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Uhh...Hello um...this is awkward...why are reading this? STALKER! jk jk jk. Umm...Okay so My name is Grimdark...and I am a homestuck/Minecrafter...that sounds like something someone would say in group therapy. ANYWAY. uh...I forgot what I was..OH yeah! Um...I am 16 and like said before I am a homestuck and a Minecrafter, being a wannabe professional author that I am I have taken to writing fanfiction. What else do you want to Homestuck ships?Oh my ships right umm...I'm okay with almost every pairing in homestuck but I will list my favorites...10 red 10 black...Ranging from what I love (1) to what I enjoy (10) ...

Top Ten Blckrom Ships

  1. Makaracest (don't judge me!)
  2. Gamzee X Vriska
  3. GHB X Summoner
  4. Sollux X Gamzee
  5. GHB X Sufferer
  6. Gamzee X Karkat (Don't ask how just embrace it)
  7. Gamzee X Terezi
  8. GHB X Orphaner D.
  9. Kurloz X Kankri (I only ship this as rape with Kankri being the victim obviously)
  10. Gamzee X Dave

You notice the pattern? Good you should!

Top Ten Redrom Ships (This is gonna suck)

  1. Karkat X Nepeta
  2. Sollux X Karkat X Gamzee (by far my favorite threesome)
  3. Gamzee X Nepeta
  4. Stridercest
  5. Vantascest
  6. Captorcest
  7. Mituna X Kurloz
  8. Gamzee X Tavros
  9. Condess X Helmsman
  10. Dirk X Jake

Other Things You May Want To Know (Homestuck) { I nabbed these questions from Haku Luna Karma because I could If you wanna nab 'em from me you can but I would check out her page too she updates the questions on occasion!... :0) }

Title: Muse of Rage

Star Sign: Libra

Patron Troll: Gamzee Motherfucking Makara

Star Sign Troll: Terezi Pyrope

Blood Color: Neon Yellow, like the color of a bright yellow highlighter...

Derse or Prospit: Prospit, which doesn't fit my personality but is a good thing because I am constantly in jail or somehow getting into trouble...

Planet: The Land of Waste and Crayons

Strife Specibus: Well lets just say my strife portfolio is packed, violence is kinda my thing...but I mostly use my pillowkind and my whipkind

Choice weapon: Killer's Nightmare (pillow) or the spiked whip I nicknamed Whiplash...

Favorite Kids: Do I have to chose?

Favorite Trolls: This may take awile, Gamzee, Vriska, Mituna, Nepeta, Kurloz, Eridan, Karkat, Sollux...I think that is all of them

Favorite Ancestor: Did you really need to ask? It's a three-way tie between Dualscar, The Grand Highblood, and Mindfang

Favorite Dancestor: Yet another tie, Kurloz and Mituna

Favorite Class: Bard, The codpieces are panty droppers, I cannot lie...

Favorite Aspect: Stupid question, but Rage

Which character are you most like: I am a mix of Vriska and Gamzee, I am an absolute bitch when I want to be, but I can be chill like a stoned Gamzee. On the other hand my writings can get very violent and insanely horrific if I am allowed to write on the wrong day...

Inhabitants of your Planet: planet is so toxic to everything that it's inhabitants are mutated beyond what is healthy, but sickly yellow-green slugs...

In a perfect world your quadrants would be filled by?: I would want Gamzee as my matesprite, Nepeta would be my moirail, Sollux would be my kismesis, and Karkat would be my auspice.

Tumblr?: My Tumblr is MirthfulGrimdarkGoddess

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SIDE STORY FOR Suites and Suites. Your name is Karkat Vantas, and everything just feels wrong. After his traumatic betrayal, Vantas seeks comfort from an old friend. Who knew how far things would go, who knew what would happen. He just wanted someone he could trust. Maybe placing it in him would save what little he had left. Rated M for sMut! Enjoy it it's my first one posted ever.
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