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Author has written 4 stories for Troy, Assassin's Creed, Harry Potter, and Web Shows.

STORY UPDATE AS OF 27/01/2015!: Hey! I'm not dead! So, I was reading my Assassin's Creed fic the other day... OMFG! ITS TERRIBLE!!! Did I really write that?! Apparently so.. Yeah, thats getting a makeover! OH! its gonna stay up on the site but, chapter by chapter, its getting re-vampt and changed until I'm happy with it. Sorry if this causes any problems with anyone but that was the second Fic I ever wrote and I want it to be the best it can be, and right now.. Its really not.

OH YEAH! To all those reading My Smosh Games Fic, crappy title is crappy so thats getting changed along with a new chapter added, cause I finally have found sometime to update it! YAY! (one lonely person in a big room happy dance.) A wild tumbleweed has blown through... (Whistling wind)

I got this idea from XxUnwrittenxX's Profile. All props go to her and you should go check out her stories cause they're AWESOME!!!!!

Name 12 of your favorite characters from any fandom. Fandom: WEB SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!

1) WesTheEditor-Smosh Games
2) Lasercorn-Smosh Games
4) Pewdiepie
5) Sohinki-Smosh Games
6) AmazingPhil
7) Danisnotonfire
8) Ian Hecox-Smosh/Smosh Games
9) The Jovenshire-Smosh Games
10) Flitz-Smosh Games
11) AtomicMari-Smosh/Smosh Games
12) Anthony Padilla-Smosh/Smosh Games

What kinds of music does 3 listen to? (Cry) -I wouldn't know... I can't really see Cry listening to any kind of music

What genre of fanfiction would you write for 1/9? (Wes/Joven) -OMG! WESSHIRE!!!!!! Either romance or humor.. or friendship

What would you use as a summary for a 2/11 romance? (Lasercorn/Mari) -Ok?, "Lasercorn has been a fan of Smosh, for years. Ever since they gained Mari. When he heard that Clevver Games would soon be Smosh Games, he was looking forward to working with the guys he'd been a fan of... Until he meets Mari in first person. Then the game changes.."

What warnings would you give for a 4/7 romance story? (Pewdie/Dan) -(When did this happen?!) Warning! Sarcasm, swearing, llamas and randomness lies ahead!

Which would you be more likely to write? 5/8 or 5/12? (Dan/Flitz vs. Dan/Wes) -Dan/Wes. For some reason, I don't see Dan/Flitz working out.

What color would you use to write a color-based poem about 6/10? (Phil/Flitz) - Not all that good at poetry but... Imma say Pink. Cause its the first thing that came into my head and its random, just like this pairing.

What song would you use to write an angsty 2/5 fic? (Lasercorn/Sohinki) -Hmmmmmm... Interesting... Possibly "Heart on my Sleeve" By Olly Murs because it seems to suit the story I had in mind.

Summarize a 3/4 fanfic out of pure imagination. (Cry/Pewdie) -YES!! I WAS HOPING THIS WOULD HAPPEN!. "So Pewds is in America visiting Ken when he gets a call from Cry asking to meet up to film a co-op. When Pewds arrives and see Cry Without his mask on, he can't help but wonder about the enigma that is Cryaotic."

Give the title of a 9/12 break-up fanfic. (Joven/Anthony) -You truly are the Joker, Batman.

Which would you rather write, 3/11 or 6/8? (Cry/Mari vs. Phil/Ian) - Probably Cry/Mari. It make a more interesting read in my opinion.

Which would you rather write, 1/7 or 4/9? (Wes/Dan vs. Pewdie/Joven) -Dan and Wes. The cute meter would break if those two got together.

Which genre would you rather write for 2/10, romance or friendship? (Lasercorn/Flitz) -Friendship. Nuff said.

Which genre would you rather write for 1/2, romance or friendship? (Wes/Lasercorn) -Romance or Hurt/comfort.

What song would you use to write a hurt/comfort 3/6? (Cry/Phil) -Hmm, weird but, "Hero" Enrique Iglesias

What would you rather write about 7/12, poetry or multi-chapter? (Dan/Anthony) -multi-chapter. Beyond a doubt.

What would you rather write about 2/9, poetry or multi-chapter? (Lasercorn/Joven) -Multi-chapter. I'm actually doing this!

What song would you use to write a fluffy 4/5 fic? (Pewdie/Sohinki) - This is difficult... um, "Diamonds are forever" Shirley Bassey?

Have you ever read a 3/7 fic? Do you want to? (Cry/Dan) -No and yeah, it been an experience.

What if 1 got 11 pregnant? How would you react? (Wes/Mari) -WHENWHEREWHOWHATHOWWHY... WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple? (Sohinki/Phil) - OMG! They would be the cutest thing ever!

1/3 or 1/8? Why? (Wes/Cry vs. Wes/Ian) -Tricky but Wes/Ian, it be intriguing, to say the least

What would happen if 7 walked in on 4 and 10 making out? (Dan, Pewdie/Flitz) -"Ok... I'm just gonna go"

Make up a summary for a 11/12 fic. (Mari/Anthony) -"When Kalel and Anthony break up, Anthony has a hard time trusting girls. Mari helps him by offering for him to stay with her for a while. Anthony agrees and soon the two learn more about each other in a small space of time then all the years of Smosh combined."

Is there any such thing as 3/5 fluff? (Cry/Sohinki) -I wouldn't know.

Suggest a title for a 7/9 hurt/comfort. (Dan/Joven) -"Just call me, maybe?".

Does anyone on your friends list read 6/10? (Phil/Flitz) -Don't know if thats a thing but no.. I think..

Would anyone on your friends list write 2/7/8? (Lasercorn/Dan/Ian) -No because they most likely don't know who the fuck they are.

If you wrote a Song-fic about 11, what song would you choose? (Mari) - Yikes! OK, ah... "Whats new pussycat?" Tom Jones. Cause Mari loves cats for some weird reason.

If you wrote a 3/4/12 fic, what would the warning be? (Cry/Pewdie/Anthony) -Warning! The following story contains language, nonsense and sheer pandemonium. You have been warned friends.

When was the last time you read a fic about 8? (Ian) -Thats a dumb question. Freaking five minutes ago!

4 and 11 are in a happy relationship until 7 runs off with 11. 4, brokenhearted, has a hot one-night stand with 1 and a brief unhappy affair with 6. Then 4 follows the wise advice of 9 and finds true love with 8. -Pewdie and Mari are in a happy relationship (OK, Wut?) until Dan runs off with Mari (double wut?). Pewdie, brokenhearted (Awww!), has a hot one-night stand with Wes(DA FUCK?!) and a brief unhappy affair with Phil (My brain hurts). Then Pewdie follows the wise advice of Joven (LOl) and finds true love with Ian(Wut?).

What title would you give the fic above? -EastEnders: YouTube style

If you saw 6 and 7 in bed together, what would you do? (Phil/Dan) -"ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!!! Kay, Imma leave now. Bye!"

What might be a good pick-up line for 2 to use on 10? (Lasercorn/Flitz) -"Wanna go help me shoot Joven in the balls?." (Don't judge I couldn't think of anything!)

3 tells you about his/her deeply hidden love for 9. How do you react? (Cry/Joven) -"Ok. Go for it dude!"

How would you react if you saw 4 and 12 kiss? (Pewdie/Anthony) -"Lol Wut?"

You spot 5 kissing 9. What's your reaction? (Sohinki/Joven) -"Does this mean Sohinki your going to be nice to Joven?"

Do you believe that 1 and 11 are soulmates? (Wes/Mari) -No, but if they got together, I would not judge.

Do you ship 3/4? (Cry/Pewdie) -PEWDIECRY?! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Which do you prefer: 5/10 or 2/12? (Sohinki/Flitz vs. Lasercorn/Anthony) -AntCorn. beyond a doubt.

If 7 was involved with both 2 and 3, how would 2 and 3 react when they found out about each other? (Dan/Lasercorn & Dan/Cry) -"Wanna help me shoot him in the balls?"

How would you react if you heard that 10 was in a relationship with 4 but wanted to be with 2 instead? (Flitz/Pewdie vs. Flitz/Lasercorn) -"Whoever floats your boat man."

What would you do if 4 asked you out? (Pewdie) -Freak out. No words just straight freaking out.

If you could choose who your best friend will be, who would you choose: 11 or 7? (Mari vs. Dan) -Dan. Sorry Mari, I loves you but, Dans easier to get to. (God that sounded creepy)

If you saw 10 kissing 11 in an alley way, what would you do? (Mari/Anthony) -Seriously guys? You couldn't have picked a better place to make out? You really had to make out in alleyway? Go knows whats down there.

You're madly in love with 5 but 6 is too. Would you let 6 be with 5 or would you rather be with them? (Sohinki/Me vs. Sohinki/Phil) - No comment.

You saw 1 having an affair with 2 but 12 pays you to be quiet, what are you going to do? (Wes/Lasercorn, Anthony pays me to be quiet) -First of all, AWWWWWWW! CUTE! Second of all I would not take the money. I don't need to be paid to keep quiet.

You are having trouble with your homework, who would you ask to help you: 2 or 3? (Lasercorn vs. Cry) -Shit! Can I say Cry and if that fails I'll go ask Lasercorn?

9 happens to be your sibling. What are you going to do? (Joven) - Ask why everyone's mean to him then get him to teach me how to play Magic the Gathering.

You want to go to 1's house for ice cream but also want to go to the cinema with 9. What will you do? (Wes vs Joven) -Ice cream with Wes. I love you Joven but, Ice Cream.

You see 8, 9, and 3 in an abandoned ware house. What are they doing? (Ian, Joven and Cry) -Trying to hook up a TV to play slender or some other horror game. Joven would probably be sceptical and go looking for ghosts.

Your 3 best friends hate each other but you want to go to the park with one of them. Who would you choose 10, 5 or 2? (Flitz vs Sohinki vs. Lasercorn) -WHY WOULD THE UNIVERSE DO THIS TO ME!? It end up being Sohinki, for the pure and simple fact that society wouldn't coupe if me and Lasercorn or me and Flitz went to a park. Sohinki is the sensible option

11 is mad at 12 and 4, why? (Mari is mad at Anthony and Pewdie) - Too many racist jokes?

What would happen if you put 9 and 12 in the same room as each other? (Joven and Anthony) - Nothing. They're friends, they'd play some Mario Party or something.

You want to go out with a friend but don't know who to take. Will it be 3, 6, 10 or 4? (Cry vs. Phil vs. Flitz vs. Pewdie) - I think that me and Flitz would have some interesting topics to discuss. Phil comes in close second.

Who would be your dream date: 10, 12 or 4? (Flitz vs. Anthony vs. Pewdie) -Anthony, because Wes, Lasercorn or Sohinki aren't on the list.

It is 5 and 1's birthday party but you don't know who to choose, so whose are you going to? (Sohinki vs. Wes) -WHY!!!!!!!!!!?????????? This is the worst!! I would go to Wes' then go spend the day with Sohinki and get him the fluffiest red panda teddy I can find.

3, 9, 11 and 7 are making a video, what is it about? (Cry, Joven, Mari, and Dan) -Randomness, Red Pandas, Dota, Cats, Batman, LLamas

Who is your favorite character out of 10, 8, 6 and 1? (Flitz vs. Ian vs. Dan vs. Wes) -Wes. I freaking love Wes! Dan and Ian are joint second but still.

You go shopping with 2 and 4, what will happen? (Lasercorn and Pewdie) -That sounds like the worst plan, in the history of plans. Shenanigans is what will happen.

Who is the most random: 3 or 8? (Cry vs. Ian) -Ian. Nuff said.

Who is the funniest: 10 or 11? (Flitz vs. Mari) -Flitz. Flitz playing Minecraft is the funniest thing on the planet.

Who would you want to help pick out your clothes, 3, 4 or 12? (Cry vs. Pewdie vs. Anthony) -I don't trust any of them, but if had to choose, Anthony. He seems to know what hes doing.

Who would you want to be stuck on an island with, 10 or 6? (Flitz vs. Dan) -Neither. Though Flitz would be the most optimistic of the two. Dan would panic and become a drama llama.

You invite a friend round for dinner, who did you invite, 3, 5 or 8? (Cry vs. Pewdie vs. Ian) -As much as I love Pewds and Ian, I go for Cry. My mum has seen a Smosh and a Pewdiepie video and she does not approve.

5 asked you if you would like to go see a movie, you agree as you are allowed to bring one friend with you. Who are you going to take 11, 7 or 12? (Pewdie asked me out, Mari vs. Dan vs. Anthony) - Well Pewds and Anthony seems like the worst combination, I can even fathom. I'd bring Mari, If it's a horror movie we can be scared together.

It is the weekend and you want to go swimming with 10, however, you have to go to 12's sleepover but 10 doesn't like them. What are you going to do? (Flitz vs. Anthony) -Go hangout with Anthony then go spend the next day with Flitz. Everyone wins then.

You are going to the theme park with 3 of your friends. Which group of friends are you going with 10, 7, 1 or 12, 5, 8? (Flitz, Dan, Wes vs. Anthony, Sohinki, Ian) -(I know I'm changing the question but it seems off to me) Wes, Sohinki and Dan. I would be a fun day.

You are invited to 2's sleepover and are allowed to bring 2 friends, what 2 friends are you going to bring: 3, 5, 11 or 4? (Cry vs. Sohinki vs. Mari vs. Pewdie) -I'd take Mari and Sohinki. There's an even number of boys and girls then. Much Minecraft would be played

You want to see a film with a friend, so who will you choose: 7, 1 or 4? (Dan vs. Wes vs. Pewdie) -Me and Wes could go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier! That be so fun!

10, 1, 3, 11, and 5 are by a river, what are they doing? (Flitz, Wes, Cry, Mari, and Sohinki) -Sohinki and Mari are as far away from the water as they can be. Flitz, Wes and Cry are in the water being silly and trying to splash Mari and Sohinki.

You are in an alleyway with 2, what do you feel? (Lasercorn) -Scared of the alleyway, feeling slightly better that I'm with Lasercorn, then scared again cause I'm in an alleyway with Lasercorn...

1 got you pregnant and you end up telling your best friend 8 who ends up telling 10. What does your best friend and the person they told say? (Wes got me pregnant, Ian tells Flitz) -Ian: WHAT THE FRICK!? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?
Flitz: Wow. Oh my gosh.

You are the detective for a murder game, there are 3 people left to choose from. Is it 6, 12 or 2? (Phil vs. Anthony vs. Lasercorn) - Lasercorn. Its the eyes man, they be the eyes of a psycho killer.

You stay at 10's house for the night, what do you do? (Flitz) -Figure out how to play Minecraft.

Whose sleepover would you rather go to, 5 or 12? (Sohinki vs. Anthony) -Sohinki's. I want to know why he loves Dota so much. (Sorry Anthony! I still love you!)

If you have the chance to kill someone, who will it be, 9, 12 or 10? (Joven vs. Anthony vs. Flitz) - I don't want to kill anyone! And no comment.. I have my reasons to remain silent...

You are having a birthday party but are only allowed to invite 5 of your 6 friends. So who will come, 9, 11, 3, 8, 2 or 1? (Joven, Mari, Cry, Ian, Lasercorn, Wes) -Joven, Mari, Cry, Wes, Lasercorn. (Sorry Ian!)

12 was your first friend, 1 was your second friend and 8 is your third. Who will you pick to be your fourth friend 3, 4 or 7? (Anthonys first, Wes is second, Ian is third, Cry vs. Pewdie vs. Phil) -I go for Phil, cause he be the only sane one out of the group.

You are getting married to 8. Who are the two people you want in your wedding out of the following: 3, 11, 7 or 6? (Ok. Marrying Ian (WTF!), Cry vs. Mari vs. Phil vs. Dan) Mari and Phil. ( But they'd all come to my wedding)

You give birth to a baby and want to call it after a character. Will you name it after 2 or 3? (Lasercorn or Cry) -Ok. I'm using the actual names of these two but I'd go with Cry's actual name. My Granddads name is David (Lasercorn) and I do not have the guts to explain that to my mother. I would not survive the repercussions.

If you could, what two characters would you want to meet: 4, 10, 12 or 3? (Pewdie vs. Flitz vs. Anthony vs. Cry)- Cry and Anthony ( It made me choose two, but I would love to meet all them!)

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In The Place Where There Is No Darkness by ElsTrays reviews
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