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Hello everyone, so this is essentially a PSA to anyone who is reading this story/has read this story. As to why the last chapter has been taking so long, I'll just explain that there are two reasons. First off, it was supposed to be uploaded last Monday, as in only five days ago. The second reason, and the primary reason that it still hasn't been posted, are as follows, and I've put a lot of thought into this over the past week specifically. It's been kind of on my mind for a while now, but my desire to write has really gone downhill. It realistically started towards the end of my last story, though it didn't necessarily affect the quality. I had at first thought it was just because I had been getting bored writing the same story for a year and a few months, and so I believed it would just go away after I took a break and started writing my next work. At first, I didn't feel the lack of desire to write at all, but unfortunately it quickly came back. At this point, I'm confident that I can say it isn't a phase, I won't be able to really 'move past it', and that writing is just something I don't quite enjoy doing at the moment. Maybe it was naiveté on my part to think it was a 'phase' at first because I honestly think that when your motivation wanes, you know on some level that it won't come back. Still, who could blame me for at least trying to wait it out? I feel honestly kinda bad about not writing at this point. However, after three years I seem to just not really have the desire to write anymore. It isn't for lack of time or that I have so much else to do; as a college student, my life is essentially work incarnate and I still managed to keep to that schedule for what's been nearly three years. I've just found myself getting ready to write, looking at the screen, and quickly just saying, "I don't really want to do this right now…" and increasingly so for some time. For a while, I sort of forced it in spite of my lack of desire to do it, but I think that only just made it more recognizable. The reason for that is because this started out as essentially a hobby; writing books/being a sort of author is very far away from my future career path. I enjoyed writing and being creative and all of that, even though at the start I obviously wasn't very good. You don't really even care about anything when you first start out, and I had a lot of fun. Now, though, it's starting to just be un-fun. Anything that I take on as a hobby and just isn't fun is just something I just have to stop doing, and so I came to the conclusion that I won't be writing anymore. I had debated if I could finish this story first, and that was primarily what I was going over the past few days. I still have everything outlined and I know when everything's supposed to go down, essentially. That being said, I know for a fact that my finding writing un-fun would eventually just outweigh my desire to leave you all with a finished story. So with that taken into consideration, I opted not to add more to the story because I didn't want to speed the story up and essentially 'get it to the part where it hits its stride' just to pull the rug out from under anyone that was reading and say 'lol, jk, I'm kinda over writing atm', which obviously isn't fair to anyone reading. Think of this as punching you in the gut instead of slapping you across the face and subsequently kicking you in the dick/area of your genitalia. So, it is for that reason, more or less, that I've decided to end it here. This story will be taken down within a few days just so people can get the message, and I've posted this on my profile to let people know what's up. The stories that I've already written will not be taken down, but after this has been posted, I'll be logging out of my account for good; minus taking down the story in a few days, that is. To anyone who messages my account, I honestly can't promise I'll be reading all of them and responding, though I will at least try. If I opt not to, just know that your words of gratitude are appreciated and your words of disappointment or annoyance are understood. To anyone that I've inspired or helped out through a tough time, I'm happy I was able to do so. I'd imagine the number is miniscule, but hey, if one person was helped, right? I greatly appreciate every bit of support I've gotten form anyone on this sight, and I even appreciate any review period. I don't care if it was needless flaming or vague complaints; I appreciate the fact that you bothered to look all the same. I've had a great deal of fun writing the stories that I have and it's always something I'll look back on with a happy smile from time to time. That being said, this was just something I felt like I couldn't put off anymore, and I didn't think it was fair to anyone to really do so. Will I ever write anything on this site again? No, not likely. I can safely say that I won't, and it's more painful to write that down than I care to admit since everyone on this website and in this community is just so great (yes, I'm aware of the exaggeration here because there are dicks on this website; just roll with it).

Whether you're with me from the start or got swept up along the way, it's been real. While I definitely didn't want to end it with these words, I really can't say anything else that suits the situation. To all of I I say a heartfelt goodbye, everyone, and have a good life. I wish you all the best, and I hope you can say the same for me.

While I am Gone, I do not leave anyone without my General Advice:

The Golden Rules of Writing: (This is just general advice that I would extend to anyone who wants to start a story and wants it to be popular)

1) NEVER start writing another story until you've finished the one you're currently on. This is bar none the most important rule for anyauthor on this site to follow; period.

-Exception: It is fine to toy around with idea and concepts, but don't put anything on paper(figuratively)

2) Whenever you come up with an idea for a story, do NOT immediately start writing. Think out all the major plot points--come up with the beginning and end alongside a few key events at the bare minimum. This helps to eliminate writer's block to a degree, and it's less restrictive in the sense that you can alwaysadd stuff in as you go and change things up a little. It basically gives you sort of a road map to follow. You know where your going, but you can also take a few detours.

3) Spend a minimum of ONE HOUR a day writing. If you've followed the first two steps to a degree, then you shouldn't have any problems knowing what it is you should be writing. One hour isn't all that much to put into it, and if you're on fire, then you can just keep going. If you're bad at typing, then this is a MUST because typing skills in general are something that just about every person needs. If you write for one hour a day, you will eventually find yourself typing faster so that you will be able to keep up with longer chapters of your story on a weekly basis.

-Note: If you have issues motivating yourself to do it in the first place, then here's some advice. Watch a personally-favorite scene from the anime or whatever your story is based off of. Get yourself pumped up and excited about your own ideas. Visualize the scenes you want to put on paper(figuratively) that probably got you excited to write in the first place and just go with it.

4) ALWAYS alert your readers as to when the next update will be--if at all possible. Leave an A/N(Author's Note) at the end of every chapter and let them know when you think the chapter will be out.

5) KEEP to the date that you promised the next chapter would be out. If you underestimated the amount of time, then that's a shortcoming and you will need to adjust, which you eventually will.

-Note: A weekly update is typically what you should go for if you want your story to be constantly on the front page of the updates section as this will give it more exposure and also alert people to the fact that your story is being CONSISTENTLY updated. This is absolutely huge and for obvious reasons.

-Note: My preference is for a chapter to be at least a length of 5000 words, minimum. Pacing is up to the discretion of an author, but this is the standard that I've met basically every time I've ever had to write a chapter. If you suck at typing, that's fine. You can just write stuff out beforehand and wait to publish the story until you feel your skills are sufficient to keep up the pace. Not everyone is a hero on the keyboard right off the bat, and I realize this--even if I was ;P

6) NEVER over-allow a review to change your perception of how you view your own work. Yes, your grammar will probably suck at the start, but you'll pick it up--everyone typically does. Don't second guess yourself if you get one bad review. Have confidence; that's basically what I'm saying.

7) Last, but certainly not lease, HAVE FUN. I'm well aware of how stupid that sounds, but it's very important. If you find yourself not enjoying the writing process for some reason or another, just remember that the whole point is to gain some enjoyment and pass on some entertainment to other people. That's the entirepoint of this website. You're not setting out to create a literary masterpiece, so don't sweat criticism or deadlines or anything like that as if you are. Never stress over stuff that relates to this website, because it'd be stupid if you did.

Current Stories:

I am currently taking a break in the wake of finishing ITROM. I will post my next story in the beginning of January, and it will be a Bleach and High School DxD crossover, the details of which will be revealed at a later date.

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Into the Realm of Magic: Complete

To Find the Heart: Complete

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