: Also known as Blood-Bags. Intermixes are not Maison born. Intermixes are created by a Maison transferring blood to a non-Maison. Intermixes acts as the Maison donor's eyes and ears. Intermixes can only enter into the mind of the Maison that transferred blood to them, but only if the Maison allows it. Intermixes can only be traced through the Maison donor. The Maison donor can kill the Intermix whenever the Maison chooses. If the Maison donor dies, the Intermix is hunted down until the Intermix is dead. Intermixes cannot be a Bond.
  • Second-Degree Intermixes: Created by an Intermix sharing blood with someone. Maisons have no control over them. Second-Degree Intermixes have the memories of the Intermix who shared blood with them. Second-Degree Intermixes are not allowed and are hunted down and killed immediately.
  • Dimensionals: These are people in the changed history of what a Maison has done. The changed history cannot become history if the Doctor is in the Maison-who-changed-history's time. Dimensionals can only be contacted by other Dimensionals.

  • Original Characters


  • Rigg
  • Sex: Female.

    Died: Winter of 2012.

    Age of body: About sixteen.

    Cause of death: Subject was riding a PES1 when it slid on ice and subject collided into a truck.

    Rigg's PES1

    Name origination: Written on jacket.

    Appearance and Permanents: White skin; long, blonde hair; white shirt; black pants; white sneakers; fingerless, black glove on left hand.

    Items that this character has but isn't permanent: Black, leather jacket; silver helmet; road bike known as a PES1 with black, silver, and blue colors.

    Transformations from Everlost: Eyes change color with her emotions.

  • "British" Einstein
  • Sex: Male

    Age of Body: About fourteen.

    Name origination: He loves to learn and his friend, Lewis&Clark, called him British Einstein and it stuck.

    Appearance and Permanents: Scrawny; white, long-sleeved, turtle-neck shirt; messed up light-brown hair that goes to his eyes; light-brown eyes; pale skin; loose, light-gray pants; black colored belt; white shoes.

  • Lewis&Clark
  • Sex: Male

    Died: 1980's.

    Age of body: About fifteen.

    Name origination: Has a square map that tells ten miles North, South, East, and West wherever the map is, and his friend, Einstein, commented once how he reminded him of Lewis and Clark.

    Appearance and Permanents: Strong; tall; black hair in the style of a military cut; white muscle shirt; tan skin; dark-brown eyes; black shorts that reaches his knees; black shoes; unlimited supply of potato chips in both pockets of his pants.

    Items that this character has but isn't permanent: Map.

    Transformations from Everlost: Mouth can stretch 1.5 times bigger than the average mouth; map can tell ten miles North, South, East, and West wherever it is.

    Doctor Who-

    The Many Lives of Clara Oswald:

  • Clarabeth Oswald
  • Appears in: The Many Lives of Clara Oswald: Anathema

    Significance: 1692, Salem Witch Trials

  • Clarasse Oswald
  • Appears in: The Many Lives of Clara Oswald: Despair


  • Lucas Maison
  • Sex: Male.

    Mostly in: The Maisons: The Family Threat

    Demeanor: Cruel; power hungry.

    Born: Somewhere in the 1930's.

    Appearance: Light brown eyes; tan skin; long, light brown hair combed back and has a mullet; big, round nose; diagonal scar on his left eyebrow.

    Signature Outfit: Light gray tweed jacket; light gray pants; light gray hat; black tie.

    Position: Member of the Chosen; warden; leader of the Crows.

    Signature Weapons: NSCU (Nervous System Controlling Unit). (Who names these anyways?)

    Specialties: He can bring down world governments; persuasion.

    History: Been in World War II on Hitler's side, then nearing the end of the war, he killed him.

  • Bonnie Maison
  • Sex: Female.

    Demeanor: Selfish.

    Born: 1968, New york City, New York.

    Appearance: Beautiful; bright blue eyes; long, straight, dark brown hair with streaks of blonde, usually braided with a big braid on her right and two small braids with beads on her left.

    Signature Outfit: Short and tight black short pants with matching sleeveless shirt; sparkling, purple, see-through robe; dark purple mascara.

    Position: Member of the Chosen; leader of multiple gangs around the world.

    Specialties: Silent kills; master of disguise; seductive persuasions.

    Relationships: Bond- Luna; Intermix and right hand man- Omar.

    History: Helped sabotage the space shuttle, Challenger; made Omar her Intermix when she was only a little girl.

  • Shinzer Maison
  • Sex: Male.

    Demeanor: Psychotic.

    Born: Somewhere in the 2030's.

    Appearance: Short, messy blonde hair; bright green eyes; barely visible beard and mustache; scars on the left side of his body.

    Signature outfit: Tight black shirt; tight non-flammable jacket that always goes to his wrists, usually the color is dark tan; black jeans; usually wears a black leather glove that covers his entire left hand.

    Position: Member of the Chosen; mercenary.

    Signature Weapons: Likes to improvise, so mainly he uses everyday objects; sometimes has under his jacket explosives that could leave a devastating impact; sometimes has a one-handed shotgun.

    Specialties: Explosives; improvisations; confusion; can turn everyday objects into a deathtrap.

    History: In military, but quit when he escaped without injury after blowing up multiple cabins, one of which was his own with his entire military team still inside. One time when he was putting up explosives in his target's house, the target came home early, triggering the explosive with Shinzer still inside, but Shinzer survived because instead of getting hit by the full force of the explosiom, he was blasted out of the building's third floor window.

  • Rogers Maison
  • Sex: Male.

    Demeanor: Genius.

    Born: Somewhere in the 2200's.

    Appearance: Dark brown eyes; short black hair; tan skin.

    Signature Outfit: Very strong, thin, black armor that covers everything but his head.

    Position: Member of the Chosen; second in command of history's biggest space shuttle, Venturer; in control of the Venturer's gravity unit, which he improved by controlling multiple gravities in multiple positions.

    Signature Weapons: The gravity control system.

    Specialties: Computer skills; quick thinking; can gain the trust of anyone.

    History: In the army he was known for his computer hacking; for some reason, no one can find any trace in his record about him showing any form of violence.

  • Blood-stained-moon "Luna" Domingo In:yaitu'nbri Maison
  • Sex: Female.

    Demeanor: Trigger-happy; psychotic.

    Born: Somewhere in 1820's.

    Appearance: Dark brown skin; long, black, curly hair; dark blue eyes.

    Signature Outfit: A white feather in the right side of her hair; white shirt; light-tan, leather jacket with a black feather on the left tricep; 'men' pants; big, light brown boots; wide, black leather gun holder around her waist; a black, leather gun holder from her shoulder to the opposite hip, and same on the other; tomahawk holster on her right hip.

    Position: Member of the Chosen; outlaw; leader of the outlaw group, the Coyotes; great-granddaughter of one of the Navajo chiefs; daughter of a Caucasian and a half-Navajo-half-Mexican.

    Signature Weapons: Guns; tomahawk.

    Luna's Revolver by SteamTank

    Luna's Tomahawk by Legendary41

    Specialties: Shooting; tracking; stealth; creating mass hysteria; robbery.

    Relationships: Bonnie- Bond.

    History: Robbed countless banks from Christians; killed countless people; was in jail, but broke out after killing everyone that worked there; helped assassinate Charles Bent.

  • Captain Katherine Mylwaye Maison
  • Sex: Female.

    Demeanor: Loves pirating; hates sexisms; loves gold; loves fighting; her crew is like a family.

    Born: Somewhere in the 1700's.

    Appearance: White skin; straight, black hair that barely passes her shoulders; dark blue eyes; muscles of a gymnast; white and purple tattoo of a dragon in flight on her right shoulder.

    Signature Outfit: Tight, black jeans; dark brown, high-heeled boots that goes to her knees then folds down; brown leather belt with a golden colored cross for the belt buckle and an attachment that goes from the left hip around to the right shoulder; light brown pouch attached on the back of the belt; dark brown leather gun holsters on each thigh; dark brown leather sword holster on right hip; long red sash around her waist that hangs out on the left side; white, long-sleeved shirt that is tight everywhere except on the arms; dark blue corset with golden colored threads going down the front; dark blue bolero jacket with round brass buttons and a golden colored neck piece; a white scarf wrapped around her neck; two silver metal shoulder plates on her left shoulder; faint dark purple mascara; a dark purple tricorn hat with a purple feather on the left.

    Position: Pirate captain of the ship, "Dragonwoman".

    Signature Weapons: Cutlass sword; blunt pistols.

    Captain Katherine's New Sword by LongshipArmoury

    Captain Katherine's Knife by DYIM74

    Specialties: Pirating; sailing; shooting; plundering; navigating; swords; balance.

    History: Adopted into a family of fisherman who taught her how to sail. Katherine ran away from home by stowing away in an English ship. In England, she befriends a rich family's son. Years later, the family gives her money in a way of saying, "Thanks." Katherine used the money to buy a ship, a crew, clothes, and weapons. Sailing on the open sea as captain and plundering ships made Katherine feel the happiest she's ever felt. Months later some pirates from Cuba destroyed her ship and killed her crew. She only survived because she was spared by the Cuban pirates, mistaking her as a stow-away because she was a woman. The pirate ship sailed to Cuba, but when it reached port, the only person standing was Katherine, because she killed the entire crew. Using the money found onboard, Katherine used it to by a cutlass, two blunt pistols, clothes that fit her style, a crew, and renamed the ship to "Dragonwoman."


  • Omar
  • Born: 1953, New York City, New York.

    Blood donor: Bonnie Maison

    Became an Intermix in the year: 1970

    Position: Bonnie's right hand man.

    Signature Weapon: Trench knives, usually his knuckle bowie trench knives; karambits; strength.

    Omar's favorite trench knives (advanced for its time)

    Omar's favorite karambit knives (advanced for its time)


  • The Emotionless Girl
  • Known: Female; black hair; pale skin; able to kill; rarely mutters a sound; inhuman; does whatever it takes to complete her tasks.

  • Oliver Davies
  • Sex: Male.

    Born: 1920's, England.

    Appearance: Messy, orange hair; freckles; bright blue eyes; white skin.

    Signature Outfit: Usually torn up clothes.

    Position: Second-Degree Intermix; immigrant.

    History: Growing up alone was tough on Oliver, but was taken in by Jack Trebaol, an Intermix. Jack killed his Blood-Donor so the Maisons have a harder time finding them. Jack shared blood with Oliver so he can have Jack's memories. Jack bought Oliver and himself tickets to go to America. Jack knew that as long as he was alive, the Maisons could mentally trace him, so he tricked Oliver to go on the ship to America without him, then Jack killed himself. Oliver fended for himself for many years in New York.

    Specialties: Thief; lock-picking; quick hands; running.

    Relationships: Blood-Brother- Jack Trebaol.

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Dodger & Company by DodgerNYC reviews
    PART ONE: MOVIN' OUT sees Dodger leave his gang, the Company, for Oliver's family, the Foxworths, while mobsters continue to threaten Fagin. PART TWO: STREETLIFE throws Dodger into a conflict between the Kings, a vicious dog gang, and anyone who opposes them. Worse, there could be a traitor in the Company. PART THREE: GANG WAR sees the war finally break out. No street dog is safe.
    Oliver & Company - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 48 - Words: 201,926 - Reviews: 304 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 1/25 - Published: 12/25/2012 - Oliver, Dogder, Rita, OC - Complete
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