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I'm Killian, 26-year-old male, working under the alias Kiliflower. I used to be heavily involved in fanfiction, as a reader and a writer, but have made my grand return! Am I a bit old for it at this stage of my life? Probably. Will I still involve myself in it? Yes. Honestly, being an adult is hard, and it's as harmless a catharsis (rhyming!) as any other.

Fandoms that inspire me are Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Spiderwick Chronicles and a Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm also heavily influenced by mythology, folklore and astrology.

I wish I could act super blase about support and feedback, but I can't. Seeing someone review, follow or favourite anything I've written makes me so happy. Reviews are the best.

That being said, as a disclaimer, constructive criticism is appreciated. I am more than happy to discuss my writing with you, if that's something you'd rather do directly. However, abuse, hate-speech, slurs or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Instant block and delete. No warning, because if you're old enough to join this site, you're old enough to know better. Thankfully, I don't often have reason to do this but you always have to take precautions!


Champion An anthology of each victor of The Hunger Games.


Untitled The story of Chaff Molimo and the Forty-Fifth Hunger Games.

Outside of writing, I do like to participate in RPGs (yes, I'm too old for it, and I love it). At the moment, I'm a part of an incredible HG serve where you can participate in the Games themselves, and it's such a blast! It's as close to a real-life experience as you will get it.

Check it out here.

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"Oh, no, not Cecelia," gasped Effie Trinket as the woman from District 8 walked up to the stage after her children were torn from her. This is the woman that even Effie felt for. This is the soft-spoken, shy young girl who became one of the deadliest tributes in Hunger Games history. This is Cecelia Rheys. This is the Fifty-Seventh Annual Hunger Games.
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The Hunger Games have had a long and eventful history, that all of Panem has witnessed. But very few can claim to have actually been there in the arena, where a split-second decision means the difference between life and death. This is the story of the Hunger Games, from the eyes of the lucky few who entered the arena and lived to tell the tale.
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Champion reviews
"Nobody decent ever wins the Games." "Nobody ever wins the Games. Period." An anthology series dedicated to telling the stories of each of the seventy-five victors of The Hunger Games.
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