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Profile Name: It is literally a bar code. A lot of people don't seem to get that, but that's the meaning behind it.

Name: Wish it was legal to tell you.

About Myself: Not really much to say here. I started writing little over a year back, finished my first story, and now I'm currently looking forward to starting my next work. I guess I should add that I really appreciate all the support I've gotten, it really drives me to follow through with my ideas and consistently post chapters on a weekly basis, which is something I pride myself on. I may as well add that I do have a friend, and that friend has a YouTube channel that they use to make AMV's. I would sincerely recommend that you check out the channel if you're bored or feel like it xD. They come out pretty often as well, despite how good they actually are, and my friend does it for fun as well, which pretty much makes it the other spectrum of creativity. To find it, just type in PandamoniumAMV's in the YouTube search bar since that's the name of the channel! (Note that it isn't actually bolded or underlined or anything like that, I am just adding it for emphasis)

Just as general note, if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask me. Even if they're stupid, or maybe you think they are, I quite literally don't care. I'm not saying harass me for no reason, but I am saying that I'll entertain whatever questions I can... provided they're not too personal or anything like that, of course.

Favorite Anime: My all-time favorite has probably got to be Bleach. My favorite short-series Anime is by far Fate/Zero at this point in time, which is also my second favorite anime of all time. Third would probably be Code Geass and then Fairy Tail.

Favorite Anime Franchise By FAR the Fate Series. Good stuff.

Various Anime Opinions:

Bleach: Obviously, it's not the best one I've ever seen, but it was my first and I've seen it multiple times. A lot of it is really good, and Aizen is by far my favorite villain of all time. Ichigo is also pretty much the standard that I hole other main characters to since he's fairly well rounded and more outright believable. It has it's problems, but I still love it all the same. The character designs are also amazing in the series, especially when the art form settles in. The recent parts in the manga suck a lot, but at least it looks amazing.

Naruto(Yes, all of it): I like it, but I can't say it's one of the best anime I've ever seen (I've seen a lot of them). If I were to objectively rate Bleach and Naruto, I'd say they are towards the bottom of my top ten out of obligation. I give Bleach the edge just due to the difference between Naruto and Ichigo as protagonists. Strictly speaking, Naruto is unbelievably dumb, and I really dislike that in an MC. On top of that, Sakura never changes, Sasuke is a total freak, and the series tries to be a bit too forceful with its feels. It also suffers from not having a real main villain, which is really, really a big downside to me. Naturo also suffers a lot of tragic stuff in his childhood and a lot of tragedy surrounds him even before the series actually starts. He was parent-less and ostracized for having a demon in him, which wasn't his fault to begin with. The fact that he turned into a genuine full-onshounen protagonist is literally unbelievable--no, really, I don't believe it. He's too cheery for all the bad crap that's happened to him, and it's just kinda strange in retrospect.

One Piece: I have never watched, nor will I ever watch, this series. It isn't because I think it's bad, but I find the fact that it's already like a thousand episodes/chapters in(manga-wise) and it's still not ending, nor does it show any signs whatsoever of EVER ending. It isn't worth for me to watch, and from what I have seen--I remember a bit from when I was younger and it first came out--it wasn't that eye-catching. My only real beef with this is just how it's structured, I guess. Although, the character designs and artwork are not anywhere near a satisfactory level in my opinion.

Fairy Tail: Good series in my opinion, though not perfect. It's a fun shounen, so what can I say? I like the character designs, and love some of the characters. My absolute favorite is Erza, and Natsu's alright as well. Zeref is a sub-par villain, but Acnologia is pretty good. I dislike that he turned out to still be capable of returning to a human form, but I can live with it. Natsu is a bit too stupid for my tastes, but not Naruto-levels of stupid. The fan service is also pretty emphasized in this series, which can be hit or miss. Pairings are a shortcoming of the series, but they don't emphasize them enough to make me hate the series overall.

Fate/Zero: By far one of the best anime that I have ever seen. It's a little dark; in fact, a lot dark. However, it's definitely good. The characters are very well written, and the animation is beautiful. Well worth the watch, and it's also only 25 episodes long.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Bar none the most gorgeous anime that I have ever had the privilege of seeing. The anime itself suffers a bit because it's protagonist is sort of underwhelming, but it's was still really freakin' good. I'd never say that it's better than Fate/Zero, because I'm not an idiot, but they are different genres and people are entitled to their own opinion. This series is worth a watch just to see the damn animation, and it's only 25 episodes like Fate/Zero. If you've watched anything above this, then it should be no problem finishing it.

Code Geass: This anime is pretty damn amazing, and it's one of my favorites. Lelouch is amazing, and even if Suzaku pisses me off a bit at times, I love the series. I can't really say much else other than that.

Favorite Anime Characters (Male):

1)Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

-Powerful, a bit cocky, well above average inelegance, competent, but still has his flaws. He is very believable as a person, and I like that. This is pretty much sums up what I look for in a main character and thus I give him my #1 spot.

2)Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)

-Absolutely amazing protagonist. He's a bit OP in some cases, but you watch Code Geass to see Lelouch do magic. If you haven't seen this anime, I won't spoil it, but it's worth.

3)Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

-My all time favorite villain(maybe?). He's the pinnacle of what it is to surpass--aka, a mountain that seems impossible to climb, but the protagonist will have to in order to win. It's always fun to see how.

4)Gilgamesh (Fate Series)

-The all powerful King of Heroes and the strongest of the Servants. Leaving aside that the Gate of Babylon is one of the most outrageously awesome things ever, Gilgamesh himself is also pretty awesome. He defines what it is to be an OP character, yet he can still lose because of his pride. I don't know why, but I just love watching him fight and literally just demolish people. Despite that, you know he can still lose to himself.

5)Archer (Heroic Spirit Emiya: Fates Series)

-Archer is badass beyond belief. He hard counters his counterpart listed above, but can really only win if said counterpart doesn't use Ea. Archer is also very philosophic about his own life and mistakes, and constantly works towards a goal that is very poetic.

6)Kiritsugu Emiya and Kirei Kotomine (Fate Series: Specifically, Fate/Zero)

-The pinnacle of a badassery is found in both of these men. Kiritsugu is my favorite between the two, but I still put them in the same place because I would be remiss if they both weren't on nearly equal terms. Their fight was amazing in the anime, and their respective characters are very interesting in their own right. To be Kiritsugu is to be suffering.

7)Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

-He's super crazy, powerful, and has a kick-ass transformation scene. I read Ghoul and am currently reading RE. Regardless of how the second season of the anime turned out(Take the square root of season one and that equals the level of goodness of season two), I still like him as a protagonist. It's always interesting seeing how insane he will choose to be.

Honorable Mentions: Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach), Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (Bleach), Sora (No Game No Life), Lancer (Fate Stay/Night and Fate/Zero, though the one from F/SN is better in my opinion), Eren Elric (Full Metal Alchemist/FMA: Brotherhood), Tatsuya Shiba (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei), Ararararagi (Monogatari Series--and yes this spelling was was intentional; I stuttered ;P), Okabe (Steins;Gate), and Adlet Mayer (Rokka no Yuusha)

Least Favorite/Most Hated Male Character (Bonus):

Issei Hyodou(HighschoolDxD)

-Issei is a complicated issue with HighschoolDxD. I mean, he sucks ass as a main character and has almost no redeeming qualities--though I recognize that DxD is an ecchi show, and it doesn't hide that fact. However, I feel that he drags the show down. I'm not the type of person that can enjoy his character, and the girls in DxD are actually relatively good characters in my mind. If he were different in pretty much every aspect that I can think of, DxD would probably be a lot better. That's really the main reason I dislike him so much.

Favorite Anime Characters (Female): For this, it was too difficult to narrow it down specifically, so I will go through it by series.

1)Bleach--who saw that coming?

-Bleach has a virtual ocean of very strong women... that also happen to have large breasts that needless objectify them just as ever other anime does and will also do for the history of forever... BUT that isn't the point. I could stomach if Rangiku's chest was smaller than Momo's entire body, but I won't nitpick.

- List Includes: Yoruichi Shihoin, Neliel Tu Odershvank, Tier Halibel, Orihime Inoue Rukia Kuchiki, and many, many more.

2)Fate Series-- I know, right? How weird is this that my favorite franchise is second on the list...

-This series has some pretty spectacular female characters, be they by character design or how the characters personality is typically written.

-List Includes: Rin Tohsaka (Probably my favorite female character of all time), Saber, Sakura Matou, Bazzett Fraga Mcremitz, Caster (F/SN), Irisvel, Jeanne d' Arc, and the list goes on and on... if only because the Fate Series is much deeper than the two anime(The Fate Route does not exist in Ufotable glory just yet) that area already out.

3)Fairy Tail

-Ignoring the often needless fanservice that the series strives to provide on most occasions, the character desgins of the girls in this series are pretty well done. The author certainly knew what he was doing ;P. No, but in all honesty, the girls in this series prove to be way more than just eye-candy, which is really something considering that it reallytries to emphasize the eye candy aspect of their appeal.

- List Includes: Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, Cana Alberona, Ultear Milcovich, Hisui E. Fiore, Kyouka, Seyla, etc...

4)Code Geass (Nina brings this one down a few ranks, folks... xD)

-So Nina exists, but she's not enough to kill the series' overall fantastic female cast. They range from badasses, to calm and mysterious, to tragic love stories, folks.

-List Includes: C.C, Kallen Stadtfeld, Shirley Fenette, Euphemia li Britannia, Cornelia li Britannia, Leila Malkal, Milly Ashford, etc...

5)Highschool DxD

-Ignoring the fact that this series has arguably one of the worst MC's by my standards, the girls are the primary focus and they are actually fun characters. They aren't necessarily good ones, but that doesn't matter since this is a subjective thing. Asia brings it down a bit for me, and Koneko would be better left as a side character in my opinion, but it's whatever overall...

-List Includes: Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Xenovia Quarta, and Rossweisse

6)Monogatari Series

-I've only seen Bakemonogatari as of my typing this out. However, this series has some very well-written characters and good interactions that I've seen thus far.

-List Includes: Hitagi Senjougahara, Tsubasa Hanekawa (primarily only these two)

7)SNAFU (This in an abbreviation for Oregairu--which is also an abbreviation)

-The series has a few really good girls that make the pseudo-harem actually enjoyable despite the often serious or more philosophical tone that the show takes on.

-List Includes: Yukino Yukinoshita, Yui Yuigahama, Iroha Yahari, Haruno Yukinoshita, and a few others...

Honorable Mentions: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Megumi, Miyuki, and a few others...), Nisekoi (I hate Onodera, Chitoge and Tsugumi are fun, and I don't mind Marika), No Game No Life (Jibril and Steph), Saekeno (The four girls, basically... I don't mind any of them, which is rare in a harem rom-com show)

Stories I Like To Write: I'm adding this in as just a general explanation for the types of stories I do and why I choose to write them the way they are. First and foremost, I enjoy finishing stories above all else. After that, I prefer to concept to be original. There isn't really much else I look for, though I am biased to working with capable main characters like Ichigo, which is likely why most of the stories I have planned feature him.

Fanart: (Art created by fans of my stories)

Into The Realm of Magic:



Favorite Bleach Pairings:

IchigoxHalibel(Possibly the most similar male and female in bleach, protection and sacrifice and yet they never officially met... how annoying)

Ichigox(Strong I.E. not constantly crying)Orihime




IchigoxRukia*(If and only if the story calls for it because I feel it's too... Bla Bla Bla due to the number of stories that are out there)

IchigoxSoifon (I actually like this pairing a good bit after reading a story by Sedor... I think that was his name at least)

IchigoxUnohana(In a Harem I do not mind this)

UryuxNemu (Because outright crack pairings need to be in here somewhere)

HitsugayaxMomo(Not a big fan of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto)

HitsugayaxKarin(For comic relief, not as an actual pairing)

Pairings In General that I dislike and/or hate with a Burning Passion:

1)ErzaxJellal--Hate with a Burning Passion

-This is by far the pairing that I hate the most to date, and I have my reasons behind it. If you like it, I'll question your inelegance and sanity and refer you to a therapist, and that will be that. I could write a book on why this pairing is really dumb, but I won't. If you're curious as to why and or think that it DOES make sense, then feel free to PM me so I can message you back and force you to read about 10k words(This is a joke, but seriously, feel free to do so)

2)Any Yaoi pairings--Dislike a lot

-My gender is male, and I'm straight. That's all I really need to say in order to explain what I just typed out.

3)MiraxLaxus--Boarderline Hate with a Burning Passion(If it actually happens by the end of the series, it'll be full-on hatred with a burning passion)

-Running in at #3, a pairing with sort of the same issues as with ErzaxJellal, though this one is more of a crack pairing, I suppose, than the above one. The reasons for my disliking it are mostly the same, albeit slightly different. If I were to sum it all up, he was a massive dick that cared about no one, came back, and then evidently that became a pairing that people shipped and I don't know why.

4) Any HighschoolDxD pairing--Severe Dislike

-This is pretty much entirely because of Issei and the fact that he is involved with 100% of the shows pairings. I hate him, but like the girls. So, I can't really say I like the pairings if I hate half of every single one of them with a burning passion.

5) Any direct incest pairing--Severe Dislike

-In all honesty, it's just kind of disgusting and strange to me at the same time. Cousins is pushing it, half-siblings is sort of okay, I guess, and unrelated people living under the same roof in a pseudo-family relationship is a bit odd but perfectly fine. That's just how I feel about it.

6) Loli Pairings--Extremely strong dislike

-Just not my thing, guys/gals. I find it weird beyond all belief if a 20 year old is the size of a child and has the same figure. I find it disgusting when they are involved in a pairing. This is also a two way street, so a guy being a literal child and involved with a normal human woman in a relationship is equally as disgusting to me.

7) IchigoxRukia--Moderate Dislike

-I just see their dynamic as more of a close friends sort of thing. There really isn't much else to it, in all honesty. If I see the pairing, it kinda turns me off from the story, though I admit that it is tolerable and could well.

Stories that I have Planned: Okay, so this is fairly general and I pretty much refuse to put up the direct plot of the stories I will mention since my greatest nightmare is someone doing a story with the exact same plot I mention here and then passing it off as their own. I realize that so many people wouldn't do something like that, but it only takes one folks. Anyway, without further ado, I will just go on a bit of an aside about the fics that I play, or hope, to write and finish.

For all the mentioned stories below, I, more or less, know the plot completely, it is just a matter of writing it out 'till the end. I just felt this was important to say in case anyone had questions

Bleach(Multiple) - The Sequel to TFTH, A Quincy Ichigo Story, as well as one that I sort-of summarized in TFTH towards the end.

BleachxHighschoolDxD: In all honesty, I'm a bit of a sucker for crossover stories that have the potential to be good but don't have a finished and good one among them. I think for this one, one author even has two separate stories on the front page and neither of them are complete. While that is glaring, their is another reason that I want to do this, and it's essentially because the plot of HighschoolDxD, or at the very least the universe and the ideas behind it, are actually quite good. It wouldn't be a crossover in the strictest sense, however, and I will explain what I mean by that. I intend to do a melding of the two universes with HighschoolDxD being the principal. In other words, don't expect Soul Reapers to exist or anything like that, and you'd expect to see things like 'I made xxxx a Devil' or something.

BleachxFate/StayNight: This one is honestly something I'd be dying to write, exclusively because I am a big fan of Fate/Zero, the anime, and recently I enjoyed Unlimited Blade Works. The characters of this franchise, alongside Bleach, are just very fun to work with, and, again, I believe their is not a finished and unanimously declared as 'good' fic among the lot. I think that's a bit annoying, just as it is with HighschoolDxD. Now, again, it is important to note that I plan on making this another 'melded' crossover, meaning that I will neglect the one of the universes and fuse it into the other. The reason I would choose to do this is because Soul Reapers coupled with the Holy Grail War don't mix all that well on the surface, and it's much more fun to write out the plot and the story with the universes being blended together as opposed to crossing one another. This is essentially to say, just as another example, that Soul Reapers won't exist in this one, and I could say 'make xxxx a magus' or something like that. It's a really simplistic explanation, and I wish I could go into more detail about the plot and stuff, but rest assured that I can make this good.

BleachxFairyTail(Not ITROM or its Sequel): I don't mind saying that this one will probably be something I write towards the very end of my time here on ff.net, and that's realistically because I'm writing ITROM at the moment and it will have a sequel and likely a succeeding story after it, making it a trilogy. Aside from the ridiculously long amount of time it would take for me to get to this, I don't mind saying that I intend to make it a melding, just like the two above, meaning Soul Reapers and things of that nature will not exist and the Bleach Verse principles and powers will change. Basically, it will be Bleach characters inside the Fairy Tail universe and stuff like that, which is a rough example, I know, but it's really the only thing I can say without going into detail. I intend, though, to make this an Ichigo as the Black Dragon Slayer story. Acnologia will not be female, at all, zero chance. I'd say more, but since its not a top priority or something I believe I'll be able to write for a long period of time, I don't think I should.

Code Geass: Okay, so, for this, I resolved to write it pretty much because their isn't a good one that's finished, which is a damn shame for an anime that's as good, popular, and fun to work with as this one. Just as an FYI, the summary of this story, while I will not say it here, does exist. In my FairyTailxBleach Crossover, Into the Realm of Magic, their is an explanation for this at the end of Chapter 30. If interested, check it out, and, if you have questions, feel free to contact me about it.

That realistically covers everything I'm serious about doing. There are a few that I'll just list off as stories that 'I wish I could do, but they would be little things that just take my time away from writing my main project, whatever it might be'. Essentially, these are stories that I'd write in a world where I was immortal and didn't have to do anything but sit in front of a computer and bring entertainment in some form to people over the internet. Oh, and, for these, I do not have a plot planned out or anything like that, so don't really expect much on this end.

Nisekoi: I can feel people judging me through the internet even as I write this, but I'll admit it, I wouldn't mind writing something for this if I had the time to. I see the manga as a bit of a 'read this to take your mind off of things and enjoy this for what its worth' and I'd write the story a bit like that. There's also the fact that I consider myself to be funny, and my humor shows a bit in my work, so something like this would be fun to do, and I enjoy the idea of it. The way I'd write it would be a bit more plot-heavy than Nisekoi actually is, that I can promise you, but that's the gist of it.

Tokyo Ghoul: I'll be honest, I considered adding this to the list of potential stories, but I went against it because I honestly felt other stuff grabbed my attention more. Don't get me wrong, Tokyo Ghoul is a fantastic manga/anime series, as is RE:, but I feel like it'd just be a bit of a pain for me to sidetrack myself to write this. I wouldn't mind eventually doing it, and if I bring it up at some point and people say 'I want to read this...' then I wouldn't outright say no.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei: Really, there are only a few things keeping me from seriously giving thought about this. I'd put it under Tokyo Ghoul as a 'story I might right' in terms of priority, but I still at one point gave legitimate thought to writing a fic about this. As for the reasons, its primarily because I feel other things are more pressing story-wise to create than this. Also, there is the fact that Tatsuya is emotionless and unstoppable. If a character is both, then he has no flaws. You can call emotionless a flaw, but if you're also unstoppable, then it isn't. I feel emotion is a hindrance, and a good on for a character to have, if they are powerful. At the same time I like Tatsuya as a main character, though he isn't one I'd like to write about in a fic.

My Golden Rules of Writing: (This is just general advice that I would extend to anyone who wants to start a story and wants it to be popular)

1)NEVERstart writing another story until you've finished the one you're currently on. This is bar none the most important rule for any author on this site to follow; period.

-Exception: It is fine to toy around with idea and concepts, but don't put anything on paper(figuratively)

2)Whenever you come up with an idea for a story, do NOT immediately start writing. Think out all the major plot points--come up with the beginning and end alongside a few key events at the bare minimum. This helps to eliminate writer's block to a degree, and it's less restrictive in the sense that you can always add stuff in as you go and change things up a little. It basically gives you sort of a road map to follow. You know where your going, but you can also take a few detours.

3)Spend a minimum of ONE HOUR a day writing. If you've followed the first two steps to a degree, then you shouldn't have any problems knowing what it is you should be writing. One hour isn't all that much to put into it, and if you're on fire, then you can just keep going. If you're bad at typing, then this is a MUST because typing skills in general are something that just about every person needs. If you write for one hour a day, you will eventually find yourself typing faster so that you will be able to keep up with longer chapters of your story on a weekly basis.

-Note: If you have issues motivating yourself to do it in the first place, then here's some advice. Watch a personally-favorite scene from the anime or whatever your story is based off of. Get yourself pumped up and excited about your own ideas. Visualize the scenes you want to put on paper(figuratively) that probably got you excited to write in the first place and just go with it.

4)ALWAYS alert your readers as to when the next update will be--if at all possible. Leave an A/N(Author's Note) at the end of every chapter and let them know when you think the chapter will be out.

5) KEEP to the date that you promised the next chapter would be out. If you underestimated the amount of time, then that's a shortcoming and you will need to adjust, which you eventually will.

-Note: A weekly update is typically what you should go for if you want your story to be constantly on the front page of the updates section as this will give it more exposure and also alert people to the fact that your story is being CONSISTENTLY updated. This is absolutely huge and for obvious reasons.

-Note: My preference is for a chapter to be at least a length of 5000 words, minimum. Pacing is up to the discretion of an author, but this is the standard that I've met basically every time I've ever had to write a chapter. If you suck at typing, that's fine. You can just write stuff out beforehand and wait to publish the story until you feel your skills are sufficient to keep up the pace. Not everyone is a hero on the keyboard right off the bat, and I realize this--even if I was ;P

6)NEVER over-allow a review to change your perception of how you view your own work. Yes, your grammar will probably suck at the start, but you'll pick it up--everyone typically does. Don't second guess yourself if you get one bad review. Have confidence; that's basically what I'm saying.

7)Last, but certainly not lease, HAVE FUN. I'm well aware of how stupid that sounds, but it's very important. If you find yourself not enjoying the writing process for some reason or another, just remember that the whole point is to gain some enjoyment and pass on some entertainment to other people. That's the entire point of this website. You're not setting out to create a literary masterpiece, so don't sweat criticism or deadlines or anything like that as if you are. Never stress over stuff that relates to this website, because it'd be stupid if you did.

Current Stories:

Into the Realm of Magic: This is a Bleach and Fairy Tail Crossover that I have high hopes for! Summary can be found at the bottom where it shows the stories I have written.

Fun Fact: I will not start work on another story 'full-time' until the one I'm on is finished, that way I wont have seventy stories people could potentially like that are unfinished. I myself dislike when authors do that sort of thing so I don't want to go and be a hypocrite, now do I?

To Find the Heart: Complete

TFTH was not the only story that I am going to publish. It will have a sequel, and it will most likely be the next thing I work on though I still have more ideas I wish to write out than I care to admit. As much as I would love to do four works at once, I wouldn't be able to update them all on a weekly basis and in addition to that I feel the quality of the work may suffer because they are all in different genre's. I pride myself on being able to write characters and make them very personable, and that becomes more difficult if the story I am writing has them at a different state in character evolution.

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Into the Realm of Magic reviews
While traveling through the Dangai after only recently regaining his Soul Reaper powers, Ichigo Kurosaki finds his way into the impossible yet again. Transported to yet another world, new friends will be made, enemies will be defeated, feelings will be discovered, and inseparable bonds will be forged. Pairing will be IchigoxTwoFemales so sort-of Harem.
Crossover - Bleach & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 72 - Words: 787,723 - Reviews: 3230 - Favs: 2,084 - Follows: 1,955 - Updated: 10/19 - Published: 8/1/2014 - Ichigo K., Erza S., Mirajane S. - Complete
To Find the Heart reviews
What if during Ichigo's initial fight with Yammy he had lost control of his inner hollow, revealing that he was submitting to his feral nature far more quickly that Aizen had anticipated. What would happen if Aizen changed his plans because of this? Friendships will be tested, lives will be destroyed, love will be found, and war will be waged. Pairing is Ichigo/Harem.
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 68 - Words: 666,263 - Reviews: 1642 - Favs: 1,686 - Follows: 1,288 - Updated: 8/1/2014 - Published: 6/14/2013 - Ichigo K., Yoruichi S., Neliel T. O./Nel, T. Harribel - Complete