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Name: Wish it was legal to tell you.

About Myself: Not really much to say here. I started writing little over a year back, finished my first story, and now I'm currently looking forward to starting my next work. I guess I should add that I really appreciate all the support I've gotten, it really drives me to follow through with my ideas and consistently post chapters on a weekly basis, which is something I pride myself on. I may as well add that I do have a friend, and that friend has a YouTube channel that they use to make AMV's. I would sincerely recommend that you check out the channel if you're bored or feel like it xD. They come out pretty often as well, despite how good they actually are, and my friend does it for fun as well, which pretty much makes it the other spectrum of creativity. To find it, just type in PandamoniumAMV's in the YouTube search bar since that's the name of the channel! (Note that it isn't actually bolded or underlined or anything like that, I am just adding it for emphasis)

Just as general note, if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask me. Even if they're stupid, or maybe you think they are, I quite literally don't care. I'm not saying harass me for no reason, but I am saying that I'll entertain whatever questions I can... provided they're not too personal or anything like that, of course.

Favorite Types of Stories: I enjoy reading hollow-Ichigo stories a good bit, I really just like the dynamic of it. Personally I do not mind an author that tries to get creative with OC's or tries to reinvent the personality of an existing character for the sake of the story. I'm not a fan of Yaoi but if you like it I hold absolutely nothing against you. Also for crossovers, I am okay with them if the story itself is good, but it somewhat bugs me when an author just takes the main character of one series, transfers him over to another, and then makes him THE NEW AND ONLY main character of the series he is being transferred to. I feel that taking away too much from other characters is a big flaw that a lot of authors make. If they just outright replace the main character for story-purposes, I find that to be better than just adding in both main characters and favoring one of them, explicitly, over the other.

Favorite Anime: My all-time favorite has probably got to be Bleach. My favorite short-series Anime is by far Code Geass, and I only say short in comparison to Anime like Bleach, and it is also my second favorite Anime of all-time, after which is probably Fairy Tail running closely in third place.

Stories I Like To Write: I'm adding this in as just a general explanation for the types of stories I do and why I choose to write them the way they are. First and foremost, I enjoy finishing stories above all else. After that, I prefer to concept to be original. There isn't really much else I look for, though I am biased to working with capable main characters like Ichigo, which is likely why most of the stories I have planned feature him.

Fanart: (Art created by fans of my stories)

Into The Realm of Magic:



Favorite Bleach Pairings:

IchigoxHalibel(Possibly the most similar male and female in bleach, protection and sacrifice and yet they never officially met... how annoying)

Ichigox(Strong I.E. not constantly crying)Orihime

IchigoxYoruichi(I have a rant prepared for those who like UraharaxYoruichi, I just don't like the pairing because although people say it makes sense it does not)



IchigoxRukia(If and only if the story calls for it because I feel it's too... Bla Bla Bla due to the number of stories that are out there)

IchigoxSoifon (I actually like this pairing a good bit after reading a story by Sedor... I think that was his name at least)

IchigoxUnohana(In a Harem I do not mind this)

UryuxNemu (Both are practical robots)

HitsugayaxMomo(Not a big fan of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto)


Stories that I have Planned: Okay, so this is fairly general and I pretty much refuse to put up the direct plot of the stories I will mention since my greatest nightmare is someone doing a story with the exact same plot I mention here and then passing it off as their own. I realize that so many people wouldnt do something like that, but it only takes one folks. Anyway, without further ado, I will just go on a bit of an aside about the fics that I play, or hope, to write and finish.

For all the mentioned stories below, I, more or less, know the plot completely, it is just a matter of writing it out 'till the end. I just felt this was important to say in case anyone had questions

Bleach(Multiple) - The Sequel to TFTH, A Quincy Ichigo Story, as well as one that I sort-of summarized in TFTH towards the end.

BleachxHighschoolDxD: In all honesty, I'm a bit of a sucker for crossover stories that have the potential to be good but don't have a finished and good one among them. I think for this one, one author even has two separate stories on the front page and neither of them are complete. While that is glaring, their is another reason that I want to do this, and it's essentially because the plot of HighschoolDxD, or at the very least the universe and the ideas behind it, are actually quite good. It wouldn't be a crossover in the strictest sense, however, and I will explain what I mean by that. I intend to do a melding of the two universes with HighschoolDxD being the principal. In other words, don't expect Soul Reapers to exist or anything like that, and you'd expect to see things like 'I made xxxx a Devil' or something.

BleachxFate/StayNight: This one is honestly something I'd be dying to write, exclusively because I am a big fan of Fate/Zero, the anime, and recently I enjoyed Unlimited Blade Works. The characters of this franchise, alongside Bleach, are just very fun to work with, and, again, I believe their is not a finished and unanimously declared as 'good' fic among the lot. I think that's a bit annoying, just as it is with HighschoolDxD. Now, again, it is important to note that I plan on making this another 'melded' crossover, meaning that I will neglect the one of the universes and fuse it into the other. The reason I would choose to do this is because Soul Reapers coupled with the Holy Grail War don't mix all that well on the surface, and it's much more fun to write out the plot and the story with the universes being blended together as opposed to crossing one another. This is essentially to say, just as another example, that Soul Reapers won't exist in this one, and I could say 'make xxxx a magus' or something like that. It's a really simplistic explanation, and I wish I could go into more detail about the plot and stuff, but rest assured that I can make this good.

BleachxFairyTail(Not ITROM or its Sequel): I don't mind saying that this one will probably be something I write towards the very end of my time here on ff.net, and that's realistically because I'm writing ITROM at the moment and it will have a sequel and likely a succeeding story after it, making it a trilogy. Aside from the ridiculously long amount of time it would take for me to get to this, I don't mind saying that I intend to make it a melding, just like the two above, meaning Soul Reapers and things of that nature will not exist and the Bleach Verse principles and powers will change. Basically, it will be Bleach characters inside the Fairy Tail universe and stuff like that, which is a rough example, I know, but it's really the only thing I can say without going into detail. I intend, though, to make this an Ichigo as the Black Dragon Slayer story. Acnologia will not be female, at all, zero chance. I'd say more, but since its not a top priority or something I believe I'll be able to write for a long period of time, I don't think I should.

Code Geass: Okay, so, for this, I resolved to write it pretty much because their isn't a good one that's finished, which is a damn shame for an anime that's as good, popular, and fun to work with as this one. Just as an FYI, the summary of this story, while I will not say it here, does exist. In my FairyTailxBleach Crossover, Into the Realm of Magic, their is an explanation for this at the end of Chapter 30. If interested, check it out, and, if you have questions, feel free to contact me about it.

Akame ga Kill - To be honest, I just want to write it because I feel I should. The manga itself is really good, the anime got too predictable for me by the end, so I thought it was good but not great, and I feel it would e very easy for me to write a fic about it. Keep in mind this is just a general 'I would like to write this', but, if you'd like a small snippet of the plot, one does exist. If you want to see it, its at the end of Chapter 30 of my BleachxFairyTail Crossover, Into the Realm of Magic.

That realistically covers everything I'm serious about doing. There are a few that I'll just list off as stories that 'I wish I could do, but they would be little things that just take my time away from writing my main project, whatever it might be'. Essentially, these are stories that I'd write in a world where I was immortal and didn't have to do anything but sit in front of a computer and bring entertainment in some form to people over the internet. Oh, and, for these, I do not have a plot planned out or anything like that, so don't really expect much on this end.

Nisekoi: I can feel people judging me through the internet even as I write this, but I'll admit it, I wouldn't mind writing something for this if I had the time to. I see the manga as a bit of a 'read this to take your mind off of things and enjoy this for what its worth' and I'd write the story a bit like that. There's also the fact that I consider myself to be funny, and my humor shows a bit in my work, so something like this would be fun to do, and I enjoy the idea of it. The way I'd write it would be a bit more plot-heavy than Nisekoi actually is, that I can promise you, but that's the gist of it.

Tokyo Ghoul: I'll be honest, I considered adding this to the list of potential stories, but I went against it because I honestly felt other stuff grabbed my attention more. Don't get me wrong, Tokyo Ghoul is a fantastic manga/anime series, as is RE:, but I feel like it'd just be a bit of a pain for me to sidetrack myself to write this. I wouldn't mind eventually doing it, and if I bring it up at some point and people say 'I want to read this...' then I wouldn't outright say no.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei: Really, there are only a few things keeping me from seriously giving thought about this. I'd put it under Tokyo Ghoul as a 'story I might right' in terms of priority, but I still at one point gave legitimate thought to writing a fic about this. As for the reasons, its primarily because I feel other things are more pressing story-wise to create than this. Also, there is the fact that Tatsuya is emotionless and unstoppable. If a character is both, then he has no flaws. You can call emotionless a flaw, but if you're also unstoppable, then it isn't. I feel emotion is a hindrance, and a good on for a character to have, if they are powerful. At the same time I like Tatsuya as a main character, though he isn't one I'd like to write about in a fic.

Current Stories:

Into the Realm of Magic: This is a Bleach and Fairy Tail Crossover that I have high hopes for! Summary can be found at the bottom where it shows the stories I have written.

Fun Fact: I will not start work on another story 'full-time' until the one I'm on is finished, that way I wont have seventy stories people could potentially like that are unfinished. I myself dislike when authors do that sort of thing so I don't want to go and be a hypocrite, now do I?

To Find the Heart: Complete

TFTH was not the only story that I am going to publish. It will have a sequel, and it will most likely be the next thing I work on though I still have more ideas I wish to write out than I care to admit. As much as I would love to do four works at once, I wouldn't be able to update them all on a weekly basis and in addition to that I feel the quality of the work may suffer because they are all in different genre's. I pride myself on being able to write characters and make them very personable, and that becomes more difficult if the story I am writing has them at a different state in character evolution.

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