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Hey ya'll

I'm Kandi. I'm 25. I graduated from Michigan State (yay go me!) with my degree in pre-law and I am now studying to be a paralegal which I am now pretty much done with thank the lord. A few summers ago I worked with 2 guys who would always talk about wrestling and one night when I was flipping through channels (which I tend to do because I absolutly hate comercials, yes i am female.) and there wasn't anything else on so I decided to see what the big deal about wrestling was so to speak and I have been hooked ever since. I would say that was because right after I started to watch HBK came back and I thought he was so hot and I needed to keep watching in order to look at him. Then I got hooked on the storylines and the athleticism involved in the matches. I have scene it live a few times. Once was a house show at the Breslin Center where I worked as an usher and I almost got ran over by Bubba Duddly he looked down at me because I am really short (only about 5 feet tall) and put up his hands and avoided touching me because he saw I was in uniform. Another time was when Kevin Nash lost the hair match with Chris Jericho. I also saw Edges return (i had like 3 litters of kittens when I heard his music despite recent controversy he's still a good wrestler) and the first draft lotery, see good things always happen at the joe baby d-town rocks. I even drove like 6 plus hours to go to Summerslam in Toronto. Any way, at some point I stumbled across this sight and decided to contribute my own stuff. My sisters who are 9 and 8 do sometimes like to hear about funny things that happen on the show. And Nikki hopes to look like Stacy Keibler when she grows up. And they were both really interested in the diva search contest. Other than that no one in my family understands my obsession. My grandpa who is from Tennessee no less said it was "hickish" go figure.

my favorite wrestlers are: (in no perticular order of course other than the random one in which they pop into my head)
Shawn Michaels-he's just freaking awesome and soo hot, so what if he's my moms age and married with children?
Chris Jericho: He is soo hot! And freaking halarious, the highlight reals are great! who else could use the word wonky and get away with it, or come up with filty dirty disgusting brutal bottom feeding trash bag hoe? There are to many clasic highlight real moments to mention. I've even scene Fozzy in concert and they were actually pretty good despite what you might think from their raw appearences. Although he didn't sing the shelton benjamin's a little bitch song. He really needs to come back...Raw needs a serious dose of vitimin c
Rob Van Damn: He does some cool flying stuff. Why oh why did he have to go to ECW?
Jeff Hardy: He is a pretty big insperation to me to be myself no matter what that might be. He's my alterni boy.
Hurricane: Who wouldn't want their own personal super hero? I'm glad that they finally have given him the attention he deserves even if it is as Gregory Helmes.
Rey Mysterio: 619 baby! get well soon.
Edge: Ok I'm going to get serious flack for this his. But honestly since I've been watching I can't remember him being in a match that I considered bad. And I've scene some of the old matches from the E&C days against the Hardyz and they were classics. And the shit that him and Christian did as E&C was halarious. His column on WWE reeked of awesomeness. And I saw his return! His book had me cracking up it doesn't suprise me that he won training as a wrestler by winning an essay contest. I do think his mic skills have gone a little stale but he still can have the audience go from cheering him to absolutly booing him out of the building in all of 30 seconds.
John Cena: he flows real smooth for shizzle! He's a bad bad man. The champ is here.
Steve Austin: I know he's gone and all but... If you like a beer drinkin hell rasing finger flippin against the establishment red neck give me a hell yeah! Gee can ya tell my family is from the south?
Lita: Again I'm gonna get flack for this but...What can I say she rocks. And after reading her book I have so much respect for her, she really has come a long way from where she started out. She is one of the only women who actually can wrestle on a wrestling show. She's gotten in the ring with the guys and mixed it up...which I don't think any other female wrestler could do. As a punk girl myself she will always be one of my favorites. The womens division wouldn't be what it is with out her.
Trish: She does some really cool shit in the ring and she got to kiss Chris. I want her back too!
The Rock: how could I have possibly forgotten him originally. He is halarious. And I love the peoples elbow. I just wish he was around more.
Matt Hardy: vvvvvonnneeeeaaaa. I love that the Hardy Boyz have been taging lately. Matt is seriously underused.
Shannon Moore: Yeah I'm a Mooreon hehe. I don't totally understand the spikes though.
Shelton Benjamin: OMG, this guy is amazing. I am increasingly impressed by his in ring abilities. He does do things in that ring that no one else can do. Sometimes I swear he's channeling Jeff Hardy.
Paul London: What can I say...you can totally tell he was trained at Shawn Michael's school. Even though he wasn't actually trained by shawn that explains sooo much. He's hot and he's one crazy son of a bitch. The 450 is sick. And I love the dropsault. Plus it helps that I think he's extremely hot. Undertaker: I have been in the arena when he comes into the ring. I swear the room actually gets colder, it's cool and freaky as hell. Ashley: I loved her from the get go. I was really happy she won the diva search. She's another fellow alterni girl and skateboarder to boot. And she's actually making a legit effort to learn wrestling. Plus she get's to go out to the ring with Paul London. And I know I'm a girl but I thin she's hot.

Favorite pairings:
I tend to create my own person and pick a wrestler I want them to be with although I haven't really been doing that lately...
Edge/Lita (irony noted)
Chris/Trish (I was freaking pissed when they broke up that angle)
Jeff/Trish (their angle was really cute too)
Chris/Stephanie (apparently they had a pretty hot angle a while back)
Chris/Christian Edge/Christian
Jeff/Shawn Matt/Edge (again irony noted)

I am also way into the Harry Potter books, I am pretty into anime. I love Law and Order SVU, CSI (original and new york) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Charmed. I like reality tv stuff like Miami Ink, Project Runway and Top Cheif. I love to read I've been addicted to Janet Evonivitch. I've recently read Eragon and Eldest and I love James Patterson. I am a movie freak (Which is probably why I got my current job at a movie theater) so there is absolutely no way I could ever pick just one favorite.I can find a movie quote or song lyric that fits pretty much any situation. I do listen to quite a span of music (I hate rap for the most part). I am mostly of a rock type girl. I blame this on the fact that my dad was a skater punk and when grunge came along my parents got divorced and so go figure I took to the heavy guitar and the angsty lyrics of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. So knowing all this you never know what I will get inspired to write about besides wrestling.

I wonder if anyone but me reads these things anyway. I know mine ended up a little long winded but (shrugs) but what do you expect from a person who is going to do the grunt work for lawyers?

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