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Greeting and salutations to all! I am Naatta, novice writer and poet.

A bit about me:

I live in Texas, the Panhandle area to be exact. Though trying to look for me there is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I am a big and beautiful woman, and single. In my spare time I like to doodle, facebook, and, as you may have noticed, write fan fiction.

About my writing:

As you may well have noticed I like to write fan fiction that involves original characters. This is not to be confused with inventing Mary Sues. I want to warn you now that I try very hard NOT to write my characters in that style so if they start turning that way, please, let me know so I can see if I can tweak the tale to make it a little more believable. This is also to say that I love input. I love when people leave reviews of my work and comments. I shall warn you, I don't much appreciate the flaming hand of pissed off readers, but this is not to say that honest criticism is turned away either.

As far as writing chapters and posting them, I have to admit life can kind of swoop me up and spit me out. I have to be in a mood to write down what's in my head. As of recent years work has pretty much consumed my life, seeing as employment is rather important nowadays especially if you want to eat tomorrow. Also I've moved since I started these tales years ago as well as had car accidents that required surgery and gone through a few highs and lows in my personal life. So to state this simply, I cannot promise that I will have a chapter in every week or month, but simply that all these stories DO have an ending, it just means, I haven't written them down yet. So please, try not to get too upset with me.

About my current works:

Magic Can't Cook:

This is my current "baby". I love my characters and after nearly 10 long years of life getting in the way I finished it. To those of you who stuck by me in this patient wait I thank you but if you're new to it I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have to admit the hardest part of getting this beast written was the middle parts as I already had the beginning and end finished. Sadly due to mechanical malfunctions I had to rewrite the ending a little but the general feeling was still there. Anyway it was a blast!

In addition: While yes this tale is finished this isn't to day it hasn't been edited, reedited, and tweaked to an inch of it's life. I have more to add (at least in my head) and perhaps one day I will continue with the tales of Mozenrath and Rena but I can promise this. The current finished product is here on, an alternative version that's been edited most recently as well as a NAUGHTY LEMON CHAPTER is on under the same fic title and username. I posted it there because, well, I wanted to. lol

Reylo one shots:

I have fallen in love with Adam Driver. I did the moment I saw him on screen in The Force Awakens. Should I ever meet this man I will probably suffer a panic attack and fangasm before promptly fainting at his feet, but I digress, I also love the characters he brings to life, particularly Kylo Ren. So I've written one-shots to show my love for him, his characters, and Rey, (because she is pretty awesome too, lol). _

Phantom of the Forest: [temporarily abandoned]

This is one of my oldest and most treasured works. I originally had this idea for a person of Sesshoumaru's past coming back to haunt him but as this work developed I found it manifested itself in a much deeper and darker mindset then I originally planned. I have a ROUGH concept for an ending but once I get this ball rolling I hope to get it knocked out. But this story is to be saved for those "dark times" in one's life so bear with me on updates when it comes to this.

I also want to add that I'm probably not going to start anything new on this site, not at least until I get at least ONE of these listed at COMPLETE. Until then, what few viewers I have, please be patient and know you are not forgotten, only that you are also not on the top of my list, but you are ON the list.

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