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Author has written 3 stories for Fairy Tail, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.

Hi-chan's tumblr : www.sweetotakuheart.tumblr.com

Ri-san's tumblr : www.miscellaneousdementia.tumblr.com

Right so I, Ri-san am a girl. Hi-chan is a girl too.

Hi-chan was born in October. (You can ask her for the date if you want). I'm is older than Hi-chan but Hi-chan scares me. She's kind of violent. MEH. She sucks at spelling (and that's why she has me). She doesn't know how to give hugs either. You have to learn how to handle her to be around her. She flips out over stuff. She plays league. She likes ANIME!!!!! I don't see her reading alot, uhh, I think she likes the hunger games. She can play the piano, the flute (used to) and alto sax. She wears glasses. She likes wearing lots of colours. She plays otome games.

Some of the animes Hi-chan has watched are : fairy Tail, bleach, one piece (she stopped I think), black butler, inuyasha, naruto, naruto shippuden, attack on titan, free, brothers conflict, danganropa, chobits(bleh), vampire knight, amnesia, uta no prince sama, kaichou was maid sama, ouran high host club, kuroko no basuke, ummmm idk what else. But you can always ask what else she has watched.

She likes Rei from free (she has red glasses like him), Hijirikawa from utapri, Jean from attack on titan, Hikaru and kaoru from ohshc, Gray from fairy Tail. Few of her favs. She goes for the kind of dark,brooding characters. Or like, the weird ones. Allher faves have like one quirk about them.


Ok, so. Hi. I'm Ri-san. I'm born in April. Kind of a nerd. I love literature and reading and writing. I love using big words. I will correct wrong grammar. Pottermore; I love the Harry Potter franchise. I'm really short for my age. Maybe that's why it's so easy for Hi -chan to intimidate me. I give great bear hugs. Everyone makes fun of me, but I'm like whatever. I'm kinda mean, but not mean mean. Kind of motherly nagging mean at times. I play league. ANIME has molded me as a person. I play the piano, I'm learning violin, I sing and I used to play the tenor sax. I wear glasses because my sight SUCKS. I dress, like a lazy bum. I'M more of a darker colours dressing kind of person. Idk, colours hurt. I'm not goth or emo though. But apparently I went though a phase. I didn't I swear. I'm afraid of, everything. Heights, knives, thunderstorms, Hi-chan. So basically anything that can kill you. I'm a picky eater too.

My favorite anime is INUYASHA. Grew up with that.

I've watched : Inuyasha, Utapri, Amnesia, Karneval, Sekai ichi hatsukoi, Attack on titan, free, brothers conflict, ouran high school host club, Fairy Tail, shugo chara, blue exorcist

I know lots of other animes, I just don't have the time to watch all of them yet.

Some of my favorite characters are Inuyasha, Gajeel from Fairy Tail, Levi heichou from attack, rin from free, gareki from karneval. For the characters in like, they have either one or two or all of these traits:

A) long haired

B) silverish, white hair

C)something about them is badass

So hi-chan and I are like yin and yang basically. She's mean, I'm nice. She likes the characters that I don't like in animes. I like calling her my evil twin from another universe. But we have lots of things in common, so we bond. We live kinda close to one another. And I used to see her every single day of the week, but now I don't. Which is really sad. But I still see her on Saturdays and, like I said, we live kinda close so I could just go and see her.

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