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Poll: (Depravity) Should Itachi impregnate a girl, then cut out the unborn fetus and commit cannibalism and force the mother to eat the child as well? Vote Now!
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Daelyn is bolded.

Cody is italicized.

I ship many things. Including black people.

Mainly black people.

But also ItaSasu. Yuri is my favorite. Um, regarding Naruto I don’t have any one particular favorite pairing that makes sense. (KakaSasu O 3 O) That is bullshit (she’s just in denial) get off my line. Omg, Cody. XD

I ship...

ItaSasu (bet no one saw that one coming ooooh full of surprises cody oooooh)

KakaSasu (*gags* XD) (fuck off, daelyn)




KureHina (sho cute and fluffily :3)




Okay, so personal stuff! I’m a Pastafarian atheist. *slaps on collinder*

I don’t really have a religion. I believe in people being nice to people because they should be because mean people suck and no one has the right to judge other people.

I also hate people as a thing.

fuck people O A O

I also believe in some form of reincarnation. Idek, man. My brain confuses me. But I like Buddhism.

I agree with Cody here. And like, you should really look up Taoism. It’s one of the, thought things (?) that I’ve encountered. c: Buddhism requires too much work for me. XD And then the Ganges? *shudders* No offense to anyone! Heh. *sweats a little*

Watch us offend e v e r y o n e

If people can’t take a little offending they can gtfo Earth. I mean, I’m a nice person. Honestly, I can’t hurt anyone for my life. I would like cry if I hurt someone. It breaks my heart. But. Nonetheless, people just have to learn to deal with dipshits who do hurt others.

I can’t even be mean to people like they could insult me and call me everything in the book and I’m just like “...oh.”

Right? I would just kind of sit there and be like “hmm *cries inside*” XD

I sit there imagining what their blood would look like splattered all over the walls but I can’t even call them a dick


how do I logic

It’s okay. *pats head* At least you aren’t as bad as DEP!Sasuke when it comes to that respect (logic).

Laughs because I love him. Our poor fucked up baby. We’re so mean to I’m mean to him in BILY and we’re downright awful to him in DEP. ;-; Poor Sassyuke.

Rofl, right? Well, I has oatmeal. :3

I have water and sadness

*shares oatmeal*

I hate oatmeal but the thought was nice

*takes back oatmeal*

it looks like puke

I’ve seen puke many times. Oatmeal is not puke. XD

because I’ve never seen puke before in my life obviously ;-;

I’ll admit it has the same consistency. But beyond that point, no, oatmeal and puke are two entirely different substances.


Okay. ;A; *cowers* I’m sorry. TAT

*boku no picos* *turtles* *sloths* better?

Much. :3 Thank you *insert two tildas here* *eels in return*

I am naming my child Tilda regardless of gender

I think that’s a beautiful name. *salutes*

my children will hate me

Lmfao. Make it up to them with yaoi.

my children will hate me


my children will hate me


That’s what my children will say ; 3 ;

So. Um. I want tooooo...teach French to high schoolers. That is what my life will amount to in ten years. Or I’ll write scripts for TV/games/movies, I haven’t decided yet. *tildas*


what’s a future?

But I want to be an author. Maybe. I don’t know.

You write enough for it. O u O (That face reminds me of Pedobear, I like it)


And I literally go through withdrawals when I can’t write


I feel ya, brah.

I’m sleepy

That’s an interesting fact. I don’t think there’s anything else to add without sounding like full-blown idiots or something idk so I shall say good-bye here. Bye! *waves frantically*



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