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Name's Matt :)

Favorite thing to do in my spare time? Lots of things. I make music, I make youtube videos on my channel "EkoGrande". And lately, I've gotten into fan fics. Reading them, being entertained by them. And now, I'm writing them :)

The idea for my first fan fiction came when I watched Tenchi Muyo, great anime, check it out. I wanted to write something to continue the story, sadly I never got around to it because I couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted to do in my story.

Then I stumbled across Hey Arnold, a cartoon I remember from my childhood and after watching the entire series as an adult in college, I finally realized that HA was the greatest cartoon of our time in the 90s. That's when it hit me. I was such a fan of Hey Arnold, that I'm gonna write a fan fiction about it. A good one, one that would keep the audience engaged, to keep them reading, chapter by chapter. So I laid in my bed, laptop on my lap, and I started typing.

That's when my first ever fan fiction "Hey Zombies" was given birth. To this day, I don't regret the countless hours thinking of it. Watching and rewatching episodes of Lost and Game of Thrones to get the feel for what a serial is like.

That's when the fan fic really started to take shape. Now, here I am, finished with the first part in an adventure I hope to keep going until I make sure Hey Arnold gets the conclusion it deserves.

Check out my youtube videos here:

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There's not a single moment where you won't feel left out in my book. I want to reach an audience with what I create, I want that audience to receive it, enjoy it, and that positive energy can inspire me to do more for people. I want to appeal to the human emotion with what I create and I want it to be good.

So, again the name's Matt, glad to meet you, and I'm excited about the future!

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