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Hi everyone, I really hate doing these and no one ever reads them anyway, so I'll just make this one short and sweet, ok?

Nonexistant people who bothered to read this: Ok!

First Name: Rachel

Last Name: DoyouthinkImthatstupid

Age: 14

Current fics: So far I only have 4. Only three area actually still going, and they're all Yu-gi-oh. I'll probably expand to more genres soon, but I've just been on a Yu-gi-oh kick for the past few weeks. All I read, all I write. That show is SO addictive!! There are more things that I like, (as you'll see below) but I'm stuck on this, so deal.

Nonexistant readers: Ok!

My favs:

TV shows:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(wow, that's it, I thought there was more than that . . .)


Lord of the Rings: FOTR
Pirates of the Caribbean
Spirited Away

Video Games:

Kingdom Hearts
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon






Buffy/Angel (duh, see above)







Making Will and Jack gay is just wrong somehow*

Kingdom Hearts:


That's all for couples.

~*~* My policy on yaoi *~*~*

Are you ready for my mind blowing policy??

Here it is, can't you feel the anticipation?

Make it work. If making the character gay totally changes their personality it just doesn't work.

Seto Kaiba is the only character out of all the shows/movies/games I've seen that works as gay practically all the time, if written by a good author. That's not an insult to Kaiba either, and I can also see him with some girls, if you look above you'll see I like the idea of him and Serenity, but I can also see him with Yami and Joey without flinching (as you'll see in my fic, 'Choices of Heart').


Yugioh: Seto Kaiba
Hands down the aboslute best and I'm totally obsessed with him, so if any imaginary (or real) people reading this that have pictures of him I'd love it if you could send it to me. *Makes big puppy-dog eyes to readers*

Angel: Wesley
At the beginning of the series (and on Buffy) he was totally funny, but now I love him as dark broody guy. He pulls it off so much better than Angel nowadays.

BTVS: Main character: Spike
Guest Star: Faith

Spike was so cool in season 2 when he first came, but soulful Spike was pretty ok too, and Faith just kicks ass, don't you think?

Smallville: Lex.
Can anyone deny that he rocks? Chloe's a close second, but I'm annoyed at Clark and Lana at the moment for their whole annoying angst 'I can't date you because I don't want to see you hurt' thing.

LOTR: Boromir
The struggling hero. Why does everyone hate him? It's not his fault the blood of ancient kings skipped him over and he had practically no resistance to the Ring's evil!! He's so cool, and Sean Bean pulls him off amazingly . . . no, it's not just the fact that Sean is totally hot . . .

POTC: Will
NO one's favorite is Will. He was so cute (Legolas is much better as a brunnette) and incredibly brave, if not a bit naive. Jack was incredibly funny though.

Kingdom Hearts: Riku
I just love the dark guys, don't I? But Riku turned into darkness while trying to save Kairi's heart. You've gotta love that right? Plus he's so cute . . . oh god, I'm drooling over a digital person. Not that Riku's voice actor, who plays Simon Camden on 7th Heaven isn't totally hot too . . .

Legend of Dragoon: Rose
She is so strong and brave, and face it, the characters with the mysterious past are always the most interesting, right?

Wow, that was so not short, I guess I just got carried away. Oh well, read my fanfics, and please review so I really know what people think of my stories, and how many people even bother to read them.

Thanks!!! ^_^

Nonexistant readers: Ok!

Blue Eyes: Will you people say anything besides 'ok'?

Nonexistant readers: Ok!

Blue Eyes: Well, can you say goodbye to the real readers for me?

Nonexistant readers: Ok!

Blue Eyes: (waits for a long moment) Today maybe?

Nonexistant readers: Ok!

Blue Eyes: They're hopeless.


But I being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread ny dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. . . -Equilibrium

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