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Hello, I'm J Ken.

I like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh. I have many other interests in various other shows but among all action and adventure are among my favorite genres. I'm also GolenKen on MAL for anyone interested.

On the western side of things I'm fond of Batman, Justice League, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar: The Last Airbender and various other shows.

I'm also the author of Pokémon Go! and Digimon Future. The acronyms for each would be PGo! and DF while Pokémon Go! World's would be PW.

I'm glad to answer any questions that any readers of either story may have but I will not change the formatting for any story, so please do not ask. More precisely I will not change how I do things to fit the tastes of non-readers. I appreciate all forms of feedback and support even if I don't openly voice it or send messages of gratitude.

Feel free to review or leave some sort of feedback or just a message to express any thoughts, I don't bite.

Status (As of 8/15/17):

On a semi-hiatus.

Usb issues have been partially resolved. The usb where I had miscellaneous info and the start of my most recent PGo! and DF chapters still doesn't work but I got a new usb to start the newer chapters from scratch and attempt and recreate the miscellaneous info that was lost. The next chapters are a while off but I hope to be able to start updating frequently when the time comes.

I'm still contemplating on whether to go back to my old MAL and deviant accounts or not, I've been contemplating it for months now...

Just watched DSOD a while back, makes me glad that the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime's mediocre final season wasn't the last animated send-off to the original cast.

Current Progress & Schedule:

Weekly-ish updates for both long running stories.

New chapter updates are scheduled to be up on Thursday afternoons while late updates take place during any day of the weekend. Sporadic breaks are taken whenever I need more time to finish up more chapters to stay ahead of schedule.

There is currently no estimated time of arrival for the next updates for PGo! and DF.

Reviews & Story Pitching:

Truthfully unless recommended to me, I don't read any fanfiction. The search system on this site is to put it bluntly, dumb, so it sounds like a pain to go through tons of different stories to find one that I like. If you're interested in pitching me a story or would like some sort of feedback or review for any of your fanfics than feel free to message me, I'll be happy to help support anyone who asks. But be warned I only operate on a give-and-take basis, I won't force anything but do not ask for anything with the intention of getting more than you're willing to give.

Barring exceptions, I am not into the following kinds of stories:

- Shipping, especially the ones that throw characters under the bus to justify the pairing of the characters the story focuses on or where the main ships are plagued by plain and forced romance/drama.

- Anime rewrites, there are good ones out there without question but I find the concept in itself to be a bit cliched.

- Stories where the protagonist dominates nearly all the screentime and battles/duels, if that's the main medium of said story. There's main character focus and then there's too much focus, the clear distinction between the two is something that people tend to ignore or overlook way too often.

- Betrayal/Revenge fics

- Harem fics

- Pokemon stories centering on characters having aura just for rule of cool.

- Stories where the protagonists are shilled to hell and back and are treated like the best thing ever.

- Stories flooded with tasteless hate and poor storytelling used to disguise, glorify and justify said hate.

Projects & Future Plans:

My current focus is on completing my two main stories. Both PGo! and DF will be over 100 chapter stories and their overall structures have long since been planned out, so if you don't have the patience for long term stories than they definitely aren't for you. I don't plan on writing anymore non-Pokémon fics or at the very least any long term fics at the moment but I may leave my mind open to a superhero story or a story of a franchise aside from Pokémon one day.

Author notes seem to be quite helpful to readers but I doubt anyone would want to hear more of my own thoughts, especially while reading a chapter, so I'll just start up journals on deviant some day to talk and put up a collection of notes on there.

I have no intention of writing any shipping stories or anime based stories.

I draw and will eventually get to uploading more of my drawings, if you want to see some of my pictures than check out jken1031 on deviant, it's really out of date and I probably won't be on any time soon but feel free to check it up regardless. Some of my drawings are also on photobucket and while a bit pretentious I occasionally use them as avatars online.

After I finish up PGo! I'd like to try my hand at writing an XY story, I'd been wanting to write about Kalos ever since I started PGo! so the sooner I get to try it the better.


Pokémon Go!'s continuity is closest to the main timeline of the games up until Generation V (Black 2 and White 2 to be exact) but all in all it exists in its own continuity. Some aspects that prevent it from being a carbon copy of the game timeline are:

- The existence of characters who are not shown to exist contemporaneously, such as Leaf and Kris.

- The Kanto and Generation I events take place first chronologically as opposed to Gen I and III taking place at the same time.

- Altered events that incorporate aspects of all games as opposed to the canon overriding natures of third versions and remakes.

- The post Gen V events have yet to take place and are over twenty years removed from the Gen I-V events.

- The existence of concepts exclusive to PGo!'s story.

Digimon Future exists in its own universe distinct from other Digimon continuities. I do not feel I would be able to do any justice to the preexisting Digimon media so I'd rather not touch upon them and keep DF on its own.

Favorite Characters:

I have a multitude of favorite characters across the various sources of media I'm familiar with and quite frankly there are a slim amount of characters that I dislike, if any at all. Here's a list of about ten favorites (not my top ten favorites in all or favorite in any particular order just ten that I'm listing):

Dragon Ball- Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Cell, Future Trunks, Super Buu, Vegito, Goku Black, Beerus

One Piece- Zoro, Luffy, Law, Sanji, Hancock, Crocodile, Ace, Sabo, Usopp, Robin

Hunter x Hunter- Kurapika, Killua, Chrollo, Gon, Leorio, Neferpitou, Hisoka, Meruem, Machi, Illumi

My Hero Academia- Todoroki, Bakugo, Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima, Jiro, Kaminari, Kendo, Yaoyorozu, Iida

Fullmetal Alchemist- Mustang, Ed, Al, Ling, Winry, Armstong, May Chang, Lan Fan, Hawkeye, Greed

Batman- Nightwing, Batman, Red Hood, Batman (Terry), Joker, Two-Face, Batgirl (all), Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy

Other DC series- Flash (Wally), Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Red Arrow, Zoom (Zolomon), Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne), Star Sapphire, Lex Luthor, Cheetah (Minerva), Green Lantern (Stewart), Zatanna

Marvel- Spider-Man, Venom, Mary Jane, Black Cat, Gwen Stacy, Carnage, Agent Venom, Wolverine, Thor, Hulk

Pokémon (games)- All protagonists, Blue, Silver, Brock, Misty, Jasmine, N, Hau, Lillie, Gladion

Yu-Gi-Oh- Yugi, Yami Yugi/Atem, Joey, Kaiba, Bakura, Yami Bakura, Marik, Yami Marik, Pegasus, Mai

Yu-Gi-Oh (spinoffs)- Chazz, Aster, Zane, Akiza, Kalin, Shark, Vector, Quattro, Rio, Sawatari

PGo! Pairings:

I'm not an avid shipper like most fanfic authors but that's not to say I don't have my own fair share of official couples in my story. Since they're adults in Pokémon Go!'s continuity, most of which don't even live in Unova the main setting of the story, or even appear outside the Go! World mini-series there isn't much screentime at all for them and truthfully some of them are only hinted at or implied rather than being stated out loud. Those pairings include:

- Classic/BurningLeafShipping (Red x Leaf)

- NewBarkShipping (Gold/Ethan x Kris)

- SoulsilverShipping (Silver x Lyra)

- HoennShipping (Brendan x May)

- RockSmashShipping (Roxanne x Brawley)

- GracefulShipping (Wallace x Winona)

- FortuneShipping (Lucas x Dawn)

- TaeBoShipping (Barry x Maylene)

- VisorShipping (Nate x Rosa)


I'm generally laid back and can accept other opinions but for the life of me I cannot stand:

- Obnoxious shippers, especially the desperate stuck up ones who think they know better than the authors and shove their opinions down other people's throats.

- Snobs

- Contrarians, mostly just the ones who reject things for the sake of it rather than for an actual reason.

- Trolls

- Unpleasant people in general

- One-sided conversation, I won't force it but I'll only give out as much effort as what I get in return.

- There are some series for one reason or another that I'd rather not discuss in general so I appreciate not having discussions about those series shoved in my face when I make my distaste for them known.

Note: If you see a J Ken on any Pokémon related sites than it's most likely me.

Site Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Ben 10, Digimon or any franchise that I will ever make a fanfic about.

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