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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Anna Dressed in Blood.

Hello my readers,

I've always had so many ideas locked up in my brain for stories and I'm happy to finally get the chance to write them down and share them with you. I'm in to all sorts of genres such as sci-fi, humor, horror, and the occasion heart warmer. I will attempt to write a variety of sorts in the hopes that something will catch your eye. I'm always up for requests and comments and anything of the sort. I'll appreciate anything. I'm into anything from Game of Thrones to Percy Jackson, vampires to fairies, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, oh and zombies we can't forget zombies (Resident Evil.. yea), and many more. Sci-fi is sort of my specialty because I just keep thinking that why write something we experience everyday? Writing should be about using your imagination and to describe and explain worlds and things you come up with in your brain for other peoples entertainment... that's how I see it anyway. It's the most interesting to me. Anyhow, I hope that you all will relatively enjoy what I have to write as much as I enjoyed to write it and don't forget to comment I would love to hear from you.




The Boy Draped in Black


This story contains spoilers for the Anna dress in blood books and is a continuation of what I think should have happened after Girl of Nightmares because I was highly unsatisfied with the ending. I needed more and I'm thinking others were too, so I hope you enjoy my rendition of Anna dressed in Blood as Cas continues on with his story and how he's not ready to give up on Anna quite yet.

Deep in the Depths of Tartarus:


Telling you right now this story contains spoilers for the Heroes of Olympus books. Read on if you dare.

This is just a story I've been meaning to write for a long time. Ever since I finished the last book Riordan wrote in the series The Mark of Athena, I've been itching to know what happened to Annabeth and Percy. After much consideration and feeling that Riordan won't comply and write a perspective of Percy or Annabeth in the next book, I figured I would do so. It will be a little darker than usual for the Percy Jackson books, but hey, Tartarus is a gloomy place and Percy may find that his smart mouth isn't going to do him much good in the prison down under. Anyhow, please check it out I promise I shall do the best of my ability to portray the characters as accurately as possible and hopefully you won't be too disappointed. (love Rick Riordan by the way he'd amazing in every single way and yeah I'm not dissing him in the least)

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