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Well, I'm a senior in highschool, and I live in the freezing state of Michigan. We just got like, a whole foot of snow, y'know that? It's awesome. I'm a snow type. Kind of like a "sad girl in snow" piro-type of person, if you understand what I'm talking about. The cold, I'm not so sure about. But snow rocks.

Anyways, since I write anime fics, here are my favorite animes:

1. Nadesico (and the Movie too, unlike most people)
2. Mahoromatic (slightly perverted, but it has a wonderfully compelling storyline...and Mahoro is kawaii! After Ruri, she's my second favorite anime character)
3. Rurouni Kenshin (samurais r0x0r any day)
4. Air (unusually well done for a Key anime spin-off of a dating sim; love the artwork in the show. Too bad the game was hentai! Bleh!)
5. Ah! My Goddess (cute, Keiichi's a lucky dork! Go Skuld! You're the coolest...after Ruri and Mahoro, lol)
6. Mahou Sensei Negima (I like this because it's so stupid, it's great. My favorite character is Nodoka, who seems to be pretty popular amongst others...)
7. RaXephon (I've only seen the movie, but I heard the series rocks, too. This is a very Evangelion-esque show, just not quite as screwed up. It uses music as its motif, which I think is very intersting. Great movie, wonderfully compelling.)

Recently, I started watching a new anime called "Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha." After "Sailor Moon," wouldn't you think people would get sick of this magical girl stuff? Yeesh.

Um...what else is anime related? Well, my favorite character by far is Ruri...yeah, Ruri is the coolest. You can't have a cooler anime character than Ruri. Then Mahoro, because she's a combat android, and that's just cool. And then Skuld, because she builds cool stuff. Gee, I like all the technologically advanced girls, lol!

Right now I'm writing my Nadesico fanfic, and while writing comes pretty easy and naturally for me, I don't think I'm good enough to go professional, so I suppose that makes this more a hobby than anything else. I'm also planning a Rurouni Kenshin novel, but I want to finish Journey of the Self first. I can't wait for my RK novel to get started though, because I am a kendo practitioner and that gives me a rather...unique perspective. I'm also thinking about a Mahoro fanfic, but that may take a while.

I'll be using this little personal whatchamacallit as my update site, and hopefully I'll use it regularly without forgetting (crosses fingers):

1. Chapter 10 is now done!

2. Working on chapter 11. This one's gonna be a mushy one, I can tell :) Unfortunately, violin competitions are creeping up on me, and I have a senior solo in the works, so right now I don't have much time for writing. Expect chapter 11 to come late. I mean, like...real late.

3. Reading reviewers' works! This is where I need to get caught up the most. I've only read...four people's works, I believe. Merit Somnia is hilarious with the Evangelion spoofs. Iyami-sama has a very interesting Nadesico/Inuyasha cross-fic that's very good, but he's not getting the reviews that he deserves...people should read him. Last time I checked, he had a new one up, butI haven't had a chance to read it, though I will. Huhn has an incredible Ruri fic, and a cute Ruri/Haley romance that everyone should read. And Acey Dearest has got an awe-inspiring Ruri angst that strongly suggests Orwell's 1984, as many reviewers have said already, and maybe Fahrenheit 451, in a sense. I recommend all of them to you, in the basis that I'm pretty sure I've got good taste...I hope.

4. I've got a rant page now! If you ever wanted to hear me complain, this is it! It's a LiveJournal, you's the address:

Be warned, I don't use it! lol!

Ja ne!

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